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Next Tech Locksmith

3.5 stars rating
7111 Santa Monica Boulevard Ste B
West Hollywood, CA Service Area
Opening Hours:
Monday: 08:00-02:00
Tuesday: 08:00-02:00
Wednesday: 08:00-02:00
Thursday: 08:00-02:00
Friday: 07:00-17:30
Saturday: 19:30-00:00
Sunday: 00:00-23:45

Next Tech Locksmith


Project from Next Tech. Great company to work with, would definitely recommend them.
The locksmith was knowledgeable and useful. When looking for a company to use but I know I made the right 19, I was nervous.
They were extremely polite and I phoned them to get a lock change and arrived fast.

Upset because I attempted to call and they're closed Sunday & all weekend Saturday. Are you kidding me. Not professional I wouldn't recommend.
I'm really really very disappointed in the company I gave almost 800$ to! They did such a job in drilled a hole which they did put a metal guard. And it was 800$ are you kidding me I

Regrettably locked myself. Called this ceremony largely because it was nearby. They arrived soon 30 minutes afterwards. Avi the tech, although pleasant and personable, instantly started sell me a few new locks with good"security." Told him I want to get indoors with minimal damage. Asked him how much that would cost and he said" I will give you deal." To no surprise that there was no deal. He propped open the door and hurt a little bit. After he told me I owed him it turned out incomprehensible he reached the price. Over $300 to prop open doorway with air bags. I had to negotiate with him to bring to even half of that($150.) In retrospect it became clear when he began asking just how much I pay in rent and even what kind of car I drive the prices were being gauged. Should you do a word of warning to make it clear with them it will cost before they reach ANYTHING.

They finished the setup and have been hard working.
The installers remain to ensure I knew how to use the program.
Highly recommendable their solutions!
Next tech set up the ring doorbell I bought from amazon.

They came out and mounted our TV and helped us with all the programming of this new TV.
We looked online for a company that could install it and bought a new tv.
Working with them was a joy.
We found next technician and we were able to schedule a consultation with them really easily.

I left my last stop in the industry and was prepared to go home. After loading the groceries in the trunk and putting back the cart, I realized I had left my keys with all the groceries in the trunk and shut it! Luckily, my phone was in my pocket and I was able to telephone NextTech to come help me. I believed I was going to need to wait forever for someone to come and was impatient and exhausted. However, the tech arrived and I was surprised by how efficiently and fast he was able and worked get me. I am happy and quite impressed with the service from highly and NextTech recommend calling them if you're stuck and need quick service!

Yesterday I lost my house key because I can lock my home door from the 37, when I got home and I did not realize it until about an hour past. Before a locksmith showed up at my door after a long day at work, I had been stuck outside my home. The tech was punctual as far as time but it took a while to fix the lock to him and it was freezing and windy out which is why I'm giving three stars. Aside from the fact it took some time to fix the lock was able to get the job done and was professional.

Moshe was unbelievable. He was there so fast. I had left my car keys in a shopping bag I'd put into the truck and was shopping in the fashion square mall. My car had mechanically locked and that I had no means of getting back . He managed to open the car . Fast. affordable. Caring.

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