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Five Star Plumbing & Rooter

Welcome to Five Star Plumbing & Rooter of San Francisco, we are family owned and operated since 2013. We're fully licensed and insured plumbing company in San Francisco. Whether you require help with a full re-piping of your house or a repair, Five Star Plumbing & Rooter of San Francisco provides support. Our staffs at San Francisco techs can assist you in making an educated decision. Check out a full list of what our Five Star Plumbing & Rooter of San Francisco can do for you. Five Star Plumbing & Rooter of San Francisco have technicians in San Francisco who are here in order to help you with all of your plumbing, and drain cleaning needs, from emergencies to renovations and repairs. Big or small We do everything! Five Star Plumbing & Rooter of San Francisco provides the degree of residential and commercial plumbing and drain to you. 24/7 on-call Plumbers San Francisco, CA for Integrated emergency Plumbing services. Five Star Plumbing & Rooter of San Francisco has supplied the regional San Francisco area with quality builders for more than ten years. You should definitely give us a call today and let us show you what Five Star Plumbing & Rooter of San Francisco is all about In case you have had poor experiences in the past with other businesses.


Saul and his staff are fantastic. He's dependable, upfront with alternatives and costs, and does good work. The major sewer line is replaced by them . All these are fantastic plumbers at crystal clear communication and a reasonable cost. This team would be strongly recommended by me. They are very experienced and know what they're doing.
Thank you very much Saul!

I waited and known as Soul, he will come and said the guy was busy. Nobody came and nobody called.
The reason is a 3 star and the one is since Dave did his job was very agreeable to work together and clarified everything during the process.
Soul and dave arrived the day after one hole already cuts into the sheet rock and could not locate the leak.
The dilemma is that Soul assured once I already paid $600, my wife someone will come over to patch the stucco the following day for additional $300.
So bottom line, customer support is sucks.
I found someone to correct the stucco.
I had a water leak in my home that needed to cut into the wall.
It's been nearly 2 weeks.
I waited and called again! Same outcome, same answer.
After a piece of stucco cuts and found the flow the job was done very quickly, 2 hours and out.
No one arrived the following day and nobody called.

I have had to call Saul + team now for separate issues. The first timewe had a tree root. Saul gave choices to me to solve help , super conscious of the two long-term problem solving and the matter. Work was fantastic and we haven't had any problems with the tree root because. Our shower backed up, this week and that I called Saul + team. I had a person out here this morning and delivered a text at 8pm to Saul. Brian came out, handled everything super economically. They are professional nice, considerate and timely. My go-to for whatever plumbing-related.

Five stars really! My property manager had called an plumber who obtained his snake stuck so bad that it could not be pulled out by 3 guys. Saul showed up with two guys, and they tried to find the snake out. When they could not, they didn't charge me anything. After speaking to a different plumber who didn't even need to touch the stuck snake, then I ended up hiring Saul to substitute my clay pipes as Saul sent Brian who came up with a brilliant and innovative way to eliminate the stuck snake. It involved linking the snake that was stuck to a chain and into a tree in the backyard as you can see in the images. It took almost all day between each of the excursions to get the materials, but it got out the snake. I would strongly recommend this team. They're very experienced and know what they're doing.

Next time I want plumbing I'll offer them a call first.
We didn't use five star pipes. I used someone who may get to me faster. Five star could reach me fast, but just not fast enough. I wound up paying a premium for the service that was faster.

Fantastic providers! Experienced tech. Accurate inspiration, and got the work. My sewage works fine!

Called 1am with a clogged principal line. Saul and crew came at 8am. Fixed by. I did the jet flush 3000psi for $595.
Fixed. Fast. Super courteous. I've added them to my pipes publication for fixes.

Very Attentive! It is not easy in this crazy SF marketplace to find trades people who listen to what you need and provide you a price. Saul and david did just that.
Use half our own garage space of our 110 year old house to create an office, a bathroom, and a laundry room because we've managed to, with licenses. It wasn't easy. Saul and david and were helpful throughout the process and ensure the plumbing was done. They were always a phone call away if we had any queries.

Dave and saoul are the best! These are fantastic plumbers at a cost that is reasonable. I have used them and they really did a job that was fantastic every moment! I would use them .

David knew the valve had to be replaced, and immediately arrived about 5 minutes ahead of time. Even with cleaning up, cutting on a hole in the wall to adapt his work, removing and replacing the valve , and running out to get supplies, he was completed before 3 PM.
Up front pricing, good, clean work, great work ethic. I have no doubt that they'd be my first call in the future.
I posted a petition on yelp for quotes using a description of the matter. Four plumbers responded, most desired inquiries, one said it would cost $100 per hour simply to look at it (!!!) I'll send someone over."
My tub leaked in a large way. I plugged the drain before I started looking for a plumber to acquire a better understanding of the leak. It was draining about 5 gallons each 6 - 8 hours.

I would not hire these guys. The cost was steep for what they did, although they did fine work. Also, my next door neighbor needed some tools stolen from his truck the day that they were here. Before knowing this, I had considered giving work to them, but it was easy to find a much lower estimate with a 5 star firm.

Saul is my go-to for all of my plumbing requirements. Saul and team come through to replacing the sewer line in my house and everything in between, from fixing a leaky faucet to my tenant. He's reliable, upfront with options and costs, and does good job. He always picks up the phone even on Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving (true stories). Highly suggested!

We had a welded copper pipe into a classic dishwasher that needed to be converted into a dishwasher connector that is normal, and a series of leaking pipes two of which had recently, very poorly, been replaced by a contractor. Saul gave us a very reasonable estimate which was much lower compared to a few other highly rated surgeons on here. One of his team and the next week Saul came by and, after a few hours, we had a garbage disposal installed, a connector for our dishwasher, three brand new taps and plumbing.
I was searching for a plumber on Saul and NextDoor and his staff came highly recommended, so decided to have. Both Saul and his secretary were exceptionally responsive to both email, text and phone calls, so despite having to cancel once when his entire team was ill about the holidays, I felt everything was being done in as timely a manner as possible and I was constantly kept up to date.
One of those newest faucets started leaking after it had been set up, but Saul got back to me immediately after I sent someone out to take a look and mentioned it to him. A piece in the faucet itself had to be repainted as well as the leak was mended after that, and could not be more happy.
Saul and staff, we will definitely be using you!

Highly recommend! We called Saul looking to get a couple of minor issues checked out. He was able to come by the exact same day, took a look and produced a few quick fixes. We were not even charged by graciously given the time required. Will be our first call later on with any plumbing issues!

We had his team come to fix and Saul. They worked to figure out a reasonable and workable solution and went above and beyond to figure the issue out. Don't be afraid to contact Saul to your plumbing requirements.

Fantastic crew - David and Saul were rock stars! I had problems with the plumbing in my house, French drain outside the house, dishwasher installments, and on and on. They did excellent work, recognized what the problems were, came up to save me money, gave me a fair quote, and showed up on time every time. They came back and took care of it After I had some small problems in the future. I'll use them.

Five Star Plumbing was the best. They were advocated yanother rated plumber to get a water heater repair he did not wish to do.
David and saoul were personable and professional, considerate. Can call them.
They called me back when I were in my home in a half an hour and called them. Took a look told me what the difficulty obtained the part in less than a half hour, was and were back to repair it. Took no time at all, and all good again.

This is my favorite kind of company, owner managed and that I would have dinner with. Since he was my plumber in a big franchise I've known Saul and he was able to work out work arounds for pipes.
I'm in Alameda if it is more complicated then a clogged drain and he'll come over. He is a guy, easy and enjoyable moving and somehow he makes his appointment times.
I like the woman in his workplace, Claudia, she is capable and nice. In all, wish they combined the Yelp community and were closer and glad that they are doing well!

As a result of my previous experience with Five Star Plumbing, when I had a problem about a sewer line, I decided to call Five Star Plumbing. Saul came over to detail. He managed to get the work done in a way that is professional but what stood out for me was his honesty and devotion to customer support.
When I want anything concerning plumbing whether it is a question or a job, Five Star is my move to plumbing company. They are highly recommended by me.
Five Star Plumbing is the professional and knowledgeable company I've had the pleasure of working with. In my first interactions with Five Star, I called to have my own kitchen sink unclogged. This is a job that is straightforward, but Saul's attention to detail and professional showed which made an impression on me.

I had been having trouble with the plumbing of my shower, I phoned three out of the four and 4 plumbers showed up. Looked at my shower for five seconds and give me outrageous estimates. They believed that I had no comprehension of what was required, because I'm a woman. I inspected my shower problem and wound up calling Five Star Plumbing and Saul arrived on time, he had been the plumber to give a written quote to me. His quote was acceptable and reasonable. They came by to perform the job and I was impressed by preparedness their punctuality and cleanliness. Saul gave me an quote, He was respectful, courteous, educated and has the tools to perform the job efficient and fast. I would most certainly recommend his firm. You won't be unsatisfactory!!

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