Closet Building Services

Looking to have a custom closet built?  Whether it's walk-in, reach-in or a coat closet, we've got the right carpenters for the job!

Looking for a professional service to install new cabinets for your house or place of work? Certified Contractors can help you find the best carpenters near you to fit your closets to your preferred specifications. Contact us today and we will have you connected to an expert closet installation service to cater to all your residential and commercial obligations. closet builder near me

Closets take a significant portion of your personal space and contribute to the visual appeal of the individual rooms they are fitted. The perfect closet should be spacious enough to accommodate your personal effects but most importantly, should have a unique design that complements the entire room. Our company partners with only the best handymen in the industry who can work around your specifications to offer precise and custom solutions. We direct you to carpentry service that is true to their professional duty and flexible enough to complete the task at hand in a timely manner. As such they have to be licensed and insured with extensive field experience delivering satisfactory service in their respective areas. At Certified Contractors we adequately have you covered to find you the right people for your immediate project. Try us today!

Closet Installation Services Near Me  

Dream closets feature multiple aspects that make organization easier for your own convenience. This could include an island, an internal beverage unit, multiple cubies, shelves, hooks, a shoe section on the wall and enough drawers to fit all your prized possessions. Whatever you have in mind we can recommend experienced carpenters to actualize your dream closet. Professional handymen, we direct our valued clients to have access to hard to find closet features and very stylish design elements that readily fit into your budget plan. This is in special regard to customized in-built beverage unit, special shoe towers, specialized insert drawers for your jewelry, valet rods, granite countertops, racks for your scarfs and belts, installation of decorative lighting, laminated and solid surfaces and so many other services.

Custom Closet Systems Offered:

  • Custom walk-in closets
  • Custom reach-in closets
  • Custom armoires and wardrobes
  • Customized bathroom and medicine closets
  • Spacious broom closets
  • Customized coat closets
  • Customized wall closets
  • Customized guest room closets
  • Commercial closets
  • Outdoor closets
  • General storage closets and so much more!

Closets require specific craftsmanship in order to develop personalized end results that meet every client’s preferences. We make sure to get you a comprehensive carpentry service that provides you with a range of options and avail designers and installers as a complete package. We realize that many companies offer partial services forcing you to meet with installers and designers differently which adds to the overall cost you incur. It is important to get that service that focuses on you when it comes to modifying your personal space. Expert carpenters will engage you appropriately, take specific measurements to accommodate all your closet needs. If necessary they will designate space in your individual rooms and build inbuilt closets with stylish doors and doors without necessarily cutting into the drywall. Our client-friendly support team is always available to make things easier for you and still get premium carpentry services that are worth every penny you spend. Contact us today, we will be honored to direct you to professional craftsmen.

Unique Closet Door Designs

The closet door accounts for the entire frontier of the closet hence it should have a detailed design that lets it stand out and fit in with the interior décor of your premises. The perfect closet door will also economize on space, this is in regard to closet doors that are movable. Closet installation companies that we recommend to you offer a very diverse range of closet doors, which include:

  • French-style doors- These are designed to open into the room as opposed to opening inwards to the closet. These are preferential as they economize on space to give you enough storage within the closet. These also apply molding designs on their facets.
  • Modern glass doors- These are perfect for modern house designs as they complement the overall look of your house. Common applications here feature frosty glass design that is opaque or translucent to conceal what’s inside. Superimposed glass also comes in handy for such closets.
  • Sliding barn doors- These are also very lucrative as they save on space as opposed to moving door installation. In this category pocket, doors are featured and as the name would suggest they are installed to slide into the wall. Other options are roll-up doors that use a wall mount for opening and closing mechanisms.
  •  Mirror doors- This is a distinctive choice that serves to give your closet an elegant appeal as well as coming in handy when you are dressing up as you can look at yourself as you get prepared.     

Custom Walk-in Closetscustom carpentry

These are more suitable for master bedrooms and offer more space than regular reach-in closets. Walk-in closets are the most versatile and give you a free space to store a variety of household stuff. Typical walk-in closets can be designed to be a few square meters or alternatively to be spacious as an entire room. This can feature a central island to effectively outsource storage space from the walls. Elegant closets of this nature require complex handy work hence the need to get expert help for an end result that will not disappoint you. Certified Contractors is here for you to make sure you get the right technicians to style your walk-in closet.

Contact Certified Contractors today and get the most qualified carpentry service to design and build custom closets at affordable rates!

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