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accent comfort services llc

Accent Comfort Services LLC

3.5 stars rating
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Accent Comfort Services LLC

Is a Charlotte established family business. Accent Comfort Services supplies a source for heating, cooling, and plumbing solutions to the Carolinas. Our group of technicians are committed to a work done right. Together with new installation, retrofit, seasonal maintenance, and fixes, Accent Comfort Services protects security and your comfort. Improving the comfort of your home! We supply a full variety of heating solutions to the Carolinas. If you're currently interested in finding an honest opinion, phone us. Through processes, our highly skilled staff of technicians maximize the performance of all makes and models of systems. Call today for heating and cooling service, repairs, and installations! The group from Accent Comfort Services is equipped with a wide range of replacement components tools, and also the experience to resolve any obstacle. Call on Accent Comfort Services in 704.509.1200 and let us exceed your expectations.


I was sadly in need of their services in 1 week. 1 hot water heater problem then the next day I had an ac issue. I really don't know how anyone could possible use anybody else. They had day appointments both times I called. The techs were equally professional, courteous, and fine. They'd answer any questions and one guy gave me a few tips to help make my hot water heater and showed me the way to take action. Both techs fixed it, and were fast in diagnosing, explaining the issue, best course of action for repair. I suppose I was a bit lucky with components being available, and my fortune normally sucks with that kind of thing. Neither one attempted to sell me anything I did not need, or tell me everything I have had previously should be replaced by me. I might seem like a commercial, but if you have a plumbing, electrical, or desire, there is 1 place to call.

Feeling this wasn't right, we called another firm to get a second opinion (that we paid $150 out of pocket for). They were really helpful, came same day and place that this firm said they could not do. AND, he said we do not have to order the expensive part that was new or do any of those things this firm said we needed to do to receive our AC forth.
Do NOT trust this company. Not only have they're exceptionally rude through the procedure after our air conditioning stop cooling, we have also been around a week without A/C only to have them inform us is not temporary solution which we must wait until the new part is ordered to schedule a date for them to come fix it permanently. This company was awarded to us by our home warranty company.
Unless taken advantage of, or you would like to be lied to nickel and dimed, do NOT use this company. Incredibly disappointing.
All of us have had to place several calls to get about the schedule for the permanent fix last week following the area was ordered. When we finally got a hold of somebody, they made us pay 50 percent down payment. Was because it had been refundable. THEN, they advised us they can't come out for TWO WEEKS. This would be total 3 weeks . Feels like we had been held hostage because we went through our house warranty.

I neglect to comprehend why company would throw away within their slow season, particularly with a scheduled appointment they place. Their sole reason for breaking the appointment appeared to be that the technician didn't have enough work to keep him until 2:00 and was unable to wait 1.5 hours between 12:30 and 2:00 to honor the agreement we had created. What a business practice.
It started off well - after work I had a missed call from a client service representative requesting me to call back to schedule my appointment. Initiative, I like it! However I answered the phone to a customer service representative that was different telling me they had scheduled me for. I explained to her that we couldn't make that work and begged to get a later 4pm (or even 3:30) or weekend appointment. She advised me they did those appointments. So you have someone trying to supply you with company and you can't even try to achieve a compromise?
My boyfriend rearranged his work schedule so he could be at our house between 2pm and 4pm this Thursday. Today I got a call to inform me that they would be able to keep this appointment. The technician would be operating. Now we're scheduled between 12:30 and 2pm. I advised her that really did not work that someone had rescheduled meetings especially to keep that appointment. The customer service representative said there was nothing she can do and when we couldn't create 12:30 to 2 work we'd need to have our insurer refer us to another service provider. That we thankfully have done.
We were known to Accent Comfort Services by our home insurance company.

Terrific service with a technician that is honest and knowledgeable. We'll continue to use them for our HVAC and plumbing needs! Life savers when our AC went outside on a hot day!

He proposed putting a cap on the pipe that was open in which the sewage was coming out from the basement. If he can do this, I asked and he explained he told me that I find it and might go to Home Depot and did not possess the piece. I informed him I did not want to, that's why I called a plumber.
Rather, I paid $75 to get someone let me call a real plumber.
Second, I asked won't it come up into the house and he said yes, it'll likely arrive from the showers , if we had been to cover that opening. Why would it be covered by us before figuring out how the problem? I asked if he could figure out why it was backing up after no issues for nearly a year and he said we would need someone to look at the pipe using a camera which apparently he doesn't do. I expected my fee to move toward the repair or at least a diagnosis of the problem, although I understand nothing is really covered by the home warranty.
They get 2 stars rather than 1 because I don't believe the guy was a bad guy, he was fine. Just did not appear to want to perform any work.
After waiting for a plumber insured by our house warranty to eventually come out, he states the obvious, is here for 10 minutes and is not able to diagnose the problem and recommends calling another plumber!

I've used the services of Accent for over 10 years and would not use anyone else. They've always been professional and've always been considerate of my cost worries. Both technicians and the office employees are thoughtful of my scheduling needs and made sure that I know any changes in arrival time. I've found these to be very responsive and have serviced my HVAC needs to my satisfaction every time.

I own an older home in Charlotte's Myers Park section. For many years I have had difficulty getting heat and air conditioning on my floor. Other companies have tried . A comparative recommended Accent Comfort Services, and Accent was hired by me after getting proposals from three other companies. By golly, I made the ideal choice! They fixed my issue, and I am quite content. Their cost was reasonable, and their support was excellent. I will use them again, and I'll recommend them to others. This is a five star job! Many thanks to Accent Comfort Services!

CROOKED COMPANY BEWARE!!! Bunch of Crooks- guzzling Workers and also an owner who cares about getting his money and screwing on the client!!!
The proprietor Frank hides behind his techs who liethat I caught them on audio and have witnesses to prove that the lies. .
Do a search on this company and you'll see how awful they are - Keep an eye out. . We provided the owner a few times to emerge and search for himself but he wont. .
Been out times and problem never has totally ruined our floors out of them not fixing the leak, causing mold and fixed.

Good service on a job - that they mended my water problem in a professional manner, followed up and stuck with it. Over the course of several months, I fulfilled 6 plumbers from their team - all were prompt, educated and courteous.

I wouldn't ever use this particular plumber. They were absolutely dreadful. The office employees have little if any idea what they're doing and although the first plumber they delivered to my house did fix the initial leak the 2nd plumber they shipped out was at such a rush to get out and in that he said there was no leak and left the water turned on and flooded the house. Resolve the leak and the office manager hung me up and they refused to come back. I am a person in the service industry and I cannot envision treating my clients how this company treated me.

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