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Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup

Homeowners have depended on Roto-Rooter for fair information on all types of plumbing and drain cleaning services since 1935. Funding Available - Roto-Rooter has partnered to provide financing options to create your plumbing repair expenses as stress-free and convenient as possible. Go to our Frequently Asked Questions section to find answers to our plumbing questions.


Lately we had trouble using our sewer line backing up into the cellar. They came out and we known as Roto Rooter and cleared the line and someone assess that our lineup was in great working order and also to return with a camera. The cameraman discovered that there was a hole in the pipe and they made a plan to repair the problem. They have been prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and shared payment choices. The Roto Rooter service expert was instrumental in ensuring that the insurer got the repair done quickly and thoroughly, Though we had insurance that covered the repair. In case you're trying to find a plumbing company with integrity I suggest Roto Rooter.

I needed to cancel with them because the technician did not show up when they were supposed to and never got back to me.

Stay clear. NON EMERGENCY SINK CLOG. Took 30 min. No special components or tools. Cost a whopping $325. I gave a Google review and you get a answer. I feel better today Pat Swanson is hot on the case. I did not even get off the $40. Also no reciept after a week? They said they would email it? I've asked twice. They will grossly more charge. This is not the $99 drain? Its similar to getting a $35 bill and ordering a hamburger. Stay clear!

Not impressed. Overdue for the appointment and no sense of urgency after he arrived. Initial quote was 360 and parts to fix a bathroom. I pointed out that I indicated that I'd pass at work and could buy a new bathroom for this. Went. A rip-off essentially. I am waiting for the sticker shock. That ought to be interesting...

He had been very unprofessional when the guy arrived. Didn't place on to the carpet. Reeked of smokes. Stood VERY kept getting nearer as I backed up and shut. Kept telling me about plumbing code and the mayor's friend cheated and house inspections or anything. The Entire time NOT LOOKING AT ANY PLUMBING! Just talking! He said he didn't have any gear on his truck and he'd send someone out! Then lent me an approx $500 price (to get a clog!) And when I inquired about the discount he offered to take $10 off.
I Suggest Razor Rooter in Kansas City instead!! Super nice, about half of the price of a Roto Rooter were at my house within 3 hours and call!
I called to get a drain clog. They said they'd be exactly the same day. Then called back and said 4. Then 5:30. Then the next day between 9 and 12. Then called and said they'd be there at 11:30. Finally showed up at 12:30. When I called to inquire if they ever showed up, they said they'd give me a discount.

Our opinion came showed the video and stated there was no damage worth digging out and doing that repair. Quoted general care and also thought of where the little sag was but said it was little with maintenance this was not an urgencey and gave us a quote if we wanted to look into it in YEARS.
I will not be calling . I am disappointed with the price for the original out. The absence of proof, and also the instant push for funding. It appeared to take advantage of the fact it was emergency situation. But Ive learned. I can do it someplace else.
I had been offered a free camera test so another technician came out and checked. Here is where I am mad. I was not given an estimate or a statement . The gentleman claimed we had a sag and needed to have it repaired asap. Claimed it was about 56 feet outside and we needed to look into the repairs, started in on the price of 8 to 10k and started on the funding parts of it. I didnt see the sag, no one at the home was shown anything or movie. There was not any paper no etc, just quotes outside the door and verbally. Another plumber was called by paniced and frustrated me.
Pretty much not happy. I did not have time to call anyone else and had an emergency. The first guy was fine and other then the price being then my opinion. I was relieved to have my pipes cleared again. I was not even the chance to use that although there was a coupon on the website for 60 dollars. However, other then me does not disturb.

Absolutely terrible service! I predicted at and they said they would be there in 4 hours. They did not reach my salon that day. I called the next day at 9am they said he'd be there by 11:30. Still no one at 1pm. Had to cancel and hire someone else!

Terrible customer support. I predicted at 10am. The dispatch said a person would be outside between noon-4. At 3:30 shipment called and said they would be a little late" and not arrive . Then they called at 5:00 and said somebody would be there within 30 minutes. Because no one had arrived at 6 I called them back. They told me that I had been on the program for 5-9pm and no one was available to come right now. I was confused and told me that I was waiting since time to get somebody and they said that was unfortunate but no one was available. Thus, don't call them unless you have an whole day.

Jason Meyers #131 was fantastic to work with. He was knowledgeable, friendly. He look genuinely interested in finding the source of our plumbing problem! Additionally, Chris Smith, #? , a Technician, who performed a camera pipe test, was fantastic to work with.
Thank God for Technicians and its Plumbers because programs them needs some improvement. 4 out of 5 occasions they didn't arrive in the"window" of time that I was told. That's my only gripe.

Plumber was professional and knowledgeable. Was charged $450 for a recovery and valve tank. My grievance was that the scheduled appoint that they gave me a 2 hour window out of 9-11. They said plumber was in way and phoned me at 10:50. As nobody showed, I canceled. When I called to cancel and no guilt. Next 6, I rescheduled. I'm happy it fixed. Seemed expensive for what also cost me half days off work, and was wrong. Filled out some bum and survey known as and half assed apologized. Made it worse in my view.

Appears as though the camera roto rooter dropped in my drain 5 decades back today and removed magically. Roto rooters camera caused a congestion that flooded my cellar. Had to call a business to come snake the drain, and lo and behold, the camera! Roto rooter, we paid our house to be screwed up by you , now it cost me two! Guess that is what you get when you call the McDonald of this pipes world.... Local family owned companies out of here on out for us...
Update: after talking with all the office I did get Roto rooter to repay the service cost, and what it cost me to have the camera removed from the drain. Although I didn't receive compensation I feel that they did create an Olive branch to reach out with.

Had plumbing problem on a Saturday and called a number of area plumbers to aid with no luck. Roto-Rooter was able to come out the same day. Lee from Roto-Rooter came out that he was experienced provided quote adjusted dilemma, and he had part on truck that I needed to finish the job. Fair price and support. Good work Lee!

It is a shame I can not rate them reduced.
The next day, when I rescheduled the dispatcher apologized and offered me a discount.
The dispatcher said because I had been put off twice already, she'd make me"a priority case" and I'd be the first stop on the listing. I told them that they needed to come before 12:00 PM, or I had been done. The lady said she'd have an appointment between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM and someone would absolutely be there.
About getting an odd smell checked out in my cleanout drain from the cellar I called a Thursday evening. They called saying they had been running . They called at 6 PM saying they were still running . They called again at 8 PM and said that they were not likely to send somebody out that late"only for a smell" and"nothing actually backing up."
I got a phone at 1 PM saying that they would be there"within the hour". I got a call saying that they had been running late and were sorry for my delay. I told them to cancel my order as they were supposed to be called to update me.
I cancelled, but I can not get those several hours back that I made certain I had been home to not appear.
Because they couldn't even manage to find out a technician to my house, I can not speak for their services.
Here we're at 5:15 PM and I just got a call saying that they had been running late and someone would not be here before TEN O'CLOCK TONIGHT.
So, silly because I had been, said ok and rescheduled for another day (Sunday).

I would NOT suggest Rotorooter. They did not show up until 3:20 and they were assumed to stand out to my house between 1 and 9 today and told me it would be THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

Update: they concurred that the serviceman overcharged me for the job which had been completed and I complained. They said they will send me a refund.

If I could give less celebrities, I would. Our water pressure began to get worse and worse. It seemed tricky before we attempted to mend ourselves so we called Roto Rooter for remark. They tried to bill us $650 to alter PRV. Then went on to say that we did in fact have a water heater leak also said it might be between $5,000-! My husband talked to his dad and he told us how to check for leak ourselves(we are new homeowners) and there was no leak!! We believe our own water was loosened by them! Then his dad and my husband changed out the PRV for $85 in under an hour! Boom, fixed! Consequently, they made us believe we couldn't fix on our bc we did not have $ 3,000 tools lied to us, and attempted to bill 6-7 times the cost of part to repair. Additionally, as we were talking I realized we had and they said they tried to talk us and would not assist us. VERY unhappy with the way they handled us.

This is an added review associated with my basement water damage. After the source of water was discovered, we had a plumber to fix the leaky pipes. Kevin #1728 found the issue and was instantaneous. I was given a reasonable estimate of the price by him and must work straight away. I was extremely pleased with Roto Rooter.

Definitely will be going back to them if we decide on a single, or if we have any issues.
Following this crazy rain storm a couple of weeks ago, our basement had a back up with the floor drain and we were completely devastated due to the fact and half ago.
The technician came out within a couple of hours, and washed a drain out. He was so informative, so beneficial. He scheduled another of the men to come out to check on if we would require a sump pump finally or not. He gave us a bottle of drain cleaner after a month our drains in all clarified how it worked, to perform. Especially when I was a nervous wreck, and he was so considerate.
Was great in advising people reassuring us of whether we needed one or not. He used his own personal experience to help ensure us and point us in the direction of if we wanted one or not and was helpful.

Kevin and chris were awesome! They were helpful and so quick. I'd certainly recommend them!!!!!

I called to get a kitchen sink at about 3 pm. I was told the plumber will be at my house. 2 and a half an hour after they called to tell me the plumber will be within the next two weeks at my house. At about 8 pm I was called to inform me the plumber will be within the next two hours at my house. I advised the customer service representative it is getting late and it'd be better if they arrived in the morning. The customer service representative said his first available appointment would be between 9-11 am. I said that seems nice. I flew out of 9-11 and did not receive an calls. I asked where the plumber was was presumed to be from 9-11 in my house and called. I was advised that the plumber will be within the next two hours at my house. The broker on the phone repeatedly lied to me "two hours". I understand being backed up, however I really don't appreciate being lied to, or having my time wasted. If you're searching for time estimates Don't recommend.

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