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Berkeley Locksmith

Berkeley Locksmith

3.5 stars rating
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Berkeley Locksmith

Safe/vault moving, opening, and sales. Commercial, residential and automotive security.
Berkeley Locksmith has been serving the Charleston, South Carolina metropolitan region since 1989. We are dedicated to providing our valued customers with quality goods, expertise and installation that is precise, near and far. There is not any compromise for security and we believe it should also be affordable and readily accessible. For all our valued customers and you, we're conveniently equipped with a fleet of support vehicles for job site. After hour emergencies await no one and we believe you shouldn't need to wait for emergency assistance after hours. That is why our \


We found ourselves needing a mobile locksmith the day while. We had a situation where a person accidentally took the"main keys" to your car all the way back to Charlotte before we understood the keys were missing. As a result, we had only a"spare" that could unlock the doors & trunk, but would not begin the engine.
We called AAA for help, and they did not have a mobile locksmith on contract in the region. They found Berkeley, who managed to come out and assist us and called around. Was friendly and professional. He took the opportunity to be certain everything worked correctly. He did an superb job and we were quite happy with the service!

They can do any job simply not client services. When I had other options later on, but at a pinch, 22, I wouldn't use them for anything.
I lost both sets of keys to my car. I had keys into the VIN cut then reprogram program and the car FOBs and 2 keys. I am under the impression because they needed to come to me personally this is a service that is mobile.
I supply the keys and FOBs and appear. Apps the new gives it all to me and FOBs. Both are right, but one is used. I called out them, needed to tell them the alternative.
Neither FOB was right, and one has been used. I phoned and they said they would make it appropriate.
The keys are not the car makers branded keys, which okay, I purchase.
I called a week later to test status, was asked to bring the car and FOBs in.

I haven't used their services but my car was nearly hit by among their workers by pulling out in front of me and then proceeded to yell at me like it had been my fault. So if you would like a business that harasses women for no reason that this is it for you.

Excellent support! They did what the dealership couldn't and just charged me one tenth of the price! I recommend them!

Went to put locking to get a key fob and the owner is not and a over and arrogant and rude price will to listen to everything you need to say. I recommand or would never buy anyone here

I spent all night searching for them and dropped my keys yesterday. And most of the day. I knew I needed to go get be able to use my vehicle and to work. Berkley Locksmith was called by me and I was quoted a price. I was told they would arrive at one hour. Not even 30 mins later Vernell among their amazing and I mean professional and polite'd me a new key within 2 10 mins. I had an excess key I purchased off ebay in my glovebox that I had intended on getting cut. But never got the chance. He offered to cut my extra key for free. Berkley Locksmith is highly recommended by me and when Vernel is availbaile for the support call ask for him. Only in the event that you would like Quick Service and proffesionalism with a polite. He even gave me a discount off the price. I will not go anywhere else after my encounter with Berkley Locksmith and Vernel.

We were locked out of our house. Berekely locksmith was called by us. Service was great. They took about 15 to unlock the doorway and came within 25 minutes. Excellent experience but it cost is $75! We had to get the door unlocked, although I was expecting around $50, so cost is steep.

Words can't express how these men and establishment has saved me. My remote key broke in my ignition I've got the key out but the dealer quoted me like $400.00 bucks. For me a key and I had to reprogram my car. I called this place and they got me a new key that is employed for $54.00 bucks out the door. Great service and establishment. They know what do. I can't thank you enough!!

I could not be happier. We purchased a piece of gear at auction that didn't arrive with the ignition key. I searched Google for the nearest locksmith and called Berkeley Locksmith this morning. They requested me to email a photograph of the lock and I sent it directly off. A short while later they called again stating they would send a guy ASAP. He was here in 20 minutes, eliminated a broken key from in the lock (I had no idea was even in there), made a new key from scratch and he was completed and on his way in less than 10 minutes. I was so impressed with the quick, friendly and professional service ahead of the truck left my drive I instantly sat down to write this review! Do not hesitate to call them folks, you won't regret it. . .and show your appreciation with a tip that is good and write your very own 5-star review!

It had been tonight once I got home. My afternoon turn to crap after dealing with Berkeley Locksmith. After they didn't have my locks prepared 3 hrs after they said they'd, they offered to send them in the time it would have to go pick my children up from school. Needless to say, they didnt...I waited with two children in a sexy mobile home for an hour and a half earlier I called to complain. Talked to the owner his man should have been there by now. I am called by his man, tells me he's been stuck in traffic the entire time. They are about 3 miles from where I am located. . .so I tell the man he's got 15 mins until I depart bc he could have walked to me and I want to go, I then hang up. He gets there 10 mins afterwards, rolls his window down, then YELLS at me and states, I am doing you a f******* favor so you better watch it....ended up calling another locksmith and now I am finally home. Thank you Berkeley Locksmith for the service, maintaining my locks, and for having to deal with your employee's stupidity. Oh, and let's not forgetI also thank them for costing me $200.00 for locks after hours on a Friday night plus another 4 hours of my life I will never get back.