Garage Door Spring Repairs

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Is your garage door showing signs of failure, wear, or malfunction during opening or closing? Are you having problems keeping it closed or locked from time to time? You could be looking at a broken garage door spring that requires the attention of a skilled technician. This is, by far, one of the most common types of problems homeowners deal with. Since these doors operate under a lot of tension, extensive and prolonged use can affect both the doors and the springs. If you are currently looking for garage door spring repair or replacement services, get in touch with the Certified Contractors team. No matter where in the U.S. you may live, we can put you in touch with the most experienced service providers that will immediately take care of your spring repair or replacement needs.

Garage Door Spring Services

  • Broken garage door spring repair services

  • Replacement parts and components from reputable industry brands

  • Stretch or torque replacement or repair

  • Garage door opener repair/installation

  • Garage door remote repairs

  • Off-track cable or bent track fixes

  • Broken garage door section repair

  • Complete garage door replacement/installation/repair

  • Garage door tune-ups, remodel and update services

  • Garage door lubrication services

Garage Door Spring Repairs

Garage door springs serve the purpose of counterbalancing the door's weight, in order to make the opening/closing easy. Springs can stretch or torque special parts in order to balance the door. The act of replacing a garage door spring is potentially dangerous because of the torque in wound torsion springs, or the stretch in extension springs. This is why it is important to only hire expert garage door technicians who know exactly how to handle everything.

Oftentimes, repairing a garage door means replacing some of the parts that are connected to form the spring system. Also, plenty of injuries and even accidental deaths are caused by improper use of garage doors and a failure to understand their mechanisms. Knowing all the ins and outs of springs, weights, and different parts of garage doors, and the way they work together is critical for handling repairs the safe way. And the best people for the job are, of course, professional garage door repair technicians.

These specialists like the ones recommended by Certified Contractors can handle repairs and replacement services for broken and worn-out parts. They usually do it fast and easy, during the same day you have placed a call with their customer support. Normally, replacement garage door springs receive a long-term warranty for as long as you are the owner of your home. Labor will also usually feature one full year's guarantee. Newly installed parts and equipment are guaranteed for three years. Hiring garage door technicians who are experienced, reliable, insured and bonded will save you from a lot of trouble.

No matter if your garage door has torsion or extension springs installed, any skilled technician should know how to perform the necessary repair work on them. Standard residential or commercial torsion springs, steel rolling or sectional extension springs are just a few of the main types of garage door springs you could be looking to get fixed. Torsion springs rely on a metal shaft placed on top of the garage doors for security reasons. The shaft can either go through the spring's middle or incorporate the spring itself. The size of the wires, the length and interior diameter of the torsion springs are determining factors for the life and sturdiness of a garage door. When these springs become too worn-out, they are prone to cause accidents and injure people trying to open or close their garages. While there are plenty of garage door springs that last for around 10,000 cycles, repetitive use in time will eventually cause them to weaken and break. You will start to notice your door is more and more heavy and difficult to lift. A simple spring replacement should normally take care of the problem.

The Repair Process

Expert garage door technicians will gauge the springs or proceed to weigh the door to make sure the replacement springs are the right size. Broken springs have zero tension; having several springs installed means the remaining ones will have to take on all the tension. A good handyman should unwind the existing springs and release all the tension, the disassemble the system and install new springs. They should be properly tightened with the help of special tools. Finally, the door needs to be rebalanced, tightened down and lubricated.

Bent Door Track Repairs

If you are looking at a garage door that is bouncing or balancing back and forth when on the move, or it is simply making weird sounds, you could be dealing with bent or misaligned tracks. This is a problem that should be immediately taken care of. Any delay could cause additional damage and cost you more to fix. Professional garage door technicians can rapidly realign or completely replace broken or misaligned tracks if necessary.

Broken Garage Door Panel Replacement

Bad weather and repetitive use will eventually cause your garage door to wear-and-tear. Your door may need panel replacement, especially when the door is bent or hit by accident. The aesthetics factor is the main reason why you may consider replacing the old panel, but the integrity of your door and the security of the items stored in your garage should also suffice. Partially cracked garage doors will eventually become impossible to use.

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