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The garage door cable is one of the essential parts of the system that works to open and close the door successfully. You won’t be able to open your door without an appropriate and functional cable. 

The providers that you can find through Certified Contractors are genuine professionals and are trained to complete the task effectively. Before commencing the cable replacement job, they make sure that they have all the right tools. They need the perfect installation cables, vice grip, winding bars, gloves and eyewear for protection and sockets with different fittings.

After you have hired the providers, the team will reach the destination and assess the size of the door and the size of the cable. The size of the cable is dependent on the type of doors, such as a high-lift, standard-lift, or vertical lift door. In general, the doors in residential settings are of standard lift and it will need a cable of the door’s height along with 18 inches added to it.

Removal of Door

Here’re a few basic steps of how to remove the garage door without causing any damage:

  • The providers first unfasten the door by lifting the emergency release handle. This is an important step because it prevents the door from falling and injuring the providers or damaging the door.
  • The contractors use a vice grip below the roller that is located on both sides of the door in order to keep the door open while drawing the cable. It is essential to keep your hands safe from the piercing ends and edges that can scratch you.
  • The providers remove the screws located in the middle of the door. Winding bars are used to practice safety during this process.
  • They make use of a wrench to take out screws from the cable drum. A ratchet is used on the screws present on the bottom side of the door. Finally, they jerk the bottom bracket and take out the cable.

Installation of New Cable

  • First, providers install the new cable on the bottom bracket.
  • Then, they attach the cable into the cable drum space and fix it appropriately.
  • The last step includes tightening the screws. They make sure not to over-tighten them and make the weal.

The cable installation providers that you hire through Certified Contractors believe in quality, and therefore, they make sure to thoroughly test the work done. They check the emergency release handle to make sure that the door is working perfectly. If the door is working perfectly, the emergency release handle should click two times.

If the door is remote-operated, they make sure that it is also working through the remote. There are other necessary checks that they usually conduct to make sure that the door is working perfectly.

Replace Door Cables at the First Sign of Damage

It is important to get new cables installed as soon as you notice the damage creeping in. Check to find out if the cable is frayed or in a damaged condition. Also, examine the bottom hinges to check if they have rusted due to moisture.

This is because when not replaced on time, the cable can snap and cause severe damage to other parts of the door. Make sure that you check the cable regularly and make sure that it is free of moisture and other factors that may hamper its longevity.

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