Master Key System Installation

Want one key to rule them all? If so, a master key lock system is what you need! Call us now and we’ll install one in your office today! It doesn’t matter in which part of the United States your business is located, our locksmith services are available nationwide!

A master key lock system might be exactly what your business needs. Why? Because it will allow you to lock/unlock every lock in your commercial property!

Of course, it’s not only businesses that can benefit from using a master key system. We can install it in buildings like:

  • Commercial buildings and big officesMaster key system installation
  • Hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes
  • Schools and colleges
  • Government buildings
  • Large apartment buildings
  • Warehouses

We can even install them in residential buildings! Actually, we can install master key systems wherever you want us to.

Swift & Affordable Master Key System Installation

There are so many reasons why you ought to hire us for the job of master key system installation. The first one is that we have the tools and the knowledge to be able to fit in such a system to your existing door locks. What this means is that you will have no need for buying new locks, meaning that by hiring us, you’re saving your money.

The second reason is that we can install a master key lock system whenever it’s best for you. We understand that business owners and managers may not want locksmiths around while there are some big business deals going on. As we don’t want to distract you or your employees from work, we will be glad to do our work while no one’s around, that is, before or after the working hours of your company.

Another reason why we’re your best choice for master key system installation is that we’re very fast in our work. Installing such a system is something we can do right there on the spot, without taking too much time to complete the work.

Why You Need a Master Key System?

Because they’re super convenient, master keys are popular among people from all professions. Of course, some professions need them more than others. In our opinion, master key systems are ideal for companies where each employee has their own office. In that case, the master key will grant the boss access to all of them.

But even if you don’t have such a business, it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t benefit from installing a master key system. Actually, we had clients who wanted them installed in their homes. That’s actually a very good idea, as you can have your front door key, garage door key, mailbox key, and so on, all in one!

Of course, using such a key would mean that losing it could cause you a lot of worries. The one who finds it would use it to break into your home effortlessly. To prevent that, you would have to either replace all of your locks or do a re-keying. The good news is that we can help you with those things as well.

In fact, if such a thing happens, you should give us a call straight away. Don’t worry that we may not be available, because we work non-stop. Even if you realize in the middle of the night that you’ve lost your key, you shouldn’t hesitate to call us. We will then come by and deal with the issue on the spot!

Types of Keys in Master Key Systems

There’s a sort of hierarchy among master keys, according to the number of locks can they open. It all depends on your needs and preferences, as well as how many employees you have in your business. To show you how this master key pyramid works, it’s best to you some examples. So, here they are!

  • Change Keys – This type of key usually can open no more than two different doors. You can issue all of your employees these keys so that they could open the front door, as well as to lock/unlock their office.
  • Master Keys (MK) – The MK is the key you should give to the office manager. This key can unlock any lock on one floor, including not only door locks, but filing cabinet locks, safes, etc.
  • Grand Master Key – This one should be in your pocket. It can unlock literally any lock in your business, including the lock of your office, which no other key can.

Master Lock Key Replacement

The biggest worry people have with master keys is what happens if they lose them? Well, it’s no biggie, because with every master key you get a master lock replacement key as well. So, if you lose the main one, you can then use the spare key. Or, you can call us to come by and cut a new one right there on the spot.

If you’re worried that losing a master key would threaten the security of your business, we got a solution for you. Our recommended locksmiths can re-key all the locks in your company so that the old master key will not be able to unlock them. The best thing is that we can do this even without making your employees ditch their keys. We’ll do our job in a way that nothing changes for your office staff; they won’t even know that you’ve lost the master key.

If you think that a master key system would save you time and increase the productivity of your company, there’s no reason not to get it installed today. Call us and we’ll do it right away!

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