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Lock installation and other servicesLooking to have new locks installed? Certified Contractors can connect you with the top locksmiths in your area! Don’t hesitate to call no matter where you are, as we offer our services across the nation. Rather than risking breaking something while trying to change the locks on your own, why not ask professionals to help you?

Expert locksmiths can provide you with many services, including:

  • Installation of locks on new doors and windows
  • Replacement of old locks
  • Changing malfunctioning locks
  • Installation of high-tech locks for homes
  • Installation of keypad locks for offices
  • Installation of keycard locks for offices
  • Installation of car door locks
  • Installation of boat and yacht locks

Not only can an expert locksmith take care of lock installations really quickly, but they can also test them out to see how good they actually are. If there’s something wrong with the locks, a professional locksmith can repair or replace your locks with brand new ones!

New Door Lock Installation

There are so many reasons why you should consider installing new locks on your doors and windows. First of all, they’re going to make your property more secure. The other reason is that new locks are much more convenient to use, especially if you decide on getting the type of locks that’s very user-friendly.

Types of Locks We Service

Installation of deadbolts


Although they’re very easy to install, these locks aren’t too great in terms of security. The fact is that a skillful burglar can pick such a lock in a matter of seconds. If you have deadbolts in your home or office, our advice is to have them installed with some other types of locks, like mortise locks, for example.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are considered to be much more difficult to break than many other types of locks, thanks to the fact that they need to be fitted into the door. Unfortunately, this makes their installation pretty complicated and often very expensive. The good news is that if you hire a professional locksmith for the job, they will handle it quickly and professionally, without taking too much toll on your budget.

Smart Locks

Not only are smart locks a great solution in terms of convenience, but they’re also more secure than others. Burglars can’t just hack into them in order to get access to your property. The only way to get in is by entering the right code, using the right keycard, or through some other high-tech method. And if they try to kick the door in, the smart lock will activate an alarm that will either notify you or the police.

Our Lock Replacement Services

If you have old locks in your home or office, maybe it’s time to change them with new ones. Even if they’ve been serving you fine, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need replacement. The thing about old-fashioned locks is that they’re usually very easy to pick. Deadbolts and Euro cylinder locks have been around for decades, so the burglars have plenty of experience with them.

These days there are all kinds of high-security locks to choose from, including both mechanical and digital locks. The best thing is that the best locks are no longer too expensive. The same goes for their installation.

When to Replace the Locks?

If you’re not sure whether your locks need to be replaced, here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

Has your house or office been broken into recently?

If the burglars managed to get in once already, they will be able to do it again. Unless you replace the old locks with new ones.

Have you recently moved into a new home?

If you’ve just bought or rented a home, using the old locks isn’t too wise. If they’ve been there for years, the chances are that you are not the only one who has the keys.

Have you lost your home or office keys?

If you’ve lost them, it means that someone might have found them. And that someone might not have good intentions.

Are the locks older than a decade?

Sure, you may argue that locks are made to last for years and years, but the fact that your locks were made a long time ago, means that the burglars probably have the tools to pick them. Instead of using old-fashioned locks that are easy to break, we urge you to go with modern high-security locks.

Are the locks inconvenient to use?

If you’re getting tired from needing to use a key (or several keys) every time you want to get in your house, the solution is to install smart locks.

Are the locks making your home or office a dangerous place?

Generally speaking, you can’t open a locked mechanic lock from the inside. This makes them very dangerous, as if you need to get out of your home/office hurriedly, you will have to use the right key to unlock them.

Installation of Other Types of Locks

Contact Certified Contractors today for any type of lock installation, not only residential and commercial locks, but also installations of car, boat, and motorcycle locks.

You can also have the locksmith repair the locks, as well as test them for their quality and security levels. The best thing is that Certified Contractors can help you out no matter where you are. We offer our services nationwide, so feel free to call us regardless of which state you live in.

Need professional locksmiths to take care of lock installations in your home, office, car or a boat? You’ve found them! We’re here for you 24/7, so don’t hesitate to call us!

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