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roto-rooter plumbing sewer drain cleaning service

Roto-Rooter Plumbing Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service

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Roto-Rooter Plumbing Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service

Homeowners have depended for professional information on all types of plumbing and drain cleaning services since 1935 on Roto-Rooter. Funding Available - Roto-Rooter has partnered to offer financing options to create your pipes repair expenses as convenient as well as as possible. 40 OFF. Save $40 on drain cleaning or plumbing services. 50 OFF. Save $50 on installation support & water heater supply.


Obviously, when you will need a plumber it is likely to be during a weekend and in the moment. It's Saturday morning and I've got to be someplace at 9:00am. Toilet and my sink are backed up. Standing water.
Texted me to say they're coming. In just a half hour of my call a plumber is here. The hourly fee is reasonable and they got the job done. People think that they are crooks. How incorrect. Who's gonna call?
Just bookmark these folks.
I can not get a grip of my condo's plumber, that is typical when it is a sole proprietor handyman kinda man. Yeah, you want to support local business, but when it has been over two hours back, you gotta find somebody else. I remember the ads from my childhood,"Roto-Rooter is your name and away your problems go down the drain!" Made the call.

Terrible serviceI did not get any. Called and was told 2 hours8 hours later I cancelled.

I predicted Roto Rooter a week, but cancelled my appointment as I believed I had found someone to come over fast from another company... WRONG! They never showed up. Back to Roto Rooter. They had my request in their computer, and I had been called by someone from their company who made an appointment. So that they stated they'd have the call before he came over so we can inform him we didn't need to incur any fees. He didn't call before he came , but was really useful in letting us help ourselves with our problem, explaining a very simply way to fix it and it cost us NOTHING. This tech would be recommended by us . He's honest and is worried about his clients. His name is Billy and I am not positive if this is the Roto Rooter group he is outside of, however we'd use Roto Rooter again as Billy made a good impression on us. Thank you!

Not sure which branch I predicted from Fremont Yello Pages together with the 800 number. P trap under kitchen sink. Also wanted to put in garbage disposal. Came out very quickly say within an hour. Guy looked around in the neighborhood, sizing up he could bill! He asked questions determining how naive I was. He gave a estimate of $1000 components and labour!
Play on customer fear and uncertainity and give the first quote and make customer decide there and then, their plan is to go out and create a profit. This is the way they offset the price of earning visit to give"free quote". Ultimately the work was done by a self employed plumber in 45 minutes for $250 including components, and the sewage line was cleaned out by plumber until the cleanout.

Night had a Main Sewer Back up on late Saturday. They and called Roto Rooter had the fastest response time of 1hr and sudden the speed. Plumber Robert was educated, quick, and friendly. He had it repaired in 1 hour flat. He showed me the way to put in one and reinstalled my toilet. Sometimes expertise and professionalism is worth the dollar.

Please take care in the future.
Came stayed long, and left all our harmful chemicals all around the floor where my baby could find them. My one-year-old ate a dishwasher pod today so we had to call poison control. Careless and cluttered.

Had a backed up sewage situation on a Saturday night. I started calling about and emailing. Because I like to use local companies 17, roto-rooter was not in my very first batch of calls and the reviews weren't as good. Nevertheless, it was the sole place of the ten I predicted that answered and could schedule someone for the next day (Sunday. The site that was roto-rooter was utilized by me therefore not sure it's this location and they dispatched from somewhere in CC county. Anyway, the technician did a great job. The price was quoted me. They had an internet coupon at the time that took $40 off. I was relieved to have it taken care of immediately.

Horrible service !! Called last night to get a plumbing crisis. They took my information down and explained a technician will be in touch. A hour later at midnight nobody called. So I never answer there phones while on job site and they said the technician was on a job and called dispatch. The dispatched said they'd let me know what is going on once they get hold of technician. So about I guess I am in my own. Called dispatch again and no reaction. So they are not 24 hours support that they claim to be .Today at 6 am I no answer. At this point I don't have any baths, my toilets and or showers or anything are flooded. You think they describe why they are not 24 hours or would follow up in the daytime together. I had to known as MR. Rooter which is phenomenal!! They assist my problem was fixed by me and were out within an hour. Roto rooter you men have horrible customer support, even the main dispatch line I called in, why waste my time taking down my information, for nothing. They also can not even give a cost quote. I will never phone or use this company again. Very disappointed...

I hired technicians from this location to conduct a PSL test in my mother-in-law's house. The technicians that showed up were inexperienced, and ended up flooding the whole bottom floor of the house. This caused a good amount of damage, and also the recovery group spent at the house.
Flooded my basement. Never paid me back.
My recommendation is to stay away from working with them. It is not worth the hassle.
Afterwardswe asked for payment for some of the flooring and items, in addition to the energy used. They agreed to this and said they would pay us back. We sent them never heard back and a statement as requested. Since then, I have called them regularly and each time was told that they couldn't reach management and I would find an'immediate' phone back. Which I have never obtained. So I guess I must hire a lawyer, which is only.

Had a dishwasher that is leaking. Eric G did a fabulous job. Diagnosed it quickly and fixed it immediately. He was kind and courteous. Went by cleaning the major line, beyond fixing the flow. Would give it 5 stars, but the office didn't call us to say he was running . They want to measure

I was able to schedule a time for the following day and called Roto-Rooter to get a . Nick was very useful and thorough in describing what the problem was and how to repair it. If I'd have known it would take him a few minutes to do a replacement, then I wouldn't have waited so long to predict! The prices are reasonable for the parts and the labour -- they matched what I'd researched online-- plus they include a guarantee. I will definitely call, if I have another matter.

Figured they would be convenient and quick. Tech was friendly and on time. Expected cost to be $100-$200. However, cost offered to simply snake house drain line was 420.00+. Was shocked to say the least. I politely declined and didn't participate support. I decided to DIY instead and the job required me an hour out of rental to reunite and cost $55. 15 minutes having never done this fix before, fix time. Prices seem. I don't know. They'll be delighted to control a speed that is very unreasonable to do it, if you are interested in convienience, or maybe not in a circumstance to do it yourself. Consumer beware!

When I have another catastrophe (which, I am sure, will be on a Sunday following the sun goes down), I'll call them .
The plumber showed up at 9:00 PM, about 90 minutes after I predicted. He tried to fix my dilemma, but he didn't have the part on his own truck. He come back the following morning. Yaaaaaasssss!!
He arrived the following morning with the right role in tow. Was done in 30 minutes!
Only my family disasters seem on a Sunday evening! In my horror and dismay, I had a water flow in my bathtub that I could hear running out of the back of my home. My next call was to Roto Rooter.

Consumer beware!!! I had a plumbing issue and had Roto rooter come out for an estimate. It went down then. Hence the plumber gave me a quotation and looked at the issue. I really don't have a problem with the quotation (689.00) but I have a problem when you say you may have to add an additional 2 hours of labor nearly 400 to the occupation. I'm not a plumber so I understand that some things can change but if you come out to provide an estimate stick with it do not give yourself pillow that is why you hire a"expert". I solved the issue and then did not trust the guy, and so I went with another firm and paid $ 280. My information always get multiple quotes. Remember if it smells like crap it is crap!

Idk why my expertise, all of the terrible reviews was golden.
Knew just what he had to perform, was efficient with time, cleaned up his mess and our eyes rolled a lil up the street in the neighbor.
These guys came out at night, once I rescheduled moment and called again. Were cleared a sink and a claw foot tub at one of my units at 40 minutes, and Michael even unclogged my own tub for me also, because I had time left on the rate.

I'd like to thank for coming out to Rescue from Roto Rooter, Corbin Russell! He was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to describe what our choices were to our restrooms. Got the job done fast and unbelievably polite!

I got excellent service on unclogging a sewer in a place in the east bay.
James Morrison, the plumber, was fantastic! He needed to clean the clog throughout the bathroom drain tube (he needed to remove the bathroom ) because there is no cleanout in our place. He cleaned up after he was done with the job and was careful to bring the major snake machine in.
It all depends on who you're getting.
If you were able to specify a plumber, I would recommend James Morrison.
Demeanor and his mannerism was professional and we felt comfortable.

Picture falling on Thanksgiving following a day of cooking, only to be confronted with a backed up sewer line along with a jet of water shooting the toilet and shower floor drain out. The very fact that Roto-Rooter can come at midnight on Thanksgiving at all was amazing, and of course being able to figure out a plumbing issue that is complex.

It's change and just another $157 Whether an excess technician is necessary.
The 2nd See:
Larry reminded me of those late Chris Farley, but only in terms of his appearances (that is all I'm going to say about that).
I was really taking a dump at the time (I KNEW the timing was awful, but I simply could not hold it).
My wife and I, though, will continue to utilize Roto-Rooter.
We have received nothing but good support.
(It originally looked like I was going to be charged about $390.)
Larry said that the prices had"only went up."
I called at 7:20 a.m.
I was not really too concerned (some water leaked out from the toilet, and also the shower gradually drained), however I called due to the previous issues we had (in other wordsmy wife woke up my bum and nagged me to telephone ).
I was advised that a technician would arrive between 8-10.
Larry arrived at 9:15.
I was surprised by how thorough he was.
My son was sleeping (he woke up when Larry knocked loudly on the door, but I did not really mind at that point).
Larry discovered that the sewer line"wasn't obstructed" (I helped him to test it).
I talked a little fast at first (my wife chided me about it when I got off the telephone ), however I was annoyed at having to repeat myself (despite this, my last name is spelled wrong on the invoice).
He was also nice (he was not overly friendly, which is really a plus with me).
As Larry said,"We have to charge you something for coming out."
The female dispatcher was helpful overall.
My wife was charged about $250 (that was last year).
I raced from the bathroom (after wipingout, of course).
He tried to have a record of the previous visits (I could only tell him so much because my wife was around the other times, not me), and it was clear he did not wish to perform any work which didn't have to be done (he was genuinely interested in saving me money).
Larry abandoned at 9:45.
For serious work, you'll be charged $232 and change.
I was all antsy (my hookers were demanding some serious care ), however, Larry evaluated the scenario first.
I am glad I did not get a call suggesting that Larry was on his way.
You might save yourself some money.
The office is located at Livermore. Where Larry was coming out I don't know, but I am placing my critique here since Oakland is closer to where I live than Fremont.
It was a false alarm (what occurred in the daytime was a one time deal).
I was only charged $70 (that is the normal service charge).

I am now hoping to obtain a refund for a job poorly done. I have called the corporate office 6 days to explain what happened....and still no one has returned my phone.
I called to create a appointment for toilet sink and a shower. The guy showed up on time. He said the job was at the minimum of 226 for 1 hour and it should not take more than that. He tried to purge the shower drain and couldn't figure it out. He'd unclog the toilet sink. I paid the $226.
This is the worst service I have ever had! Do not use them!
I had to call another company. I must have used them to begin with.

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