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Save money and get your locks re-keyed! Contact us today for the most reliable locksmith service near you. When it comes to lock rekey service, it needs to be done by professionals whom you can trust. Certified Contractors will connect you with honest and reliable locksmiths to get the job done!

By re-keying your locks, all the previously-issued keys will become inoperative. Only the keys you get from the locksmith will be able to lock or unlock your locks. By doing this, you can improve the security of your property, as it will prevent unwanted guests from getting in.

Certified Contractors does business with locksmiths who can re-key any type of mechanical locks, so feel free to contact us if you need:

  • Home lock re-keying
  • Office lock re-keying
  • Re-keying service for cars
  • Motorcycle lock re-key
  • Boat lock re-keying

How Lock Re-Keying Works?

If you suspect that someone who wasn’t supposed to have a key to your place has one, there are several ways you can prevent them from getting inside. The easiest way is just to ask them to return the keys. But, can you trust them that they haven’t already made copies?

Another way is to replace all the locks that they can open. Although that would definitely solve the problem, we have some bad news for you. Replacing all the locks is bound to empty your pockets. The good news is that there’s a much more affordable solution. We’re talking about lock re-keying.

How it works is that a locksmith will come by and adjust the pins in the lock cylinder, this is a very delicate process which should only be done by a professional locksmith; the old keys will no longer work in this lock as the pins have been adjusted. Now the locksmith will cut new keys for you on the spot, to fit the "new" lock.

When to Rekey the Locks?

Lock re-keying is not something that’s done too often. In fact, people decide on this step, only when the security of their property is compromised. If you’re not sure whether your locks need to be re-keyed, here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

Did you get robbed lately?

If burglars had no problems getting in your home or office, it means that they probably have the right keys. Re-keying all the locks will ensure it never happens again.

Have you moved into a new house/apartment recently?

If you’ve just moved into a house, it’s wise to have all the locks re-keyed. Why? Because the old tenants might still have some spare keys, so they can come in whenever they want.

Have you lost your keys?

If you’ve lost your keys, there is a chance that someone with bad intentions has found them.

Have you switched roommates recently?

If your previous roommate has a grudge on you, perhaps it’s best to do a re-key work. This way, you will be 100% sure that they won’t be able to get into your apartment anymore. The same goes for your ex, but also disgruntled employees who may still have access to your office.

Home Lock Rekey

Home lock re-key service

Your home is your palace and you need to protect it. But, how can you make it safe if people you don’t trust have access to it? Well, the solution is pretty obvious. You need to put an end to that by having all of your locks re-keyed.

Of course, this isn’t something you can do on your own, no matter what the internet says. DIY lock re-key almost always ends in a disaster. A much better solution is to hire professional locksmiths to do the job. But, it’s essential to put your trust only in those locksmiths that carry a real license. Otherwise, you might be unwillingly giving access to your home to criminals.

For all of these reasons, the best thing you can do is let Certified Contractors help you. We work only with the most reliable licensed locksmiths who seem ideal for this kind of job. The best thing is that no matter where your home is located, these locksmiths have no problem coming around and get the rekey work done. Just give us a call and we will connect you to a locksmith team from your area.

Office re-keying services Office Key Re-Keying

Many business owners are reluctant to have the locks of their offices rekeyed and the reason for that is pretty simple. It can be quite inconvenient. The fact is that most locksmiths work 9-to-5, meaning that they would do their work while the office is full, thus distracting the employees from the work.

But, that’s not the case with all locksmith service providers. Some of the locksmiths we have partnered up with are available all the time. So, if you want all the locks in your commercial property re-keyed, they can do it either early in the morning or in the evening, after your employees call it a day. Apart from re-keying office door locks, they can also re-key filing cabinets, mailbox locks, safe locks, etc.

Car Lock Rekey Service

Car theft is a serious problem in America. If you want to keep your car safe and sound, you need to make sure no one else has access to it apart from you and the people you trust. If you’ve lost your car keys recently, there’s a serious threat that someone with bad intentions has found them. To prevent your car from getting stolen, the best thing you can do is call us right away!

It really doesn’t matter where you are at the moment. There’s no need to drive to us to get your car locks re-keyed. Instead, we will connect you with a mobile locksmith team from your area. We have partners all over the United States, so if you give us a call, they will be there in less than 30 minutes.

Don’t waste any more time and risk the security of your property. Call us now and certified locksmith will rekey your locks ASAP!

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