Garage Door Roller Installation Services

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Different Types of Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers help to attach the garage door to its tracks and let the door work smoothly. You will find several types and materials of rollers on the market. They are usually made of three materials; including steel, nylon, and plastic.

  • Steel Rollers: As they are made of steel, they are quite sturdy and need a lot of lubrication to work suitably. When maintained properly, they can last for several decades without getting damaged. However, steel roller can make a lot of noise when they move on a steel track.
  • Nylon Rollers: Most homeowners prefer nylon rollers as they are not as costly as the steel rollers and don’t make noise either. However, they are not as durable as the steel rollers.
  • Plastic Rollers: People who want to save money often use them. These rollers are made of plastic and therefore they are not as strong as the steel or nylon rollers. Also, they don’t require any kind of lubrication to work. Since they are made of plastic, they last for just a few years.

One must check the rollers of their garage door regularly and lubricate them once in every three to four months for their smooth functioning. When you keep your rollers lubricated, they work flawlessly for a long period of time.

When checking the rollers, make sure that you check that the rollers are properly fixed to the shaft and that they don’t wriggle. If they do wriggle, it means that it’s time to replace them with the new ones. When checking the nylon and plastic rollers, see if they have any cracks.

Procedure for Replacing Garage Door Rollers

Generally, a garage door includes rollers on the top, bottom, and center. It is not easy to replace them with simple tools, and therefore it is necessary that you take the help of experts to get the work done successfully.

The bottom rollers are present on the bottom bracket and they are quite difficult to replace because of the attached spring cable, which takes total weight and tension of the door. Considering the safety issues, most people consider getting the rollers replaced by experienced and expert providers.

In order to remove the center rollers, experts use an appropriate wrench to remove nuts and take out the bolts. Center rollers are removed after pulling out the hinge and then replaced by the new rollers into the track. The holes of the hinge are aligned in such a manner that the screws can fit easily. If you have a steel door, the providers use the same screws that they have detached and fix them using a wrench.

The rollers present at the top of the door are accessed with the help of a ladder. The provider removes the nuts with the help of a wrench and removes the roller sleeve by knocking out the bolt. Once the old rollers are removed, they are replaced by the new ones and secured with the screws again.

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