Commercial Security Solutions

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Commercial Security Solutions

Most people do not realize the fact that security differs from the intended purpose, in that the security of a domestic building will greatly differ from that of a commercial building. Commercial spaces require more than the ordinary burglary alarm systems, smoke and fire alarms, this is given to the complexity of design and the number of people in the complex at any one time. The best thing is that you can update your commercial security systems whenever you deem it necessary. However, in this sector, you are bound to find many unscrupulous businesspersons that will offer substandard solutions and worse still they do not respect professionalism.

We are a commercial security solutions company, dealing with the installation and servicing of cameras, push bars, keypad locks, alarms, keycards, glass door locks, file cabinet locks, parking lot, and more. We are known for our holistic commercial security solutions, and we have built a reputation for the quality of service and professionalism.

Commercial Security Items

Push bars

Commercial complexes have many people working there at the same time. In the event of an emergency, say a fire, earthquake, terrorist attack, and other events that cause people to panic and rush for the exit push bars are the best. They are fitted on exit doors, one only needs to push the bar, and the door opens. Unlike the ordinary locks on doors, push bars greatly reduces the chances of a stampede.

Keyless Locks

The modern working environment is constantly changing and many people want to be at the office when they are at their best. You also have many people in a commercial complex and you cannot hand everyone a key. This creates a problem that keyless locks can solve. There are varieties of keyless locks including keycards locks, keypad locks, among others. They also enhance the security of the commercial building in that only the people with the code, keycard, or who have been given access to the commercial space. They will eliminate the chances of office lockout scenarios when you have lost your key.

Glass Door Locks

Glass doors are all the range in a commercial building, they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they show approachability. They pose a problem too, normal locks will not work with them, and so you need specialized locks. You will need a suitable company with experienced professionals to fit the glass door locks and avoid shattering the glass.

File Cab Locks

Despite the fact that the world is going paperless, there are certain documents that need to be in hard copy and you need to secure them in a fireproof file cabinet. However, finding the best file cab lock is a tall order leave alone installing and servicing them. Only a professional with years of service under his or her belt can give you the best advice and help you see through the crafty salesperson pitch when purchasing the file cab locks.

Reasons to Choose Us for the Commercial Security Solutions

When you come to the point where you need commercial security solutions, you need to choose the best company offering the best quality of service at the best possible price. Here are the reasons why you ought to consider us for all your commercial security needs.

Holistic Commercial Security Solutions

We pride ourselves on having the best commercial security solutions and we ensure to put our best foot forward to secure your commercial complex. We have all the tools and experienced personnel to finish the job in one visit. However, we will help you create a maintenance schedule for your security items such as the push bars, cameras, keypad locks, alarm systems installation and monitoring, glass door locks, file cab locks, keycards, as well as ensuring the security of your parking lot.

Highly Trained and Experienced Personnel

Our personnel shows up to your commercial complex with a branded vehicle and uniforms. Above this, we do not sub-contract the jobs to third party companies, and we will come to you no matter the location. For all our personnel right from the customer care representatives to the locksmiths, we ensure to take them through regular training in order to offer you holistic services. Our locksmiths are professionals and with over five years of experience.

Competitively Priced Solutions

Cheap is expensive in the end, and we do not promise that we will quote the cheapest price in the market. However, we have been in the commercial security business for more than five years and we have perfected our service delivery systems, we also only use the best quality materials. This will push up the cost of our services but the prices we charge are competitive enough to keep a thousand clientele coming back for more of our services.

We Come To You in Under 30 Minutes

We value your time, and we ensure to provide a solution to your commercial security needs as quickly as possible. As soon as you tell us the nature of your commercial security need, our customer care representative will dispatch one of our mobile response teams closest to you and will be at the location in under 30 minutes. Depending on the nature of the job, we guarantee that they will work quickly, yet effectively with no supervision required.

Contact us today via our website for an appointment, or get in touch with us via our call center for emergencies.

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