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see inside sewer scope

See Inside Sewer Scope

5 stars rating
Denver, CO 80229
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See Inside Sewer Scope

Dan S. took my call to get a fairly urgent sewer extent and it luckily worked with his program. He agreed to meet with me in the home within about 30 minutes of this call. Despite his lunch time being cut into by me, he was, he was clearly educated, fast and efficient and also a life-saver in my own case.


Dan did confirm that there's a issue that needs to be resolved sometime, but it is nowhere near as bad as made out to be. He did a favor that is unbelievable for the Grandparents, and I highly recommend him. A trusted guy with a opinion that is impartial.
Dan came out yesterday to extent my Grandparents lines after getting what looked like a pretty"fishy" estimate from one of the big box plumbing companies in town.

I'll recommend Dan later on! Thanks Dan!!! :)
He explained in detail what was going on with all the sewer.
He even took the video of pipes I have ever seen along with his report was clear, succinct and helped us understand.
Dan is a professional who was friendly and instant!

Good support. Listens well and is responsive to customer requirements. Competitive pricing.

Dan was fantastic! After reading all the reviews, I called him following a significant name plumbing firm given us an $18k record of things that had to be mended and had come out. He has no vested interest, since he does is the scope. On the telephone he spent 15 minutes reassuring me it was probably fine and if ALL it should be $8-10k, not 18. He was at my home early and explained he could come over Saturday. He scoped the line and showed me everything which may have been difficulties, but overall reasoned that unless we were intending on selling (then there would be two repair spots not the whole lineup ) there was not anything there which was super crucial apart from a thorough root clean out. It was so refreshing to have somebody else do professional work. Would recommend him to anyone desiring a line scoped.

Dan is professional, hard working and understands his stuff. It's somewhat nerve-wracking purchasing a house, especially and Dan made certain to point out some issues and went the extra mile make sure the issues were solved and to return and scope again.

Dan has been helpful at a home's selling/buying procedure. The sewers were scoped twice in 12 hours, after and after by a company paid for by the buyers by a company paid for by the sellers. The buyers company said there was the sellers company said there aren't any problems and all plumbing are fine. Dan managed to give an opinion of this video which was able to end the disagreement.
He had been the comprehensive and most helpful person in this entire ordeal, although I didn't use his support. I recommend that everyone who desires assistance to call Dan and will certainly use him later on.

They showed up on time, it was quick that day and the report was mailed by him. Also gave me a reduction I wasn't conscious of.

Dan did a fantastic job with the sewer extent. He was very friendly and helpful. He showed up somewhat early, and called to create sure it was OK to begin beforehand. Entire job took about 30min. He showed the movie to me as he travelled , and explained things very clearly. His recommendations were easy to understand. He even helped me find the main drain in my basement, which can be something a lot of additional contractor were not able to perform. Fantastic support. Price was exactly as mentioned and paying by credit card. That day, he sent me the report and youtube video connection. The movie had our conversation which was fantastic as well as his commentary. HIGHLY recommended.

I highly recommend Dan for all your sewer scope needs! He was patient and very kind with me when I was informative, honest, and professional along with his opinions and asked him tons of questions. Thank you, Dan!

Dan is the actual deal; professional very thorough, honest and fair. He understands the plumbing evolved over the years using enhancements and add-ons and houses. A pleasure to work with and I recommend him to help out you.

What a great man. He listened to some"symptoms", attracted in his scope, and showed me that the video in real time of the extent snaking its way down my pipes. There was nothing blocking the line at all, and we decided the issue was the toilets were older, needed to be washed for calcium develop, etc. or replaced, and we'd be good to go. Can't state for certain, but I have a feeling that if we'd have jumped with all the"other guys" (can not state their name because once they left they gave me a receipt with fine print on the back stating that I agreed to not disparage them online, that was a red flag ). Let's just say they were called Rooter City or something like that...
Unbelievable service. We were having issues with our toilets. They came out, and stated they were"running into some thing" in my pipes and might have to send out one of their guys to set a scope in there to determine how bad the problem was. He wanted to charge $295 for the extent service , but promised me that they could do of the plumbing work and would be the lowest priced in the city by far. He called his supervisor, went outdoors, and came back saying they could give me the rate of $150 when I told them I could get the extent done by someone else for that much. That is when I decided I'd seen enough of the outfit, and called See Inside Sewer Scope. Dan clarified over the phone what could be the issue, then scheduled a time to come back and perform the extent. He was on time (a little early).
I would call him in without any hesitation for any sewer inspection job!!! Too bad there are businesses that operate together with the friendliness, honesty, and integrity that Dan does! The planet would be a better place!

I've used Dan's services in my son's brand new home, and the guy is outstanding, just as I anticipated! He's professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly. When the lineup gets to the alley until it goes into the city line, it appears to be shared with neighbors, As weird, and wow is your line a wreck! Dan helped indicate the best route forward and knew enough about the kind of old construction in this neighborhood to help us identify our issues. He even made a couple of trips to make sure we got the info we needed to move forward. He's a really wonderful guy with a business design that is fantastic, and I wouldn't think of calling anybody else when I want this kind of service in the future.
Time to update my review...
Haven't used Dan (yet) but I'm giving him 5 stars anyway since he earned them together with his patience while I advised, not one, but TWO appointments together that I had to cancel since I jumped the gun and didn't have my act together with this ending. Each time I called I found him to be helpful, knowledgeable, and considerate. It is not difficult to see why he's getting great reviews from the men and women who have used him, and that he will definitely be the very first person I call when I eventually do need to utilize his services.

I called Dan using a scheduling petition to attempt to acquire a sewer scope done in the same time as the inspection on a house I'm buying. He didn't even blink and was completely on board to help me outside the following day. Our closing is hurried and we are really trying to not inconvenience the sellers any more than we have to with appointments for a variety of services. I really appreciated the flexibility and willingness to come to my help of Dan. Thanks very much, Dan!

HIGHLY Recommend this company!
Had Dan and his team are Provided exceptional customer service, pricing, and professionalism. Had an issue with some work the sellers on our home were suppose to provide after our very first sewer scope and Dan came back to check their work to make sure they did it and did it.

Dan is quite professional and discovered a problem! He did a recheck at no cost and also came back! I would strongly recommend Dan!

Dan S. took my call for a fairly urgent sewer extent and it worked with his program. He agreed to meet with me. Despite me cutting to his lunch time he was in good spirits, he was obviously knowledgeable, efficient and fast and also a life-saver in my own case.

I am a realtor and use See Inside of the time. Dan is very professional, and I would never use anyone else!

I have read horror stories on the internet about sewer inspectors that attempt to deceive buyers or their friends to perform sewer fixes that are unnecessary. Dan proved himself to be an extremely fair, honest inspector. He didn't charge additional fees like inspectors, he made certain that we can trust his inspection by way of movie and a professional report, and he didn't attempt and sell us anything in addition. He leaves my loved ones and me confident that we're currently making the correct decision on the greatest expense of our own lives. While the house buying process has defeated us up badly, we feel confident in the condition of our residence thanks to Dan. I recommend him for questions and all of mains review needs.
After going under contract on an house, our buyer's agent gave us a list of recommended sewer inspectors, including Dan. I phoned Dan to a Friday, and he worked together with me to synchronize some time on Tuesday to perform a sewer scope that our house inspection could be conducted. Dan showed up on Tuesday with a great attitude and went to work. He sat down with me and explained his findings and recommendations after he completed the sewer scope. Within a few hours, he emailed a Youtube video of this sewer scope and me and our buyers agent the written report. The video was extremely detailed and of exceptional quality, and he made certain to shoot footage of the basement and spoke the speech out before going into the sewer to demonstrate that he wasn't reusing old footage like I have read some inspectors perform. Throughout the sewer scope movie, he verbally walked us through what he had been the remedies, the causes, and finding. Luckily for us, he found some frequent root backup issues and gave us plenty of evidence to present to the owners in hopes of negotiating a cleaning, but the sewage cleaning combined with major issues our house inspector discovered prevented us from buying the house since the owners refused to sue and still wanted top-dollar to get a highly overvalued house.
Overall Impression:
We moved on a different house under contract, A month after, and also the one we hope is that our keeper. I phoned Dan on a Sunday, and he also text me back with a Monday appointment opening, telling me he couldn't talk because he had been out with his loved ones. The fact that he also took the time while he enjoyed away to react with family says a lot about his character. He ran the inspection as the prior one with the same professionalism and care and showed up on Monday at the identical spirit, and we had movie within a few hours and the report. He didn't find any difficulties with the sewer aside from it needing a cleaning soon.
House #1:
My family was looking to purchase our first house in the Denver Metro area within an intensely competitive, annoying, nerve-wracking seller's marketplace. While the process has not been always enjoyable, Dan at See Inside Sewer Scope made the house buying process a lot more enjoyable and stress-free. We ended up using him for two different homes we went under contract on, and his expertise stopped us from creating one buying decision in a market and gave us confidence in our decision to move with our latest contract.

Do not squander your valuable time nor your money with others. Seriously saved me over $3000 in"repairs" others advocated. I am selling a house and the possible buyers used another company that wanted a fast sale. When I bought the house I utilized SEE INSIDE SEWER SCOPE he was kind enough to locate my sewer scope movie from years and so I called Dan again He analyzed the old movie and advocated a fantastic cable cleaner (see review) then came out and made a brand new movie to give to the possible buyer!!! HONEST, TIMELY and UNBIASED. Can not thank Dan enough and if you want a sewer scoped stop reading and telephone SEE INSIDE SEWER SCOPE - ASAP!!!

My wife and I are in the process of purchasing our first home and we have had the pleasure of working with Dan on two distinct occasions. Dan has been a tremendous help in our home buying process and we can't thank him enough for attention to detail, his professionalism, and honesty. Look no further, if you need a sewer scope review. Thank you for of your help!