Kitchen Cabinet Carpentry Services

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Kitchen cabinets should not only be attractive but also functional for ease of use. We adequately take care of our clients to find carpentry services that are comprehensive and quality-oriented. This includes installation of glides and drawers that are strong enough to offer much space for even bulky kitchenware. The kitchen is a personal space and hence should have a more personalized style that befits your preferences. We can link you up with professional companies who can offer you customized solutions that suit your kitchen better. Modern kitchens have all kinds of technological utilities ranging from dishware, chopping blocks, pans, pots, cutlery, spices, and electronic equipment. Kitchen cabinets should be designed to create enough storage space to accommodate all this effortlessly.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation Services

Kitchen cabinets are not limited to a particular design and can be customized to your own liking. Drawers can be divided up for an easier organization or designed without partition to maximize space. The frontier of the drawers must match with the interior décor of the kitchen especially the doors. This may take a lip-edged design, an overlay or a simple flush. Heavy drawers will require gliders for ease of opening and closing. Gliders can be installed at the top, side or at the corners depending on the individual design of the drawer.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles Offered:

  • Retro kitchen cabinets
  • French country cabinets
  • Shaker kitchen cabinets
  • Tuscan kitchen cabinets
  • Glass kitchen cabinets
  • Lazy Susan kitchen cabinets
  • Rustic kitchen cabinets
  • Contemporary kitchen cabinets
  • Mission style kitchen cabinets
  • Craftsman style kitchen cabinets
  • Classic kitchen cabinets
  • Modern kitchen cabinets and so much more!

The style for your kitchen largely depends on the choice of home décor. Most prefer to match them with the interior design while others prefer to deviate from it entirely to give the house a more radical appeal. However, for those looking for a subtle style in their kitchen the preferred choice would be traditional cabinets such as arched cabinets, recessed cabinet panels, shakers, and cathedral cabinets. Other options present for you are the vintage cabinet designs which involve cabinets with decorative molding and cabinets with beaded boards. Certified Contractors helps you find the best kitchen cabinet carpenters with a vast experience in offering professional services in all the categories mentioned above. 

Custom Kitchen Doorscustom doors

The choice of doors for your cabinet is crucial as this will be the frontier of your entire cabinetry. The cabinet doors define the personality of the kitchen space, more so, how the cabinets are laid out. There are four broad categories of doors to choose from. These are: -

  • Plank Doors. These are made of solid wood and utilize different decorative patterns on their facets making them very flush.
  • Slab doors. These are comprised of medium density fibreboard or utilize plywood mostly the flat pieces with a veneer flanking on either side.
  • Frame-only doors. These particular doors are designed to be fitted with a glass panel hence have a rabbeted edge. The choice of glass pane may be divided up with muntins or just a single pane.
  • Frame and Panel doors. These are made with a special design that creates a framed central panel. The panel may take different shapes on its upper edge such as an arch shape, squared or rounded.  

Cabinet doors open differently depending on your preferred choice. Some are hinged which allows them to provide full access when opened thus most people choose these over the sliding door cabinets. Sliding doors on the other hand offer access on a single section which sometimes could limit what can be fitted inside the cabinet. To keep the door closed they are designed with either catches or latches. Catches as the name suggests utilize two magnets hidden inside the cabinet while latches are placed on the surface and can be either magnetic or push operated.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Outdoor kitchen cabinets are very important in maximizing the efficiency of your outdoor living area. Outdoor kitchens may lack adequate room for storage. Professional carpenters can develop an elaborate cabinet system that takes advantage of the entire layout. This will leave enough cooking space and free space for you and your guests to move about. We can connect you immediately to a carpentry service that has all the cabinet solutions for your outdoor kitchen. This is inclusive of a variety of cabinet styles that gives your outdoor living space an elegant flair. We connect our clients to get outdoor cabinets that will serve them longer because of their sturdier installation. Weather-resistant cabinets are very appropriate in this category. There are modern solutions to perfect outdoor cabinets whose quality cannot be compromised by adverse weather conditions. An example of such is polymer cabinets. The polymer board used for framing the cabinets is fitted with UV inhibitors which give the cabinets a unique property to expand and contract appropriately depending on the weather condition. These are suited for even waterfront property and can withstand rain, sun, snow and even salty water. Get the best outdoor furniture for your living space and avoid constant repair of swollen, chipped, rotting and cracking cabinets. The perfect outdoor cabinets are constructed with joints that do not utilize any hardware. This makes the expansion and contraction of the furniture even as they do so as a single unit.

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