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Devon Plumbing & Heating

3.5 stars rating
5720 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL Service Area
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Monday: 07:30-16:30
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Devon Plumbing & Heating

Devon Plumbing & Heating professionals are licensed, trained to provide you with safe and skilled service. They treat you with respect and courtesy and will protect your house.


I called them they sent someone over at 9am and since the pipe to our roof deck hose needed a gap. The tech was quite proficient and immediately found the issue (when a previous plumber was unable to accomplish this ). The pipe was replaced by him and the best part is that the bill was very affordable! I call them.

I have a hair salon in Andersonville.
I've had two problems in my personal business and both times I called Steve and he had his plumbers here.
They were friendly, professional, and explained to me what the issues were and the way they were going to resolve them.
I felt equally times and had been invoiced the cost was fair.
Steve and his staff have done right by me, and I'd recommend them to everyone.

They never returned my call to try to talk about the bill and tell me how they developed the exorbitant amount when phoning them to talk. When they eventually did call me back two months b/c until I got an excuse, I wouldn't pay, they wouldn't even go over the invoice and proceeded to threaten to place a lien and take us.
Net-net, do not do business. If you do, get a quote in writing up front... But with a written quote, record everything when you actually get the invoice, you've up that the invoice you receive isn't what they told you it would cost you in front. Along with the work they stated they did, they didn't b/c you documented everything they did together with a watch and images.
And it's not that their job is bad in reality the occupation they did that replaced PVC piping with a job that is regular and they did just fine. It was the unethical way they managed the fact and the job that they wouldn't give me a quote upfront- knowing that we had pipes that are suspended and were at their mercy. They wouldn't even tell us once the job was finished saying they'd send something in the mail what the invoice was. You may imagine my surprise when I got the invoice that was twice.

But this wasn't the ending. I received a NOTICE OF INTENTION TO FILE A MECHANICS LIEN. The worst part is I never said or suggested I was unwilling to cover. I was searching to get an explanation of what I had been paying for.
Incredibly bad experience. Service call was to install offs shut in my condo. I were told that they billed $150\hour for labor. Where available the soonest, although thus is over average they. The plumber, who was the proprietor, worked for about half an hour and Steven McGuire was on time. The support was supposed to comprise turning the buildings water off and on. Instead of him doing so I needed to turn it and on after he left. In which 4 90 level cast iron joints, approximately $ 2 per cent the parts used.
I know it's tough to discover a plumber in the city and they definitely make it tougher. I will be checking the time I want a plumber the price to the suburbs.
More than a week later I got a bill for $221. The bill included and was in no way itemized of turning buildings water on and off the support. The bill appeared excessive, especially since I'd completed the job. I left a few messages to call mepersonally. More than a week later I got a call back. I asked if he could clarify the charges. Instead of describing what I had been paying , he asked me"are you kidding?" Told me"if you don't want to pay then don't" and hung me up.

Very bad customer services. Do not return my calls, and that he said he'd call me back, when I got him to reply again. . .and never did.

I phoned Devon Plumbing stop the water from causing the bathtub to bubble with much more water and to unclog my bath tub. They got to work and came at 8:25. I live in a condominium building, and I appreciated their asking me whether it was okay to prop the building door open when they needed to get supplies or when they should buzz my unit each moment. Most service people don't ask and secure the door open, which alarms other condominium residents.
The two guys were calm, and talked between themselves. They unclogged the bathtub and had been here for one hour, but also replaced piping to get the sink which was old and on the point of breaking. The work place cleaned up very well before leaving, another plus. Their cost was reasonable. It's a couple of days after, and sinking and the bathtub are currently draining fine.

Our bathtub was clogged, so I decided to try and take it on my own. I managed to get out part of the clog, but in the process, pushed most of the clog. So my bathtub went out of a drain that was slow to some no drain. It was frustrating. I phoned Devon, and explained my problem. Mike, the man who answered my call, suspected I probably wanted to take a shower. He was perfect. Over 20 minutes (no matter ) he delivered over 2 fiendly guys that were in my toilet for 15 minutes tops, and water drains like it's brand new.
Devon was quickly, inexpensive (only $135/hr that I find reasonable), and above all, FRIENDLY! Fantastic customer service with a great job done. Make Devon Plumbing your first call, if you are in the Lincoln Square area.
According to their reviews, I gave a telephone number to them.

I can't say enough great things. They had been on time (same day service! ) ) , clean, quick and super. We had a lot of odds and ends performed in connection with the sale our condo (from escapes into caulking to sealing a gas line at our chimney ) and they have been jack of all trades. Their prices are extremely reasonable compared to other businesses ($145/hour for two plumbers!) And the owner, Steve, is superb. Look no further for your plumbing needs!

Devon Plumbing and marco came out to my home twice to resolve a buttocks water heater. The two times he left thinking the problem was fixed and it wasn't. When I called back yesterday morning, 4 days they finally sent out a specialist from a different organization to fix my water heater.
I wouldn't recommend Devon Plumbing for any kind of water heater problems. But I am glad they finally realized it sent someone out to fix it the right way and was outside of the consciousness zone.

I have tried to use Devon Plumbing & Heating in the previous calendar year. Both times they have been no-calls, no-show.

Wednesday: 6" of water seeping in through the new base and making its way up the step and into the basement.
Thursday: 9AM -- 4 guys are splashing around with hammers, saws & buckets and I have a brand new sump pump, drain and yard drain.
Thanks to the excellent pipes at Devon. You did a CRACK JOB!
Friday: I can stop freaking out.

I obtained a receipt two days and paid using a check. I had requested the style and new number of those fittings that they bought be published on the invoice, which they were's comments section. Overally I was satisfied and would recommend to other people
Once they were there, they did a great job installing all in a timely fashion, going out to buy the necessary fittings, and assessing the problem. I had a problem with the bathroom seal that they diagnosed on the spot and fixed, thereby.
I decided to phone Devon Plumbing to fix a leaky faucet in my tub based on a recommendation from my neighbor. Two guys showed up a couple of minutes late for the appointment.

The first time, he managed to come across the small problem which plumbing companies couldn't find. While they were busy putting together estimates for $10k to $20k to re-pipe the building, Marco replaced the small $400 pump in an hour or two, and we all were good as fresh.
Again, Marco and Devon Plumbing came through for us yesterday. I'm at a small condo building in Rogers Park (7 components ) and discovered that there was no hot water yesterday because our water heater had finally sprung a leak (it was 16 years old). Marco gave us a quote instantly on the cost of a brand new water heater was here in no time, and got it all installed and running from the end of the day. At the end of the day, the Whole bill was a little LESS than the quote from a huge amount, and the morning less than previous quotes from pipes Businesses

I have been having problems with my basement flooding for years. After finding them on the 10, I called devon plumbing. Bob came out and took a peek in the basement, said he could not give me an exact cost until they determined exactly what the issue was (could be 1 of 2 things) so I was expecting a very high cost. His employees repaired the issue, came out the next week and billed me a very fair speed. I would suggest them.

Devon Plumbing recently installed a hot water heater in a condo association in Chicago. There have been difficulties with owners receiving water that is hot consistantly. Devon Plumbing was stubborn in solving it entirely and determing the problem. They're easy to achieve, available and professional in their approach.

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