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Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup

Homeowners have depended on Roto-Rooter because 1935 for professional information on all kinds of plumbing and drain cleaning services. Funding Available - Roto-Rooter has partnered with Synchrony Bank to provide financing options to make your pipes repair expenses as stress-free and convenient as possible. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section to find answers to our pipes questions.


Manny (1916) was exceptionally professional and did a fantastic job covering / rodding our faucet drain dilemma. He cleaned up if he was finished. His service was 5 star, but it was expensive.

Andrew 2658 did a wonderful job and came out. It's the second time we've had him out for reasons that are different. Both times, he was the sole plumber troubleshoot the problem and to come out. Through our Home guarantee, we've been moving for the past 8 months, because they do not troubleshoot, and every time the problem has come back. They show up, do something, it kind of leaves and works with the money. Andrew listened to the things I've discovered, came, had me help test some things, recognized the problem and solved it. None of the other 3 firms we've had come out never mentioned I told them exactly the exact same information and what Andrew figured out. You are the man!

We called them a leak their techs we re helpful. They discovered the leak wasn't really in the basement but in the kitchen and it leaked downstairs over time. Being the very first time they helped made sure to explain everything and walk us with insurance through the procedure. It took some time to find everything to dry but they arrived until everything was 100% dry, take equipment and their fans. Can call them again.

First off they charge $250 into roto root my bathroom tell me that they found roots inside, and tells me that they need to send down a machine for them for $700,. They didn't even take off the bathroom to start with, so just how would they understand?! I didn't go threw with that and called a local plumbing firm which billed me 165$ to the hour only, took off the bathroom found that the origins were coming from top, checked with camera to be certain none had been left,they fixed my problems and put the toilet back to get $165 only, roto rooter is a Scam!

"They said they'd appear within a time frame of two hours and they came earlier. They diagnosed the problem and repaired it. Very knowledgeable about his job. They started a claim and guided us of our home owners insurance. David the field supervisor was extremely professional and helpful. The restoration crew came and did their job considering it was New Year's Eve. So far so good with their job.

Manny (technician # 1916) did an amazing job. Instantly found and fixed this problem. I was impressed that I predicted roto rooter at noon and from 430 someone was here to help--and DID NOT bill a crisis visit fee. Thank you manny!

Field Supervisor Qasem was particularly fantastic.
Our sewer pipe was clogged causing raw sewer water to back up into our finished/unfinished cellar.
These guys saved the day. I assumed the clog or issue was in the house when I saw backed up water. I called a plumber who misdiagnosed the situation and charged me $400. I called Roto Rooter when could not be done for the following 18 hours. They called back immediately and so were at my doorstep to aid within an hour. Very guys that are smart, professional and efficient. Them All.

Stay away from this company and use a local plumber!
I talked to three other businesses. Guess what they said? Clean out the pipe and to camera, I received quotes between $300-400. If the plumbing did have to be substituted (two of those pipes said that Roto-Rooter will exaggerate the issue ), it would be about $3,500-$4,000.
I receive another call. $ install a clean out, and clean the pipe out.
We had to pay to just get rid of a little bit of water to tie over us. (they did not take care of our problem - again, other technicians stated that this wasn't good practice to charge so much when we couldn't use our water freely).
At first, I thought I got a great thing. My tech gave us a quote of $746, and came out quickly and hauled in a free camera to address our problem. He said that he was 90% sure that this would take care of this problem. I thought this was fantastic (little did I know).
They failed to find out our clean (I found it at the lawn right as the tech got to his truck). He said it would be $900 for our plumbing to be cleaned out.
I will say thank you for waiting patiently for me to arrive home so that I could hear the proposal in person instead of on the telephone and arriving on time. The 1 star is for that - when they did not do that, I would say that they deserve zero celebrities.
As a homeowner, I began to panic - ?

We generally have a local plumber care for our issues, but they couldn't appear till Monday. This was when we achieved to Roto-Rooter and moved forward.
We pay our regional plumber 100 -$200 for similar rodding.
We had a late evening bath tub drain backup which was preventing us.
With all the societal activities we all had someone fast.
In general, we're pleased with the work performed but took a hit.
Experts: We were given a window of 6 PM-10 PM for our plumber.
Disadvantages: The initial price quoted was a bit high ($449)
Elvir was wash and went to work rodding from the bathtub drain line.
So as you can see, Roto-Rooter is rather a little more costly than what our regional plumber charges, quick same-day services however you do receive. The price increase may be well worth it for some to escape the plumbing nightmare.

But If we were in a severe bind again, we'd likely reach out to.
However, within one hour of calling, Elvir (#3962) showed up at our property.
After 45 minutes we were back in business and can take showers back up. The work area was kept clean as it was when he arrived, and was left by Elvir.

Manny 1916 came to assist my bathtub issue within an hour excellent service would urge support.

Request Manny, if you want Roto Rooter from the Chicago area!
What a wonderful experience for such a bad issue. Manny was patient with my thousands of questions. He clarified what he did every step along the way. Manny was good! My only complaint is with dispatch, giving me expected occasions (3 different etas) all were wrong.

Because It's not the first time, my sewer line has been backed up because of tree roots, I understand this. The very first time that I had a local business come out and place a clean out from the flower beads, the second time the exact same firm said my line was collapsed and it would cost 10,000 fix so I called ROTO ROOTER and they removed the line and saved me a fortune. Well, years have passed and the origins were back so I called a distinct local business (I enjoy patronizing local businesses) they too said the line was collapsed and they needed to replace it again I called ROTO ROOTER and again they removed the line and said it had been fine. The techs title was his ID # was 1195 and Yuri. It had been clear that Yuri understood what he was doing and had a great deal of experience. The other companies operators would allow the tool bog down although not Yuri, Yuri managed that machine like a tool and hit the barrier. It's not the operator, it's the machine. This time it was not the machine, it had been the operator. The most important thing is, while it's nice to use local companies, in case you have tree roots in your sewer line, learn from me and do not squander your time and cash. JUST CALL ROTO ROOTER AND SAVE YOURSELF a Lot of HEADACHES. !!! . Thank you thanks and ROTO ROOTER Yuri!!

Update:Great follow up and service.

I talked to Wyatt after the complaint was registered. He let me know the insurance originally paid their quote before the precise sum was granted to them. Long story short, they're adjusting the bill and I'm only going to be accountable for my $1000 deductible!
Kudos for keeping tabs on their Yelp reviews to Roto Rooter, first!

Tried to program a sewer line inspection for a house purchase. The first timethey gave me a moment. When I called to reschedule, they stated that they needed to call and talk they did. When I called to confirm, they told me that this was their policy and that the inspection could be ordered by the seller. I can only imagine the level of incompetence that will come in the actual support.

Can I listened to Roto-Rooter, I replaced all my pipes and would be out $500. I would NEVER expect this business. Terrible experience overall. There are plenty of other honest businesses out there than to settle for these crooks.
He came out, spent about two minutes on the sink screwing in a loose area, also it had been fixed. No more leak.
I phoned Roto-Rooter to return to my house to supply an estimate. It was not an emergency situation by any means, but the tech could be within an hour, which I thought was great at my house. The plumber showed up over the time period, but hurried through everything. He barely looked beneath the sink and told me all the pipes. He said it'd cost $500. There was no rhyme or reason. He could not wait to get out of my house. From begin to finish, I believe he had been there for 4 minutes. He did not supply a written quote for support to me , only the ransom figure he made up. I informed him I was planning to phone around for more estimates.

Everything was clarified by manny 1916 . He was courteous and thorough. He is strongly recommended by me. I enjoy that they will provide you a free estimate. He explained things so as to keep it better that I did not realize and answered all of my questions. He was professional and polite.

Had the joy of having Manny (tech #1916) come out to clear a blocked drain. He was very professional, respectful and friendly. He explained everything and moved over the details of what would be done. The job was a lot faster and required 30 mins then I thought it would take. Fantastic job!

Was told I wanted $5800 repair and cleaning from pipes including tree roots. The pipes got 2 more remarks and are brand new and was advised that a portion of pipe was too small and is good after a simple $400 repair. Be cautious with this company

It is likely they do great work, but I'll never understand because, with just two proposals in my hand, their estimate was immediately rejected by me.

From looks of these review, this company has gone down hill.
Remain clear of this organization. Support on friday and after waiting they never came out even though they said they'd. Subsequently scheduled for Saturday did the exact same matter of calling me all day to say they are currently running never came.
Im glad it didnt work out

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