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Dawn locksmith

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Dawn locksmith

Dawn Locksmith, is A family owned and operated company by a locksmith. Through hard work and dedication, Dawn Locksmith has become one of the greatest locksmith firms in LA..


My friends and I went out last night to bungalow in Santa Monica for night from some libations and some ping pong. The night went on as we left to get some tacos after brewing up some munchies and I guess somewhere between the ping pong, drinking and receiving meals, my dumb ass friend who has a inclination to lose his keys and wallet more frequently than a normal man would lost his secrets. Let me tell you a backstory from everyone I understand a lot of people and I know, he will lose his telephone a lot. He chooses to let it slip out of trousers by some kind of outside force that may lead that he has a issue when he is on the verge of blacking out of keeping his things. Now we're locked out I have to call a locksmith for us back inside his home so that I can knock the bull out and while he is blacked out . And it seems me, pun intentional, that I must keep a set to prevent this from happening. Late 5, the locksmith came, made us a copy who was very understanding of the problem that he can get these kind of calls in these situations and Michael laughed in my friend and he tried to freestyle rap to him concerning opening his door. Anyhow, before it became dawn, Dawn locksmith came to the rescue with a reasonable price because I have experience in this area myself of my own negligence, guilty as well, and that I would advise the guy who maybe needing spontaneous telephone for the key master.
*Drops keysI'm out. No. Wait. I'm in now...

This is the second time that I needed to replace the locks in my home and I couldn't be more satisfied w their services. The person on the phone gave me all the Information I was very professional and wanted. My appointment was scheduled in my convince which was also very helpful. Knowing there are still made me feel comfortable. I strongly suggest this area I feel w and am happy .

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