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Penn Hardware

3 stars rating
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Monday: 08:30-19:00
Tuesday: 08:30-19:00
Wednesday: 08:30-19:00
Thursday: 08:30-19:00
Friday: 08:30-19:00
Saturday: 09:00-18:00
Sunday: 10:00-16:30

Penn Hardware


An employee greeted me and he got me in and out of here in less than 5minutes with every thing that I wanted.
This area deserves some attention and business.
The support here is Amazing.
I was given tips and some ideas on how to install them. Amazing. Astonishing really. Service like this? Try getting help like this in Lowes or Home Depot. Ain't happening.
I wanted replacement bolts for a historical Boiler circulator Pump and also a radiator key, and so I figured I would give this place a try... not really thinking I would find what I wanted. (I am used to multiple excursions to multiple shops )
This review needed to be written.

This place is a complete joke. The elderly white worker was disgusting to my girlfriend, making remarks that are inappropriate and harassing her, and all she wanted was to have a copied. After seeing him she noticed this is the man who cursed her, and had cat called her the other day. She went to file a complaint with the manager, which he said he was a part owner, and kicked her. This place is operating with scum like this is beyond me. Not to mention the costs they charge are insane. It doesn't matter how this place is, being around the corner. They will never see my business and I urge others to take theirs elsewhere.

This place is horrible. I purchased a part for a washer and wasn't convinced it'd fit so the man told me didn't fit just bring it back., of course it wasn't what I wanted. I brought it back the next day and they wouldn't refund my money. The lady at the register might have been the rudest person. She and I argued and even know the man told her he said I could bring it back and was there, she would not refund my money. I eventually got store credit so I had to walk around the store looking. So I got items that I didnt actually need, I could not find anything. Never go here. I will never step foot in this store.

I've never been so insulted in my Entire Life, I'm a contractor 55 years old, walk in there with an antique mortise lock I Need a new Tumblr, find the aisle with the locks looking at the little boxes trying to match it up exactly the one I have and Also the Asian owner comes over and screams at me you know touch nothing, put that down you know touch nothing I touch everything, Im like dude Actually, '' He said you Want leave, so I called him some things I cant Mention, I have lived in this neighborhood for 15 years, I will never return,

Won't find some of the stuff at Home Depot. They stock exactly what you require, if you live in Mayfair or even Holmesburg. Forget Lowe's, come here assistance Local Firms

I went in to buy a bathroom seat. The man helps me. I told him I want a round one. The one I got was the exact same dimension as the one I have. So I return to trade. The man says, I don't accept back toilet seats. I'm like, so throw away it afterward, I don't want it. Do I go to buy another one with the man right then one will fit. What if I want to place one on the that's oblong or bigger? Should be my choice. This man was needs. You would think he'd want to have more company. Bad service and a bully. Talks like he is about drugs.

Now, once I walked in there I felt the exact same way as the yelper and Kev. I was amazed to see the Asian lady that is impolite . The exterior appearance gave the impression to you that it was possessed by elderly people. However, a wonderful white gentleman made sure to approach me, greeting me and made sure I walked away happy with also a little small talk and my purchase. When they did not lose my front doorway I would give this place a greater review.

Excellent experience here. I enjoyed their choice, the guy who copied keys for me was really helpful and friendly, and the girl in the register was helpful and very kind also. Costs were a little higher than big box stores of course, but worth it. Loved the old flooring. I am appalled by the testimonials on this place - discount them, it is a good spot and you should not hesitate to shop here!

I can't believe all the reviews! This place is great! Everybody, for instance, proprietor that is Asian that is male, is very helpful in this shop! I can't stand going to Home Depot/Lowes, where the"real Americans" work because of their real lack of customer support! I'm greeted by somebody who would like to help I go to penn treaty hardware. God Bless America that if they are willing to work anyone from anywhere can come here and set up shop! Their rates are competitive with the big box stores like I said this place is great and they located. I enjoy visiting this shop.

I will begin with saying the service is excellent, but their rates are WAY WAY higher than any big box hardware store. Its cheaper to select the drive to Home depot, as well as Lowes which is still higher the Depot, but nevertheless extremely cheaper than Penn..

I'm with you a hundred per cent regarding Penn Hardware. It will have a couple issues. The employees go out of their way to assist you. But that spouse should go somewhere else. She was sitting at the cash register on her cell phone, talking in Korean the time screaming to someone in a god-awful tone. I nno the kimchy went sour. Without missing a beat to her telephone 13, she rang up my purchases. She sure wasn't talking anything to me personally, although I couldn't say if she spoke any English.
It is the"American Culture" thing that they don't have a clue about. Nor do they show some interest.

Yes I walked there, and I, too, love the idea of the hardware store and they installed a new screen. Not positive if Home Depot could have completed that.

I'd visit this place over Home Depot or Lowes any day. I greeted and the employees know where everything can be found in the shop. They offer guidance once I need it. I have honestly never left here empty-handed plus they have everything I want, although the shop seems really small from the outside. Sure, maybe they are not American-owned, but so what? That's part of their dream, so that I think people should lay them off. They operate an honest business which provides , affordable products that are good and it's 100 times better than their wicked company counterparts.

I needed I left not seeing one. two other workers lady comes out from behind the counter to block me In the doorway. . I had been forced to pockets open my jacket. Accused of stealing what a broom you asked exactly what I was looking for I told me you pointed me at the direction I didnt see exactly what I wanted and that I proceeded to leave... so much for friendly local hardware store... that I won't ever go in again. I don't care how much I must go to get hardware needs. I won't and suggest you do not ever go in again...

I have to say this store, has been one of the shops on Frankford Avenue that still continues after a lot of other shops went out of years' . However, this area hasn't.
Well, it was not sold to a fellow American. I feel a few Koeren or Asian husband & wife purchased it. If anyone gets the cash (& they normally come to the U.S."loaded" to begin with)They retained the emloyees on as hired help, which was nice of them. They could've let them go when the store offered, but retained these handsome gentleman on. Here is my down-fall, '' I really don't know whether any of you out there feel the same about American Buisnesses' how I feel but the spouse, that could not & does not wish to be bothered, that normally sits beneath the counter & does not even offer you the sweat off her brow. Personally, I believe she can not speak English really well. I can not beleive itself. It's sad that we do not have sufficient"fairly-rich" individuals out there who whould've purchased this store. I discovered since they owned it (it is not because of inflation either) everything went up in cost. So unhappy in my view, but I guess nothing lasts forever?
I'm sure by now the first owners after all these years' have married & sold the buisness. I can't blame them. I would do the exact same thing. I'm just a tiny bumed-out (well,a lot to be honest with ya) that if you put something up for sale in the open market, anyone from anywhere can buy itThat's the AMERICAN" manner, right?
I'm my dad, back in the day & middle-aged, we used to go. (I'm speaking when I needed to hold my dad's hand when crossing frankford avenue)
The store is the same (*1966*) if my dad & I used to go together (that is a fantastic thing) the squeaky floors, the smell of the older wood flooring, it brings forth child-hood memories anyway for me it does. However I can always bend-an-ear with all the fella's & talk with them about todays' events & it really makes.
When Home Depot or Lowes does not even take those certain parts that are simply too hard to discover, Penn Hardware"ALMOST ALWAYS" has it in stock. I go there to get certain knives & I always go there to get keys.
However, the workers (the western men ) could not do enough for ya. They're teriffic in my view. They are there when you walk in to help you.

Wow what a find! What do they are utilized to having a small town hardware store to rely on, and town people do when going to a new loft in the major city? They jump on the internet and take a ride, praying for the very best. We found exactly what we were searching for @ Penn hardware on Frankford Ave. Never again would I have the need to venture to that Home Depot or Lowes to fix the homemmakers hardware needs. This place has it all, and at costs which are as reasonable as they are come. Talk about support? Tools- that they got em. Display and windpw repairs - that they do em. Paint? Yup. Cleaning supplies, specialty light bulbs, extension cords? Yes, and yes!
Nice people, take plastic - parking across the street at Mayfair Diner...

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