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I called the company (I use that term loosely) at 6:15pm asking somebody to come along with re-key a couple of locks. I had been told then that somebody would be there within an hour. He calls and tells me he is completing a project and is within 40 minutes to my place. I call the tech and he says he will be here in 20 minutes. Another 45 minutes after I try calling and no answer. I predict the office yet again and the person there says he will check the status. '' he informs me that the tech is going to be there in 11 minutes, after being on hold for 5 minutes. At that point I tell the guy on the phone because of the time I had spent on the tech, that I won't be paying the cost. The guy told me that I might have somebody else do it if I didn't want to cover, so I said fine but I will definitely post a review of this encounter. He asked if I went to post a review because he wouldn't correct the cost to which I replied I'd post the review because of poor customer services. At the point to which he consented, he offered to give me 15% off to that I replied I'd cover the lock service but not their home call fee. I said that if somebody wasn't here within 20 minutes, I talk with the owner and would call back. About 10 minutes after the owner called back stating they would not be coming out since I threatened to post a review. He said things occurs and Atlanta traffic sucks. So because of these folks I wasted an entire evening waiting. I am certain that the owner will comment something about me being frustrated or being rude. Each time I talked with somebody else they kept giving me a different answer and with no excuse. Simple customer service goes a very long way and these folks do not seem to know what that looks like. There are a lot of locksmiths in Atlanta, so I'd encourage you to not waste your time (or all night in my situation ) and consider someone that values true customer services.

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