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Diversey Plumbing & Sewer

3 stars rating
2839 W Diversey Ave
Chicago, IL Service Area
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Diversey Plumbing & Sewer

When it is work that is residential or commercial, you're going to get high quality support. Our plumbing service specialists ensure proper care and fix for problems such as, drain line blockages, frozen water pipes, code violations sewer lines replacement and repair, as well as all installments, rehabs and new construction. We offer a service branch for care, and a job division for each of your construction requirements. We are devoted to sewer system designs and installation to residential or industrial usage. Diversey Sewer and Plumbing guarantees you will always find the best support when you need it! Diversey Plumbing and SewerDependable support for a price!


Diversey plumbing and Sewer were prompt and incredibly professional at fixing our water heater. Reasonable prices with excellent service and they always stand by their own work. I recommend them to anyone who needs plumbing and sewage services. Thank you Jerry!

I had a contractor come to my house for work on another project. He inspected every aspect of my house all that would fall out of his lips have been expletives , and if he entered the place where my furnace and water heater sit. He advised me that wasn't connected, thus creating a case of carbon monoxide poisoning. He felt that the situation was so awful he threatened to shut off the gas line. I talked with Bonnie and phoned Diversey Plumbing away. Bonnie was very nice and she and I handed along to Jerry who advised the appointment to rectify this situation. The problem begins. The technician shows up to my house reeking of alcohol. Then he proceeds to argue with my spouse stating we must've eliminated it and he remembered putting on the part. HUH?!? What is my purpose for removing it? Why would I place my family? Does not make sense, can it? The technician"repairs" the piping and leaves drunk and disgruntled. I sent pics of this fix to my current contractor and he had been"disappointed" with what he saw. Now, we must spend money to have the job done properly to insure my family's safety. Nothing against Bonnie and Jerry, they had been great, however they should be a little more resilient about whom they employ.
Fast forward to last week and I call tell you how this"happily ever after" turned into a nightmare.
I put in a claim with my house guarantee and my hot water heater went on the fritz, Diversey Plumbing answered the call.

Probably the worst plumbing firm I've worked with in Chicago. Came 30 minutes following the time window, staff only wished to argue about the individuals wanted to don't what they are being paid to do and was rude.

Allow me to start by stating they have no customer support. I'd stoppage and pipe leaks I called for. They left and never bothered with leaks and half-fixed that the stoppage. The plumber wrapped and said it is not on my work sequence, not my issue when I called back. Then I called the office and they said we will get back to you personally and never did. Guess what they billed for it. They are rude and irresponsible. I would not suggest them. Please get a different plumber.

Terrible customer service. Not very knowledgeable on plumbing problems. Impossible to program with. Don't waste your time.

They'd worked in our condominium Bldg before, and had the tasks done fast (leaking bathroom and kitchen faucet).
Diverey came in after a different plumber (that was for work covered under a Home warranty policy) was delegated and not able to fix the issue.
Jerry came out, diagnosed the problem and worked with the Home Warranty firm, then Charles and did the repairs and Luis came.

Do not do it. Terrible communication no sense of urgency once I had a kitchen sink in my house, impolite and lied abt if they were supposed to be back to fix it. Waited with a leak and I have to go out and start over and employ somebody else.

Has the most lazy plumbers. I wouldn't use them.
They come unequipped. And so were reluctant to help find rooter entry. Please save your self all day from waiting for them to call. They will just bang on your door, Since they wont. And offer NOTHING
So in the Event That You Will Need a plumber need to have workers that want to help out u and clean dressed professional, PLEASE USE
Chicago Plumbing and Sewer.

Like most folks I experienced a water heater bust because of the old. My American Home Shield home insurance delegated Aaron's Plumbing and heatingsystem. I put at the request Friday night when the pipe after I'd not hear out of Aaron's by noon MONDAY I called and got their answering machine( I made a message) The email I sent was returned as undeliverable. I called again at 4:50pm and got his answering service and I left the next message. Disgusted I expressed my dissatisfaction and called AHS. The agent said he would look to it and then send an EMAIL straight to them . From Tuesday I'd not hear out of Aaron's plumbing nor AHS. I was annoyed and called AHS and talked with a wonderful woman named as I REFUSED TO HAVE THE STILL TRY TO SEND AARON'S for my home ERIN who identified another company. I obtained DIVERSEY PLUMBING AND SEWER . They called me Wed morning and said she could get me service on Wednesday with and window. About 1:30 they called to say that the technicians were on their way although somewhat behind. Luis and charlie showed up after two. They were very great men and found the rupture and mended it. They were done in about 30 minutes tops. ASK FOR DIVERSEY IF YOU HAVE NEVER AND AHS LET THEM ASSIGN Aaron's for you.

I have had Diversy within my Condo on two separate occasions. One was a problem in my master bathroom & the other. They were sensitive to my plights as well as insuring I understood what was wrong and what was being done to fix it.

I had been referred during our home warranty company, American Home Shield of waiting on Aaron's pipes to complete the job after 3 weeks. I ghosted on return messaging, had been stood up for appointments and got the run around. After much correspondence with AHS (I went after them on Twitter that appeared to be the only way to find someone to call me personally and to not have to wait on hold for an hour), they finally re-routed my issue (leaking faucet) to Diversey. They arrived when promised, recognized the matter, arranged valves and even went out of their way to make sure my recently broken garbage disposal had been added to the already existing work sequence (without an extra fee for me personally ). The valves unfortunately didn't get the job done, but they finished the NEW faucet setup now (12/27/18) and arrived when they said they'd. Two tasks were finished by all in, start to finish, Diversey in two weeks within a busy holiday season. The technicians were polite and agreeable. I'd most certainly reach out to Diversey again if I had a problem (and would steer away from Aaron's).

These buildings can have a lot of surprises with the catch basin/drain configuration and drain piles that are narrow. Not a problem for his helper and Jerry. When the business ran, have been utilizing Diversey Plumbing and Sewer for decades. Always courteous,
PS: He also called me back directly from the first A.M. shortly after he called him.
We have an older Lakeview construction, like constructed in 1899, which had a kitchen drain on the floor.
Thorough and capable. So it appears that nothing, cleaned happened at all. Turned out old rust scale in the loft drain pipe above had flaked off and jammed the next sink drain downstream. Someone thought to try the hand sink from the loft after decades of never being used. All reasonably priced I and fixed thought for what it took to clean it out.
So he's my 5 stars. I enjoy going local also.

Like many other people, Diversey Plumbing arrived at our house through our home warranty business. Bonnie was enough through phone. Since no one had followed to schedule an appointment, when we received a call from the tech saying he was about the way we were shocked. Growing impatient with our grief that the technician inquired,"are you home or not?" He asked him for the first time explained he was with DP and he sighed and what business he was from. I immediately cancelled and should've seen the flag on the play.
Five minutes showed up. We offered them water, they declined; we afterwards found water bottles cluttering our hallway. Service was fast and the tech said as he needed to get a part, he'd return. He never came backagain. Our house warranty called to say we'd be charged $200 if we wanted them to return. Again confusion. Are we paying double for 1 job? We spoke with the operator and predicted DP rather than go back and forth with the warranty company. Our petition was simple: finish the job you started. The owner grew increasingly cluttered, screamed in my husband"I don't have to deal with this shit" told us someone would be"over to finish the job, nothing more" and wrapped.
Long story short, the absence of professionalism and ethics is disconcerting. Do not permit this energy.

I lately had Diversey Plumbing come out to replace my outside garden hose spigots. They were able to come out and give me a quote the day of and the fix was completed within the week. The plumber, Jerry, was reliable - on time and wash for fix and the quote. I concur that the girl who answers the phone could be somewhat nicer, but I've had WAY experiences with the actual plumbing work in the city, so as long as the work is completed I'm fine with that. I think the cost might have been a little high ($300 for a 45 min job) that is the reduction in 1 celebrity.

Shady Company practice and unpleasant to Manage,So... they missed the initial appointment, and then came back another day. They did not have the part scheduled a time to return and install. Fine. The SECOND appointment was missed by them and they just forgot.
So a pretty terrible experience, even though the actual work was great. Agree with other posters, the woman is quite rude. Probably because she is frustrated by managing customers like me that are upset over billing practices that are less than transparent.
I called them to fix a leaky bathtub service where you pull on the cartridge and replace. I scheduled the appointment anyway.
Get the bill, flat $250.00 fee with a $75.00 discount. Believing $250 for a leaky shower was excessive, I called to get a rest down of components and labor. They sent me another bill: components $55 and Labor $120.00, the reduction is magically factored in now. This leads me to think they bumped the price to $250.00 to give me a fake reduction of $75.00.
I called again to ask what the hourly rate was, because I knew the man was just there 1-1.5 hours. And I guessed $120.00 sounded reasonable, but was the reduction? The woman was quite rude, did not give me the hourly rate, and said,"I figure you don't want professionals doing your business?"
The man calls me back and leaves a message,"Pay me anything you think it's worth, or don't even pay me whatsoever".

Fourth appointment they come and set up, 1.5 hours shirts. I called and inquired if they went to knock anything off the bill since they missed TWO appointments.

We had been placed in-touch with Diversey Plumbing during our home warranty company following a covered incident (blown water heater). Agree that Bonnie was fine on the telephone but the scheduling of this job was delayed, the crew refused to complete portions of the job, and management was beyond rude to my husband. We chose to utilize a individual plumber who left us outstanding work that was completed and a priority rather than use this subpar customer services.

Pipes was called out through my AHS home warranty. They fixed everything in a timely way, were quite considerate, and did a fantastic job. Really happy with their work, will reach out for any problems later on!

I had Luis and Charlie here a few times and they had been on time, courteous and efficient. They fixed all of my plumbing difficulties. Thank you!

I've utilized Diversey Plumbing times for leasing units. Plumbers are decent & respond quickly but the lady they have answering their phones is anything but pleasant. Because of her I wouldn't do business with them.

I had two water heaters I bought at Menards. I was given plumbers names by menard's and that I chose these guys. The drains were picked up by them and then installed them. Fantastic job, good communication, good price, disposed of the heaterscleaned up after themselves. All in all a good experience. I'd use them again and I've recommended a couple of times to them.

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