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Affordable Plumbing & Sewer

We're going the most common problem in plumbing: a sink over. We will provide the solution regardless of which sink is afflicted. The reason behind the slow drainage is some debris. Frequently you may need to replace something in your own sink, but avoid it only because you don't want to get sprayed with water. It might be any number of jobs that cause you to need to shut your water off. As a result, it's vital to understand how to have it done.


We were very happy with our experience with Cheap Plumbing! Matt replaced our bathroom sink faucet, installed our countertop, and made a few modifications to utilize the dishwasher. He was efficient and thorough and took the opportunity to explain everything to us.
He was called by us with a question, after he left and that he was very pleasant to answer it completely in a timely way. My ONLY complaint was that he did show up a little late, but I would not decide to use anyone else. Thanks for a great job!

be careful! I would not trust this company! They are scam artists! I was told that I needed my principal line replaced- ! Frantic... I called for a second opinion. My line was not broken! Saved me 4700!
The guy seemed to be on drugs and was pushy.
Be cautioned - save your own time money and sanity and stay away!

To make a long story short, I hired because the purchaser's agent for our home sale needed us to utilize them, Cheap Plumbing to do work on my home. They did the review and recommended the job that had to be carried out. My wife and I hired them to do that work and here is where our difficulty started. Matt, our tech, called me stating that he was at an address 30 minutes away (obviously a workplace error) then accused me of doing anything wrong. He apologized and got to work when he arrived at my house. When he finished, he told me that my sewer line was cleaned and it had been confirmed by him with a video scope. Our buyer had a listing of the scope, which we did not get from Cheap plumbing, so they hired them to come out and rescope. This time the tech, Jeff, stated that the traces weren't only not clean but had been rid of obstacles. He could not even get to the main sewer pipe. When I called to inquire about getting a refund,'' Kim, the office manager, was extremely professional but (after a few discussions ) stated that her boss was reluctant to provide us a full refund. I insisted a full refund because they did not do the job we hired them to do. Rather than talking with me, my wife was, known as by the proprietor Rick. He was condescending rude, and unprofessional. In addition, he decided he wouldn't provide any refund in any way to us. We've registered a complaint with the better business bureau and hope this review will help others out there select an organization that has the dignity when their job is unsatisfactory to get the ideal thing.

Rick, the owner, did not honour his employee's guarantee. I understand it wasn't the owner's fault, that kind of mistake should be the obligation of the company, although the worker shouldn't have assured me something that he could not deliver, I shouldn't be the one.
I went ahead and bought the home. The owner came and looked and told me it is actually going to be much more costly times the initial cost. This is not money, not a couple hundreds of dollars, so this was very upsetting to hear. I bought the home with the understanding that it will cost X, 4X or not 3 to get it livable. I have my telephone calls with the worker where he clearly promised X is recorded.
The good news is that I did find a great trustworthy nice plumber a couple of days afterwards, who had been considerably more honest and pleasant to manage. So thank you for this Rick:)
I did a house inspection. Their worker told me it would cost $X to fix an issue. He said he does not know precisely the reason X is an upper limit (it had been high). I asked him specifically, very explicitly, though X is merely an estimate or if that's definitely the highest price it would be, and he made it very clear that X will be the maximum that I would have to pay to have it fixed.
Unfortunately they were trusted by me , and that ended up costing me thousands of dollars and times of anxiety.

If you'd like quick service is a large mistake!! Since they are not 24/7 as promised! I left a message on Friday never heard anything from them I called them Monday and it is not likely to happen for me personally!! Clearly there is celebrity as that is what I'd leave!!

They Aren't listed with the BBB of KC! In addition, we notice some advertisements that are negative are removed from Yelp.
We received an apology for the misunderstanding this doesn't insure the cleanup of sewer water on a fantastic portion of the basement and the extra price of some other plumbing company coming out on a Friday evening to get the job that is right!
They could keep the $99.00 and that I will continue posting this for everybody to beware!
We had a sewer line backup one month after moving in - because of tree roots. Cheap Plumbing told us that they sent the report in the primary - which we did not get in the time of service. After questioning the workplace, they sent an invoice via email (the first time we watched that the report). Affordable Plumbing sent, the bill went to the address that was wrong with the wrong location. They reported their technicians notify the client of the potential problems - ! If we understood (at the time) there were roots in the primary line, we'd have had the issue fixed or requested the owner to repair the issue prior to us going in! Why would anyone move knowing there could be the potential probability of sewer backup?
After an inexpensive Plumbing and Sewer technician came to an inspection (on our prospective new residence ) to perform a sewer extent, the technician reported the primary was fine until the spring.

Rick came out with his team to fix our sewer lines that were collapsed and was very professional and explained the whole procedure as he did it. He did a fantastic job and was VERY QUICK. I will not call anyone else for some of my plumbing needs he's a fantastic price for his job!!!!

Fantastic people to work with and Good company Had a sump pump crisis throughout the heavy flooding last week. They had me up and fixed in one hour. 175. Will use them for my plumbing needs thanks guys

Owner talks a fantastic game but see the reviews when a major plumbing mistake is made by his company and he really treats his clients. What he said to another client is not what he practices.
See photos from my experience with Cheap Plumbing and Roman's photos at the conclusion of the 28 pictures posted for this business and chose for yourself if you need someone in your home that could do major damage to your home and never take responsibility for this harm.

They did great work and fantastic price compared to others and were great to deal with. But be sure to get in writing what they are doing or assess the work after. They replaced the sewer line but left of the old corroded dreadful pipe in there and beneath the deck! I gave a call to give them a opportunity to come take care of this to them, they said they'd be out the week. They did. Called again and didn't answer. We had done a vapor barrier that was new and cleaned up the crawl space. Now through my floor that the stench of the pipe is coming with the temperatures, particularly out. They left piping scraps and all of the tape . Sloppy.

Cheap Plumbing was contacted by me once I found out my sewer has been backed up by something. I found the company very speedy with sending out someone to assess my yard. I found the quote very reasonable and that I had Affordable Plumbing do the job. Rick was out two days after I met with Cheap Plumbing. He was very enlightening and got right to work! He kept me evaluated during the whole time on what is the next step until completion of the undertaking. He's amazing and I highly recommend Affordable Plumbing and Sewer to everybody!! Thanks so much Rick!! You are extremely much appreciated!

#happywifehappylife. Thank you Rick!
Plumbing problems can be stressful Rick was amazing and saved the day! We had been given a large quote by another company along with a list of"demands" transfer your AC & eliminate your deck beam then phone us to start the job.... Needless to say the $ and stress along with water backing up almost drove me over the edge. In quoted us $1400 under the people rick arrived and we did not need to move a thing! He began by doing everything we did not need to eliminate our deck article!!!! and that he could do by working around our ac I am so impressed with this organization and Rick that I wish to inform everyone!!! Finest decision my husband ever made would be to get out Rick here

We woke up to our water heater gushing hot water over our basement. We have 3 quotes from 3 different plumbers. Not only was that the quote from Affordable Plumbing lower, but we have what we had less. Like the others did rick gave us options for repairs and didn't attempt to up-sell us. Before another plumbers could he got us hot water a whole 3 days and finished the repair. Rick is our go-to for plumbing, and we highly recommend his services.

Was this company reasonably priced, however, the service was fantastic. I had a kitchen sink and they were able fix my drain and to come out by noon. The plumber (Kevin) was very knowledgeable, friendly and rapid. I will certainly use plumbing that is affordable in the future.

Rick was at our house for a few times and jackhammered up the floor in a couple of spots, replaced two stretches of sewer line from two different piles in our house, replaced the kitchen drain (that we found out had cracks in it), removed all of the debris and concrete (and believe me. .
. .just imagining having my cellar floor ripped up, dust anywhere throughout our house from the jackhammering, etc, etc.. . .and in the end I'm so very thankful I found Rick since he'd quality work for an excellent price. On top of it all, I felt as though he was honest with me throughout the process. . .and that is something that isn't common in his sector.
Rick also instructed me on how the plumbing industry works in Kansas City and, honestly, it made me sick to my gut. Obviously there are a lot of consumers getting screwed by two-bit plumbers and also businesses that spend every month thousands of dollars to market online radio and television.
Anyhow, I ended up having another firm (I wish I would have found Rick sooner ) replace the sump pump motors in our sump pump pits. I then had the sewer line camera'd (I used a great company for this. . .again, before I found Rick because he does this too) and they basically told me that we had cracks in pipes from the piles in our house.
First, a little background...
If you have plumbing needs I strongly recommend Rick Ramsey and Affordable Plumbing and Sewer. And Rick is the guy to call if you do, although I hope you never have to go through sewer line replacement just like I did.
And now the search for an excellent sewer line replacement company in Kansas City began. I did not have a good feel for them and just talked to the guys that set up the sump pumps, but was not confident. I looked on Angie's List and contacted one. I replied back to them and said"I'm not likely to cover several mortgage payments to do this."
My wife and I arrived home one day into a smell in our house. I went downstairs to discover our sump pump full of water/sewage and it was STEAMING. I wound up finding our sump pump motor had stopped functioning, but was on and it was heating water. You may imagine it was using this mess to clean up.
I did a Google Search and that is when I came across Affordable Plumbing and Rick Ramsey and Sewer. I called Rick and told him exactly what was going on. He arrived out the night (around 6:30 p.m.) and walked through the problem with me. He explained what had to be achieved and he thought it would work. He sent me a proposition and that I agreed to proceed.
. .something he advised me to ask regardless of that I hired to perform the job ).

Sewer company that is best EVER. Called three technicians in before those men and nearly nobody gave us a good explanation of the problem with our sewer drain. Jeff knew what to do and his price was lower. Fixed the problem in one day. Unbelievable! Very company too since they ran to a few complications which required more time, but they completed the project at no extra charge. So occasionally they do not get their messages, their answering service is somewhat cluttered. I thought of giving only 4 stars for that reason to them, but they got the five celebrities. Keep calling, it is well worth it!

OUTSTANDING!!!! Though I had a repair I am scheduling ALL my plumbing needs using Affordable Plumbing & Sewer which will include a brand new hot water heater, pile replacement repair to my primary line and updating my lines. When the tasks have been finished, I will update my review with much more reviews. (yes, these are repairs that have been understood and needed by me before speaking to Affordable)
This is only plumbing business and the one you will ever have to call. As the name suggests, they are cheap, but past that, they are also knowledgeable, honest, and quick! It is definitely a business that believes in doing it correctly the first time and won't attempt to upsell things that aren't required or force you to believe there are issues when there aren't.
I had an issue with my line that I knew would require something more. Temporarily, the snake was required but Rick managed to show me and diagnose the issue without a great deal of speculation and hot air, like most businesses and used a camera down the lineup. I was so concerned about such a repair but he put my mind at ease. Nothing was introduced as critical (which I knew it was not ), what was explained in fantastic detail, and he was quite open to further questions.

Rick just left my house (at 10:30am on a Sunday, no less) out of cleaning out our main line. He did an amazing job and these men were great and easy to communicate with. They seem to be a honest business that are looking out for their customers' best interests. We got great, unbiased advice on what was best for our scenario. Additionally, no up-charges for weekend work!
We'll definitely not hesitate to call Cheap P&S again the second time we have a plumbing problem.

I can't say enough good things at Affordable Plumbing about Penny and Rick! My renter told me this day there was an issue the bathroom (the tank wasn't filling up with water) I wanted to find someone out there straight away. I called two plumbers and didn't hear back from the other. Penny shipped Rick straight out and called back right away. The water needed to be closed off and sadly the turn off broke - no fault to Rick - . He called me right away and I put him in touch with our HOA POC. They worked it out I knew, Rick was calling me to tell me was fixed. Not merely did he come out last minute now but fixed it in the exact same moment. Professional and would highly recommend this crew!

Some reviews say this guy's great, some say he never calls back. I called him, he found my cleanout behind a wall and came over; I needed to remove a wall paneling first, therefore that he was going to come back later. Never did. Never called. I called again a few of days later and he said he'd be. Never came, not called.

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