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Small Jobs Plumbing

We offer a variety of plumbing services at Little Jobs Plumbing, Inc..

Not only can we handle your plumbing problems such as pipes and drains that are clogged, but we are prepared to handle the issues too. Because you explain what's been happening or which type of space you hope to make, we'll listen carefully, and we'll provide you our very best advice. Little Jobs Plumbing, Inc is here to help you. Whether you're looking for routine maintenance or you get a problem that is serious, we can assist with all your plumbing needs! We are based in Petaluma, CA,servicing all towns.


Some finishing touches to finish the appearance and loved the fact that they might get on it, worked with electrician and carpenter!
Damon at Small Jobs Plumbing is a dream to work with! Everything started when I had an problem with the septic at my beach house in Bodega Bay. Scheduled a potential leak to be looked into by a service appointment. He talked me through of the alternatives, made excellent recommendations on next steps and by the conclusion of the service! That exact same evening, just as promised, I very shortly got and had the quote in hand.
Am so pleased with the job and customer service that I received throughout the span of the job.
SCOPE: New toilet with new vanity, bidet, new water heater and they retrofitted so I can add a small laundry stacked unit into the closet beside water heater. Making great use from the limited space they needed to utilize.

3. Respectful and nice
5. Worked hard and fast
1. On time for estimate
Without a doubt would I use SJP again if needed, what a great experience working together
6. Did the minimum disturbance of the hillside and replaced the steps and plants Which Were disrupted
Our job was no"little job" we had a broken sewer line replaced on a really steep hillside.Originally we were intending on a trench-less installation but because of our rocky land it was not feasible. The team were everything you'd want.
4. Had a direct solution to the change of plans
2. Punctually for scheduled job
7. We finally have a sewer that works perfectly!

I can't recommend. We started a company . Zac and his staff installed all our plumbing in a timely fashion (we were at a pinch with our deadline). All his staff were friendly and respectful. Zac himself made sure we obtained through our inspections with no issues. He has backed up his work and came out to check on us to be certain everything was working. Heather has been wonderful to speak with. Excellent and excellent customer service work!

What we thought was a leak in our water pipes was be a leak at one of our pipes! Considering how little advice we gave the team, they discovered the source of the issue. In under two weeks, the issue was fixed and we moved into the weekend sleeping peacefully.
We called on a Friday, and we got a same-day appointment for this afternoon, with a 2-hour window. Around lunch time, we had been awarded an arrival time that was updated as promised, and they showed up.
They're super nice, friendly, and professional!
We had an emergency leak in the upstair kitchen and had no idea. Called us to Small Jobs Plumbing.

Fantastic job. Very professional and friendly services. This company is strongly recommended by me. Damon Cole was awesome.

Thanksgiving tragedy made all my these folks. Heather was great and the technician Damon was a rock star. For rescuing thanksgiving, Thank you!

The water heater worked fine and lasted but it wasn't up to code using a bowl or anything. I worried about flooding the home after my garage bombarded since they put that pipe inside the garage rather than into the dirt and outside behind the house. Go figure. I wish their brains were employed by builders .'
I am writing the update, however, Zac was really easy and a pleasure to work with together with his employee. They promised me that the Rheem hot water heater was a great one and we invented a way to set a slice of PC beyond the cabinet door so when it ever failed entirely like the one that I have for the granny failed after two years and flooded my garage, which the escape could go outside and not to my house. I feel really relieved and do not be worried about it.
So I'm confident and can count on Zac in Small Jobs Plumbing for anything which may come up in the future. Way to go, Zac.

We did not actually figure out how to arrange a time that worked for me with a pipes emergency but these men were helpful and bent over backwards to try and resolve for me. I'll be calling!

I wanted to upgrade to a water heater. So I asked some friends who they would 14, was not in a rush. Someone pointed me to Small Jobs. I called the same day, and they came out. So that I had them install it, the price sounded fair. Best upgrade to my house I did! The employee was professional and quicker than I thought he'd be. Anyone who desires plumbing work ought to consider Small Jobs.

Called for emergency sewage backup in early July. Quote was exorbitantly high, so I accepted, but it was an emergency. They put clean out in lawn and snaked out it. That was the fantastic news.
Be careful.
A week ago there was a terrible odor. I crawled under to find that the cover that was clean out was not replaced by hey. They left excrement around beneath the home in which the out was coming out of the out. Clean down the sxxx and wash it , I had to lease a snake and replace the cover that is wash out.

These guys are so lovely to work together in person and on the phone. Arrived in time and did an excellent job problem solving. Highly recommend.

Zac was knowledgeable, prompt and personable. The price was the same I paid in the end which was sudden as it had been last moment. My boyfriend continued to smush down orange peels the sink in hopes of assisting it diffuse the odor. The workers arrived on the clogged sink and time was snaked and cleared and professionally dressed in under thirty minutes. "Buttcrack free, guarantee!" Pipe owner busted here.

Zac is the very best. He's really useful, honest, and will make the big tasks happen if they need to.

We had him out to resolve a very low flow shower enclosure and the problem was solved by him over 30 minutes. While he was still here, we were impressed, we had him examine some plumbing problems. He was thorough, knowledgable, and explained everything. When Damon took our shower enclosure he took photographs with his camera to ensure that it might be correctly returned to it's original state. I truly appreciated this. We had back install a new faucet and to replace a instant hot water heater. We have the time to the support that was great. Heather was helpful with the parts order also. I would certainly suggest this plumbing company.

My husband and I recently moved in an older house in Petaluma. This weekend we had our first problem requiring the help of a plumber. Within 30 minutes Damon was at our door. He had been wonderful. The problem turned out to be bigger than we thought and we finally had to substitute a drain line from the kitchen.
Damon walked us through everything. Everything was also fixed by him. He was knowledgeable, hardworking and courteous. He also answered my questions - and I do ask a good deal of questions.
We will call Small Job Plumbing and I highly recommend them.

Response and assistance! Had a washer pop off,emergency and water everywwhere shut off. In 24 hours, Daemon came outside, troubleshot the problem (even more than just one: security damage ). He was patient, good natured, efficient and tireless about solving the difficulties. An excellent job - highly recommended!

Now my loved ones and I needed emergency help. I predicted Small Jobs Plumbing for what turned out to be a issue. The team was so professional, I was completely in awe regarding the work that they did. Their response was 110%.

Zac would be my plumber to get lifetime!!!
A spot repair was indicated as only a small a 6 ft. Section was the causing the issue, not the entire line.
Previously two other pipes companies came out. However, their"solution" was to replace the whole sewar line.
I good friend recommended Small Jobs!
Got a appointment. Upon inspection,
As I had an issue with my drains backing up.
A rooter cable line was used by them and got it running for a bit. This seemed odd that both had the same"solution".
Its crazy how some businesses want to replace a entire sewar line when a knowledgeable and through insoectuon, as they made the gap.
He found a irregularity . He was knowledgeable on his solution describing it.

We have had good experiences. Our business had an emergency leak and he showed up over 2 hours to repair the circumstance. We then had him come out and put in a few fixtures and he had been efficient, prompt and very affordable! We have proposed services with Zac as I trust his expertise and his team.

We were in the process once our sewer backed up, of departing to my sons wedding. We called Zac and although he was reserved he came over the following day and accessed the situation (that was a wreck ). We needed to leave so we gave our secret to him and when we returned that which was repaired. His repairs comprised needing to fix our shower, bathroom and trench a gap in our front lawn. With leaving him in charge of our 12, we had no reservations. He is friendly, honest, and easy to work with. Thank-you Zac!