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12th Man Lock & Key

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Federal Way, WA 98003
Federal Way, WA Service Area
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12th Man Lock & Key

If you're looking for quality and service, you have come to the right location. We'll give you the attention and personal service revel in and you'll come to expect.
M&S Locksmith is family-owned and worked right here in Seattle,WA. We have treated every customer like they were a part of our family, since its doors opened in 2009. Other companies may offer services that are similar, but our services are the very best, and come with a personal touch.


Preoccupied with work and being busy, I expect to post any Yelp testimonials. But I feel I owe it to David to rekeying my locks.
Then he came by with my consultation professionally and quickly with all the task.
I reached out through Yelp's' request a quote' to David for a rekey for my place. While answering any questions or concerns I may had david reacted fast.
In general, David am rather happy with the rekey and is very professional.

Speedy response to my quotation request! Technician did a great job rekeying the guards and was thorough. He even provided additional keys.

Tommy helped me unlock a deadbolt in my home. He was friendly, prompt, courteous and very professional. I received a quote upfront, and the price was reduced because of small a (but very appreciated) discount. I definitely will be using their services again!

The day this man saved. Into worked this 7, on my way I locked my keys. He reacted quickly with especially what I asked for, a quote. No hidden fees. Polite, respectful, fast, punctual, commutative. Will call him if I ever come into any lock troubles. Didn't expect the service and price I got. The service was just as quickly. He got to me immediately. In times like this that is just what I want, quickness.

These guys were great! Very communicative and did a great job re-coring the locks. Tommy replaced with the whole assembly of charge, and ran with the door! Can not go wrong!

I had a personal emergency and needed my locks rekeyed to my front door immediately. Tommy came out at night and worked through each the drama of an arrest and authorities. He did it with composure and professionalism. I completely appreciate this support and would highly recommend the organization.

He arrived and spent a fantastic hour to get my door handle work. In the conclusion he cleaned up. Very considerate and professional. When I'm needing a locksmith I will call David again later on.
I can not say how happy I am with the customer service, cost and value, and timeliness.
I called late afternoon. The call was answered promptly. David explained that he would be at my location within 2 hours after we agreed on the cost. He called me about an hour following our phone to make sure he picked up the right door handle. The shop did not have it. He indicated he would attempt to repair it instead for cheaper than that which we agreed. Of course I said yes to that offer.

David was fantastic! Locked myself out of my house at 5 am on a Sunday. Did a quick search on Yelp. He responded right away with a quotation. Was here in significantly less time than he was exceptionally professional and anticipated. I hope that I will never want his services in the long run, but if I do - I'll contact him directly away!!!

Def check out him you will not regret.
He made copy of collection of keys I had and gave excellent customer support.
What a fantastic service I received as usually.

Was really satisfied with the service. Quick friendly an. Exceeded all of my expectations!

David custom programmed my transponder key for the NB Miata to get 1/3 likely in 1/2 the moment and the price of the dealership and cut. He was also able to reprogram another transponder key for the identical automobile that had somehow lost its own programming. He's a nice man. He is helpful and knowledgeable.
Forget the dealership and call 12th Man Locksmith. I highly recommend him!

Called 12th Man Lock & Key to help unlock a room. Tommy is responsive, professional, friendly and punctual. Took him less than a minute. Price is reasonable. Will recommend 12th Man Lock & Key to families and my friends.

Great support. I can not think it moved. Prompt, helpful and made me feel secure while going through a tricky moment. Very honest and great at what they're doing.

I predicted 12th man. I live far away, so to conserve cost I agreed to meet with him nearby his home base in Auburn. I got there and he came soon afterwards. I pulled out my computer and setup shop in the rear of my van while I waited for him, expecting him spending a long time fixing it since nobody else would even touch it.
I tried to figure out how to fix it myself, but said the cylinder could break so I chose to call a locksmith and Astros as old as mine were extremely hard. It had been late on a Saturday. I called 4 or 3 and was told they could not remove the key from my Astro and that I would have to have a new ignition lock cylinder.
My key got stuck in the ignition of my Astro. I could get it began by either just turning the ignition or placing the stub of this key in and turning it. Well I lost my key, meaning that every attempt turned into a bet. It was finally time to have it fixed.
Maybe two minutes later the secret was outside. He ground me multiple copies and sent on my way.
I was pleased to find somebody who was prepared to do what was needed on my van, and did it. Truly a 5 star experience.

Fantastic service, fast, and easy to utilize. I managed to get my home re-keyed a number of hours after my first call, although I didn't expect to get same-day support since it wasnt an emergency. He kept in communicating although I was not readily available to be at my home. I recommend and will definitely use Key and guy Lock .

As ours was stolen, I had secrets. He was really beneficial and showed up over 2 hours. My neighbors ran into a similar issue where they lost their keys and he was recommended by me over and they were 100% satisfied as I had been with his work. If I ever encounter the issue he's my go to guy.

They were absolutely amazing. They came out and were planning to replace the lock, but we found a secret, so they didn't have to. They didn't charge anything for the excursion, but I understood they understood exactly what they were doing and for that... I'll use them again.

David was on and fast time when helping my daughter get new keys for her vehicle. He was quite fair with his costs and communicated through the whole procedure. Very satisfied with the service!

Service from David! When he got swept up by traffic by just ten minutes, he had the courtesy and forethought to let me know. I was within my locked apartment within ten minutes of the arrival. He was also diligent in confirming by requesting my ID first that it was my home. Was very professional as well! I hope I do not have to call a locksmith , but if I do, I know that I am calling!

He opened no power that was my secure. Recommended.

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