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Dr Piper

Captured energy could be altered to power business or your home, to heat a pool, or to provide water for domestic usage. The latest, most advanced tankless water heater line for North American home and business usage from all the major manufactures. Explore options to replace these leaky pipes. PEX frowGuard Gold CPVC, or copper are.


I first called on Dr. Piper(Radi) about a year and a half ago. Ever since then I have used called upon him to solve/fix 3 plumbing issues. Whether it's among his associates Radi himself the works has been impeccable. He and his staff have always shown professionalism and attention to your fixing whatever needs to be carried out. From a job for example replacing a faucet to repiping, his team and Radi have shown service. My issues was a busted sewer pipe in an interior walls of my residence. Radi opened to wall to investigate the issue and came out on a Sunday. We found it wasn't an active escape so might be managed a couple of days afterwards. On Monday one of working associates, Louise, scheduled to return Tuesday with the correct cast iron pipe to perform the repair and arrived at the house, scrutinized the issue. It took a little time within one hour and I had been back to working. If you are fed up with dealing with large plumbing contractor companies never know precisely who you may get, I say call Dr. Piper and get private consistent service. I have a physician that is great, I have a mechanic that is great, and I have discovered a plumber. Life is great.
Dr. Piper is a"older" world business man. You do not find many of these. He's a gem of honesty and I am so very thankful to have discovered him. He's my call when we do decide to redesign. I can not give a higher recommendation than this for almost any anyone. Trust me. You can not go wrong phoning Dr. Piper. He's for real!
Alright, I read each of the other 5 star reviews and said,"seems like an honest guy, but really?" . AnywaysI thought I would give Dr. Piper (Radi) a shot since no one else could fix my problem and short of a remodel, I was game at paying what's was going to take to fix my issue. My spouse and I own a vintage cottage in La Jolla. It is so vintage that the plumbing components are more than 80 years old and also finding a replacement to the bath/shower diverter was presenting a huge challenge. I called out Bill Howe and their plumber said the fixtures were so outdated that I would have to remodel. To do that I would have to ask my tenants to vacate the cottage until the remodel has been completed. Seemed to me a lot for just a shower/tub diverter of work and cost. He arrived on time and look at the circumstance. He took apart the assembly and asked if I would be pleased just to have the shower. The tub was used anyways and they said it would be satisfactory. Radi put in it in order that water just came from the shower head and manufactured a plug. It worked! He said that there was a huge Plumbing Supply center in Chula Vista that could likely help me find the part and get the working again and gave me the part. He said if and when I was ready, he and his team would be pleased to quote me a price. I chased him for honesty and his time and then he blew me off. I asked him how much I owed him for the work and he said nothing. I said"WHAT, you drove all the way down here to La Jolla; you worked for more than 20 minutes, and you say I owe you nothing." He refused to take any cash.

My 3rd encounter with Dr. only keeps getting better...

Workers' Comp insurance is more expensive and just more for a biz, but their quote failed to offer me a price savings if I'd desired to take the probability of a worker.
Workers' Comp is required by CA law. This was important to mepersonally, so I did not move forward.
Everyone has a different risk tolerance, but Caveat Emptor - let the buyer beware - is my own doctrine. As a customer, I am posting this for the benefit of different customers, not to harm Dr. Piper. Just the facts...
Peter and radi were quite responsive to my query and very nice. I had a recommendation for this business based on their detailed estimates/proposals he'd seen from one of his clients. I agree that the quote was comprehensive and thorough.
I didn't select this business because in assessing their builder's licence online I discovered they do not carry Workers' Comp insurance, plus they do have employees.

Why? There's only one conclusion. Some jobs are"beneath" himand"aren't worth his time".
The company claims that they run Monday through Sunday from early morning to 8:45pm. I asked for a quote, and sent a picture of this issue: a bathroom. After awaiting his reply, he responds"Struggling to Service, Sorry I'm booked for now". No issue, I believe... it's reasonable, he is probably just busy and can't service the same moment. Then I ask him,"Are you able to come back tomorrow" and he stonewalls me "I'm sorry, I can't. Please call courtesy pipes".
So despite advertisements daily, working, the man states that he is booked all weekend? Does not seem likely at all to me, -particularly - because he didn't follow to reschedule; he stonewalled me and asked me to go everywhere.
Had a bathroom clog and needed assistance bad. Not exactly sure what went on, but guessed that something was wrong with the water pressure. Sent a message requesting assistance having a feeling that many of his reviews are fake.

As soon as I purchased my house the shutoff valve was inoperable. Had not had the time to fix it until now. Unfortunately I hired a cheap craigslist plumber (uncertified) to try and replace the valve, but following a couple of days of effort and hours of being in the house without water we made the call to Radi. He looked just like a third grader set up the new piping. Took 30 minutes of effort to replace all the piping and install new shutoff valve and pressure regulator. Astonished at how quick he'd finished the job. Lesson learned.

We had our whole house repiped because of a line. The whole team from Dr.Piper was very professional. Thank Torsha for performing an outstanding job, and you Radi George. All work was performed on funding and professionally. I highly recommend this company for almost any of your plumbing needs. Drywall repairs as well.

Dr. Piper is the best! He has provided the absolute best quality expertise in most respects. Professional workmanship, fast answer, best prices, and he treats his customers. Dr. Piper(Radi M.) is a certain 5-STAR YELP All-Star!

The guys showed up everyday and worked to find the house which was quicker than I anticipated since we now have a two story home. Everybody was friendly, efficient and beyond specialist. I felt at ease having them in my home. I was amazed at how organized and clean they were at the home during the 3 days. Every night they cleaned and organized their gear in the garage and not all over the house(if you have ever been about building you'll know uncommon this is).They hung plastic everywhere in addition to drop clothes even on my concrete flooring (as a result of flood) to lower dust going throughout the remainder of the house.The patch job looked great. Radi was so professional and assessed in everyday to be sure everything was going smoothly, and to thank me.
We had a flooding from a flow in our quest pipes and we had to repipe our home. Because his bid was fair I moved with Radi and they looked very seasoned with repiping. I could not be more happy with the process from begin to finish.
I am so impressed with their quality of professionalism and work that I will have them back for all my plumbing needs. I have a few of things lined up already. I would suggest his team and Radi .

Our concern using a heater is the fact that it would take a long time to get water. This NAVIEN unit has an internal circulator therefore there's not any waiting for warm water. It takes the same amount of time to receive hot water as our tank unit on a circulator (7 minutes ). This is from the heater into the shower that is furthest. Additionally, it has a condenser that makes it more effective (90-98%) vs. non-condensing (80% efficient) vs. regular tank heater (50-60%).
I have been wanting to update to a water heater for quite a while and it was finally time, when the water heater went outside. Called my long time repair man Mark out of Re-Nu Renovations and he highly recommended Radi out of Dr. Piper. Met Radi at the house and he recommended the NAVIEN tankless water heater. Radi suggested that I was able to install the water heater in the attic (we've got an attic space above the garage where the old water heater was). What a great idea. He also re-piped everything and my garage appears much bigger with no huge 75 gal tank . All the drywall was repaired and patched perfectly (he doesn't paint).
Thursday broke down night and was back to getting showers again the next day!

Radi is the very best of the best! He redid the plumbing of our home efficiently and with care. He worked hard staying after being there because 8AM, seven PM to complete the job. He's wonderful! Could not suggest Dr. Piper more!

We had a water pipe leak below the slab. 5 contractors provided an estimate. Among the bids was almost 3x as much as Dr. Piper's bid, another 3 plumbers were too fast to jackhammer into the foundation. He knew where to find the manifolds when Radi showed up. He appeared very confident. We also decided to set up a tankless water heater. His crew and he finished the pipe install and re-route of water heater in a day. My house was left by them though they have never been here. We and no leaks love our Navien tankless hot water heater. We noticed pipes so we are planning to get our house re-piped in a couple 25, once they opened the walls and ceiling. I strongly recommend Dr. Piper, you won't be sorry. I will certainly call Dr. Piper again for our future plumbing needs. Peter, radi and George did a great job. Thank you!!!!!!

Really good support! Fantastic customer services. Radi is my plumber in san diego which I worked with. Highly recommend him !!!

I would recommend this company to anyone.
That morning we were awoken by our neighbor to learn our water heater was leaking. After hunting online and receiving quotes, we proceeded ahead with Dr Piper. The proprietor sent out a worker who removed our old water heater and set up a brand new one with no issues and maintained in communication. It went really easily which we were really thankful for. He also was very friendly and explained how the water heater worked compared to our one.
Following our Home Warranty failed us and would not send out a technician on a Sunday like we were told by them they would, we discovered Dr Piper through Yelp. We were looking for a plumber who would really work on weekends if people typically are home.
We tried to contact some of the"big name" companies for your job but the work was finished and we were back to enjoying hot water before they returned our call to provide a quote.

Can't say enough great things about Radi. Obviously, having someone cut holes all over your home is a frightening experience, but Radi made sure to walk us. His crew was hard working and polite and made certain that we had water in the end of everyday. Unlike many plumbers that don't conduct drywall, Radi's crew closed every entry hole in the drywall and retextured everything so it was like there weren't there. Do yourself a favor and should you ever have to repipe (and I hope you don't) be certain you give Dr. Piper (Radi) a telephone. You'll be glad you did.

I am a first-time customer. I chose on Dr Piper due to the excellent reviews. I wasn't disappointed. I phoned Radi on a Friday mid day about a flow on a pipe between the primary water meter and the shut off valve within the garage. Me walked through a few things on the phone and gave me a quote and stated he'd have his team out the next morning which was a Saturday morning. When they had been completed, his team showed up at the morning and cleaned up. They were professional and friendly. If I have any plumbing problems at my house or households house he will be my first telephone. I recommend Radi and Dr Piper. Thank you.

You ought to go with them.
2) We remodeled the kitchen and were not keen on pulling out the brand new wall cabinets which were trim scribed to the ceiling. Others said no choice or dip into the outside wall for 8 ft (house isn't stucco). Radi said, we'll work it out, and they did with no work that was external and no cupboard removal.
A couple worth reading examples:
Sort Version: Re-piping due to slab leak. Additionally got whole house filter and tankless water heater and conditioner. Several estimates. A bit concerned by Radi's and George's'we'll take care of it... we'll do it right... don't stress" communicating in contrast to some others. So we phoned them back in the wall, and they spent all the time we needed to discuss every step and each hole for specifics. They had been right: how did it quite well in the way that they said that the would. They took steps in order to make certain things, they did not promise or have to were pleasing, and it was quickly. Joyful we chose them. Have recommended to friends.
On top of that, the guys were very friendly. Together having a beer at the end of the day one 14, sat.
1) For the showers (valves), others said that they would have to cut a bigger hole in the tile and utilize a oversized"retro work" cover plate (ugly) or receive a tiler in to redo some tile. Radi said"No, you won't have to do that. We'll do it through the current hole." Others said no other way. So, we had been doubtful of the response of Radi. I looked at each step and also pictures. Awesome! No cover plates.

After a few pin hole leaks we decided to proceed with a repipe. We got several quotations and Dr. Piper was inside the range of quotations we'd been receiving. We picked Dr. Piper according to Radi, his understanding and also the reviews on Yelp. Radi is among the people that stands behind also his word and his work 100%. At one stage I tried to pay him for a number of the job that had finished and he said he will not accept any payment until the job is complete. That is a testament to how committed he is to his clients and his job. Sometimes most of us encounter companies that we are excited to market and tell others about and Dr. Piper is one of those rare businesses.

Excellent company. Very organized and professional. No issue with creating an appointment. And that I had an appointment ASAP. My water heater went out over weekend Tuesday and that I scheduled an appointment for this. They come out on time!!! and since they promised They are very reasonably price. I highly recommended this company.

I can not say enough good things. I've had 3 major pipe leaks over several years in walls of my home and the cement slab. I've had patches. In Oct I lost my home's entire inside. With of the wall opening down to the studs, removing everything I possessed and removing all flooring I saw what a mess my pipes was. I had multiple repipe companies come to give me a quote on a comprehensive repipe. This firm was the only firm who do a repipe with 100 percent American L aluminum and would use the walls that are already opened. Companies wanted to cut the few components of my home not already destroyed to on my cement front porch and demolition. I saw & heard how badly the pipes was initially installed with chinese aluminum. The aluminum pipes cleaned of flux and have been installed. This was the sole firm that would repair the drywall and texture entirely. This business is strongly recommended by me!

Scheduling: After we agreed upon a start date, we became their fulltime devotion. The workers went right to work, and showed up on time every day. As there was no doubt, they were obviously seasoned. Assessing and time of these tasks was carefully managed, and they were very good at reducing the time we'd be with water, which was usually for just a few short durations. The job progressed without delays, and they even offered to operate over the weekend so that they can finish earlier if that was fine with us.
Quality: I have high standards, but'm pleased to report the work was in most respects better than we envisioned and exceeded our expectations. The workers were cheerful pleasant and committed to doing the job right. Their best efforts were given by them, and their attention to detail was outstanding. All the substances were new and of good quality, their solder joints were professional looking and very clean, and when it came time to put everything back texturing and their drywall looked fantastic!! The best part is that these were long term workers, therefore Radi knew precisely the kind of work quality they would create, and of course he had been right there at work together. It ended up being a trusted, professional and easy operation.

After four leaks in the previous 12 months we understood it was time to re-pipe. The notion of replacing our copper plumbing all made me nervous about finding the right organization to perform the job, particularly since I had some builder encounters previously. During the selection process we talked at length with several local companies, and eventually picked Dr. Piper based upon the knowledge and expertise Radi (the owner) revealed, and all the great reviews we had read about them. Radi could tell we were anxious about the job, but he had been so patient with us, and took the opportunity to completely explain the procedure to ensure we would know what to anticipate. It was obvious he took pride in the workmanship of his company, as he even invited us to see him at one of the job websites to look at the standard of the work before making any commitments. As it is my house, I'm a person that is picky, but allow me to tell you , I could not have been more happy with our decision, THESE GUYS ARE We had a great experience with this company, and I was so relieved to see that everything we had read about Dr. Piper was true. Here are
Cost: We received calls. Dr. Piper wasn't the cheapest, but they quoted a just and reasonable cost, and were certainly in the range we had been anticipating. On top of that, we had an excellent feeling about Radi. The job was completed within budget, and there were not any surprises at the end. The cost quoted was.
In all, we all couldn't have asked for a much better experience. Radi is a very likable individual, with a team. Don't hesitate to offer him a call, and you may even tell him that"Dean known me", as I'm sure he will remember me nervous (but satisfied) customer who asked all those questions. We're very pleased with the job Dr. Piper (Radi) did, and with no reservation would pick them again for any future projects on our property.

A few other plumbers stated I had to open my tile bathtub wall to get in a pipe. Dr. Piper failed more troubleshooting than he expected to do, and figured out the genuine issue. He fixed the shower valve (or any other relevant part), and it works perfectly now.

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