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Razor Rooter

Are you tired of those ads for name plumbers promising to provide the lowest cost to you, after that you get a large bill? They somehow forget to mention all the"Extra" charges in those ads. You receive a Master plumber that is licensed, bonded and insured. You get 37 years of plumbing, septic, sewer, sewer cleaning, commercial plumbing, water heater and camera locating experience. You may call us anytime, 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You may save money with our camera. Our master technicians are available 24/7/365, so that we may serve you. Our Clients Are Our Highest Priority! We have had a passion for doing top quality plumbing, septic, sewer, drain cleaning, water heater and heater inspection services for business and residential uses. Put our experience to work! Let us assist you with your next plumbing, septic, or sewer replacement or repair. 24 hours each day.7 days a week.365 days a year.


Our kitchen sink stop draining on a Sunday morning. Starting Monday I started searching for a plumber following of my attempts to fix it failed. After calling two other firms and having them want to reschedule in the time they were assumed to be in my home to the next day, I called Razor Rooter. They showed up on time, were quick, clean, considerate, helped me know exactly what happened, why it happened, and how to stop it from happening again. From now on, they will be!

Justin was awesome. Now, I predicted mid afternoon. . .he came about 6:30, no fee for hours since I predicted through day. $126 bucks to snake my kitchen sink that backed up into bathroom sink. Plus he discovered a ring that I added for free and had under bathroom sink. . .and wondered why my toilet was operating, so he opens the metal arm set up to tank and bent. For getting the magnet, $10 bucks off. He explained everything he was doing and was neat and fine. Thanks!

I have a lot of rental properties & razor rooter has ruined more then one by incompetence. One Saturday I predicted in a service call and apparently they don't staff plumbers so the hardwood floor was ruined costing me $1300. I also had a unit they serviced & broken my counter tops - carpeting & left a wreck for my renters... $1000 worth of damage to my unit also did not properly correct this issue & we've been arguing over a $500 bill for months now as they feel they are somehow entitled even though damage was done & operate not complete. The owner Mark was also derogatory to me on the phone and hung up. None of my issues were resolved and I wound up hiring to have issues. They were so bad they were not even wanted by my tenants back.

Josh was a wonderful serviceman and demonstrated attention to detail, cleaning up beyond our expectations after clearing our filthy (and disgusting) kitchen sink drain. We couldn't be more happy with the support we received. Thank You!!

Wow! Can use!
I really like this business! I had standing water in my kitchen and couldn't locate the source. It took 10 minutes to this company that was friendly and fabulous to arrive with a serviceman that was rather capable.
In addition to the price was right!

Look for this name on Yelp and Visit my review Do this until you call the"classic" name companies
No I am not in any way associated with them

Charged just about $130 and many others quoted higher. I phoned them today's date exactly the same day and they came out. They were respectful and quick!! They also cleaned up. I am extremely happy with Razor Rooter. I hope that I never need them again, but I would give business to them again when I did.

Our last-ditch effort was to report them to the Better Business Bureau, however because it boiled down to a"he said/she said" situation, the BBB was not able to perform anything. This is our last recourse: using websites to let everyone to exactly what a horrible company Razor Rooter is they swindled us and how unprofessional their handling of the situation has been. If you'd like an excellent plumbing company that provides timely and courteous customer support, DO NOT telephone Razor Rooter.
Weeks after we received a letter from Razor Rooter's owner--riddled with spelling mistakes --asserting that because we'd gone with another company instead of continue to do business with Razor Rooter while their job with us was under warranty, they"did not think" we were not entitled to a refund, and that consequently we wouldn't be getting our money back. Prior to the client is in their own right to ask for their money back how many chances should a company receive? Clearly three attempts weren't sufficient to justify a refund four would have done the trick? Five?
We called several times to consult with a supervisor, but each time the owner just so happened to be"out of the workplace" and"unable to take our phone." We contacted another company; they promptly sent out a tech who quickly and correctly diagnosed the true difficulty with why our system was backing up in the first place (something Razor Rooter failed to inform us). Within a matter of days another company had repaired our system, and we have had no problems since then.
I paused and thought for a moment. "Could I speak to your supervisor, please?" I inquired. The secretary on the other end of the line realized what had happened--whom she had a joke she'd puzzled me. I was not amused. She explained that the owner was--surprise! --out of the office and not able. Prior to hanging up, I vented my frustration for a minimum of five minutes.
It took me off guard. "Excuse me?" I inquired.
My wife and I had been having difficulty with our KC home's sewer system backing up to the basement Before this year. We requested Razor Rooter to come have a look at the problem and see whether they could repair it. They sent a tech, who snaked the drain and then left. All was well for about two weeks, but the sewer drain began backing up to the basement. We called them , and they delivered another tech snake the drain again and to come out. This time, it was only a couple of hours before the drain backed up again. We also called and had a third time is return by exactly the tech. He snaked the drain and left; a couple of days after the sewer was backed up again.
Furious, I named the office of the company as soon as I read the letter. When someone finally answered my call, the very first thing I heard on the opposite end of the line was the accusation,"You brown-noser!"
"You dirty brown-noser!"

Came out on Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend after we charged about $100 to look at and just had all of that rain and crystal clear basement drains.

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