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Safe Home Lock Key

Safe Home Lock & Key

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Monday: 08:30-17:30
Tuesday: 08:30-17:30
Wednesday: 08:30-17:30
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Safe Home Lock & Key

At age seven, Jerry Caldwell figured out a way to open up his bedroom doorway with just a hanger and a pair of pliers. Locksmithing runs in the family, as Jerry's grandfather discovered to open vaults and safes and continued with it for at least twenty years in the army. A lot has changed, since he opened a company to use his skills helping people in a jam up. But Jerry discovered over locksmithing in his grandfather's feet. This company still runs with personal service that puts the customer first, clinging values of character and integrity.
3rd creation lock and safe technician... as my fathers father taught him my father taught me as I've educated my son... my grand father was at the 2nd world war he was in the army his responsibility was to open safes and strong holds to Obtain information Required to help win a war after retirement into our country he liked the work he learned and did in the army he decided to open a lock and safe service company outside Denver Co and at time passed on the knowledge and trade to my daddy and I came along and took a liking to my own families craftsmanship pride and trade and followed suit as I grew old had a family of my own and my youngest son also like my self enjoyed working in our family Organization and also he to followed suit here in Safe Home Lock & Key its not just a job its our love and lifestyle


My door handle came off at 1pm in my hands, I called at 1:30, and my door has been fixed by 3:30 with a man. He gave me choices and clarified the mechanism. The prices were quite reasonable recommend.

'd two appointments scheduled using Safe Home Lock & Key. Twenty minutes after the appointed time, I had to call to discover where the locksmith had been, on BOTH events. I advised my moment to be here at the appointed moment, but they didn't have the professionalism to appear on time or common courtesy to call me when they knew you were going to be late. Will find somebody who will respect my own time.

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