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A.B. May

We respond to emergencies 24/7. We give our technicians coaching. We supply a consistent experience. Resetting Expectations Betty's electrical troubles weren't just fixed by us. We reset her expectation of how home service that is easy could be. All it took for Betty to navigate her house service encounter was somebody taking the time.


We just had a brand new AC and furnace installed. We have used a few of the big names in KC but chose to allow AB May come out when it did, and look at our platform. I am happy I did. Amazing and very professional service. They weren't pushy but gave us all the options After we went over options. I am glad we let them handle it.

Up-Sales Tactics - A.B. May will make'all' conditions in your home seem worse than they really are and estimate prices that excruciatingly high. As an example, you might have an offset in your mainline and have leaks, no cracks, or backups. Because you have to have your lineup rooted, does not mean that the line is a continuous danger to your home. Nevertheless, if you visit a non-biased plumber, then they can resolve an offset for less than $1,000; a service not provided by A.B. May. My suggestion is to get a second opinion.
Use at your own risk - Kindly read.
Customer Support - you will be quoted by them on the phone it will cost to send out somebody. From time to time, it is going to wind up being trips and you'should' get pre-approval for the cost of a single visit. Theyoffer and'll apologize a credit to your account rather than a refund of the multiple charges.
A.B. May started off as a friendly company and they do pretend to appreciate you as a customer, but it comes at a great cost. The value in their support is valuable.
Repair/Replace Warranty - A plumber will tell you not to go with Home Depot/Lowes/ Big box stores to get a new Kitchen Faucet since they ' are'cheaply' made. Should they swap of your faucet out it is only going to cover a $60 faucet that is'worse grade' and so on, compared to Home Depot/Lowes, and ask if you'd like to spend $200+ to get a faucet. The point is, they will only replace unless you pay extra components that are faulty in your home with the quality. It is not like for like.
HVAC Inspections - They send a man out whom will just sit there on their phone and be sure it runs and charge you $69. You can do this yourself. The noises wo inspect anything aside from them. If your Furnace/AC's age is higher than 10 years old they'll quote you to get a new unit.
If you reference this review with them, they might state"angry customer, maybe not in good standing, etc." I assure you that I've had all the essential work done to my home, and stand by my statements as fair, rather than retaliatory into one episode. My account had been paid in total and I left on good terms.

The only person I've had a fantastic experience with is Jeremy the electrician, and I'm not sure whether he works for AB May or is a contractor.
Can't wait so that I do not have to call AB May 20, to expire in June.
Our home warranty was so they were used by us for the year for the work on our home. Most recently, they worked on our own water heater, and it has been a nightmare. They offered us the wrong amount, mis-communicated together with us at every turn, nearly voided our fresh water heater's guarantee by not telling us pertinent info, had to send an electrician out on a different day after neglecting to communicate expectations to ushad to return as they forgot to turn our gas back on, had to return again because the water pressure was so terrible once they abandoned that time, and they have to come back again tomorrow to complete working on the water pressure issue because they couldn't figure it out today. My spouse and I both have wasted lots of our PTO having wait for AB May on the 5-6 different visits over the last couple of weeks and to go home. It is completely unacceptable.

That's not all. They signed my touch with no knowledge. I asked the first time it happened and the worker said because they have commercial reports that they can't begin the work till they get a signature. I'd say those industrial balances are too trusting. If AB May is lying to its private clients just imagine what their commercial balances don't understand!
On attempting to up sell solutions after building a house 15, they were pushy. For instance, they recommended buying a bottle of drain cleaner to prevent clogs. Stating it was natural. I've found I follow the directions can devote $10 and unclog all my drains if I need and that I have product to last another couple years. It was fifty on the expertise level what I would get and on which I anticipated. We gave a couple of 5 star work reviews but we also received our service charge back twice for poor performance.
We had a furnace difficulty. They told us that the gas line was leaking. Told that afternoon, us could get out someone cause it is an emergency but they stated the furnace fan was inoperable and the part would take a couple of days. So after talking with their sales man I declined to purchase a $9500 system. It was a ploy and we understood it's owner and AB May are in the business to trick customers into believing the simply. Turns out the furnace blower change was awful. We optioned to have a brand new system set up for $7500 by Patriot Heating/Cooling (Shawnee) and our top AC bill was only $175 final summer and our gas bill has averaged $110/mo through winter months.
For instance, we had a water softener. Come to find out it's electricity but that is it. A real plumber took a look at the device and said it is non-operable. They are fantastic salesmen but dreadful at installing water softener.
I suppose because it appears from a number of the recent reviews that this business has some significant ethical and liability problems, I'll submit an old experience.
Sept of 2011 we bought a house. It came with a home warranty. We had them come out to a few events for the charge that is $60 that is normal. The yearly plan increased twice between 2012-2017.
We still don't see exactly what we did wrong but we will make it right in the event that you inform us although the proprietor and I exchanged a couple of emails but the answer each time was basically we condone dishonesty. Believe me that I have piles and piles of documentation of the way that they whined, throw my signature and attempted to lure me into buying one of their entire systems. They like playing games but eventually they will lose.
Stay as far away as you can from this particular outfit. Were you aware Berkshire Hathaway now has a partnership with this company?
So you're currently giving a provider hard earned money and expect decent work then it is not difficult to wonder why half of the time that the work was good. It never dawned on me that if they screw up on fixes then maybe they have credibility on problems.

Update.. .AC fixed. AB May came and we escalated and sent a senior tech who took the cover instantly and off seen the problem, I mean. He took the opportunity to explain to me and proceeded to order the components and was prepared to go pick them up. Found out it wasn't in stock but called to inform us that he would be picking the part up and found a seller and head over to our home. All fixed, house is cool again, dogs are happy, so is spouse. Although it did not have to take 4 techs, but it's completed. I have changed my rating as a result of the techs efforts.

They were good to work with 20y ago, but not now. I had a fix question within an amana ac unit they known as the office number installed, and was advised that the means to speak with a tech was supposed to schedule a service call. (Which could mean missing function and of course paying for the telephone ).

Outstanding support. Arrived on time, courteous, and professional. Report was given by technician and clarified that his job.

Quick to answer the telephone. Service tech was on site within an hour. He had the problem solved and fixed right away and got to work. Money well spent.

We are at the point where we are looking to cancel our service strategy with A.B. May and locate a local company repairman who appreciates our business and treats us with respect. I am aware that reps prefer to work"crises" because I'm sure they are paid more for that sort of service call. I feel as it's HORRIBLE company practice when they cancel scheduled appts without proper heads upward, to shaft the customers who pay for those expensive service programs but show no respect for us.
We've had A.B May's silver service plan for a little more than a year now and we've had two times where we've had an appt scheduled months or even months beforehand just for them to cancel the day of because of an"emergency" with another customer.
The next time was this morning. My husband was home from work so that it worked out great for our program. We were told a rep could be out between 11-2. In 1130 my spouse gets a call from the rep who informs him he will not have the ability to come out because of an emergency with another customer and asked that my husband call the line to reschedule. This time we were provided movie moves, which doesn't make me forget that we are paying for a service that we aren't currently receiving and makes no sense to me.
In May of 2018 was the first experience. Our AC had gone out before a scheduled appt but as we had a scheduled appt about the books already we decided not to call them and'd had it scheduled at least 6 months beforehand. Obviously the week that it was out was the first-time KC temp hit over 90 (memorial day weekend) so that it had been miserable in our house. I was pregnant at the moment. The day of our appt, I stayed home from work so I could greet and help the service rep in my 80+ degree home. They called me maybe 30 minutes before my appt and I would need to call the service line to reschedule the appt. Was I going to allow that to occur as I had been sweating like crazy. I explained that our AC had been out for more than a week but I didn't call them because of using a SCHEDULED appt 29, for service and decided to wait for them to arrive and help. I went back and forth with the customer service rep multiple times who essentially kept telling me I would need to reschedule. I was FURIOUS. I involved my spouse and after a couple frustrated chats with customer service they informed us they send out someone sometime that day and would continue to keep our appt. They did come that afternoon and provided $25 dollars off our service in that point.

Received our support visit to get a furnace and a/c check. Seemed a little late to get a client on their high level plan that it took to get the appointment. Time frame for the consultation was 11-2. Tech showed up at 3. Work just took about one hourChristian said was in working order, was favorable and went on his way.

I phoned LG customer service. They stated (1) when there's a display, then it is NOT a digital panel issue. In addition they stated (2) the numbers have a + or 5 level view, so the AB May technician could not have just diagnosed it by simply taking a look at the display.
WHAT?? Your techs come on a service level? My $89 was not great enough for a technician that is knowledgeable the very first time? And you want me to trust that a co-worker of this very first guy will come to my home and CONFIRM his buddy did a bad job? Get real. That is not the way the world works, and I can not think this"customer service representative" had the nerve to have a tone with me.
UPDATE: AB May reimbursed my support call fee, listened to this call between myself and the girl. It was also explained the tech SHOULD have told me"I can not work with this fridge at all bc it is under warranty" and should have never charged me $89 to start with.
He plugged it back pushed the button and waited a couple of minutes. As it was earlier Screen was exactly the same. -1 for freezer, 35 for fridge.
Their technician did not even LOOK at the mill, the coils.
Another provider is repairing my BAD COMPRESSOR and is here. Fantastic thing AB May both declared it was the"electronic panel" and said I was wrong when I whined their guy did not even examine the compressor.
If LG sends out their technician, I have PROOF that the issue is not the electric board, I would like my $89 back AND a apology.
I am mad. I just got off the telephone with a girl who told me repeatedly"We have been in business more than 50 decades." Congratulations, GREAT. That streak won't last with any more money in my hard-earned income.
AB May sent a technician out to look at my refrigerator/freezer which is merely cool, not cold. He changed a bunch of breakers on my power box, came in, could not figure out that one was for the kitchen so he came and unplugged the fridge.
As soon as I predicted AB May back, I was told"We have been in business 50 years so we aren't in the business of poorly assessing people." The deal has been made to send a technician outside, but that when the exact same issue was discovered by him, I'd be charged a another $89!
I appreciate the communication the appliance supervisor, with Tommy, and I think that they handled a situation that is bad .
Told me the problem was the"electronics"

3-23-2018 Update9-1-2017

Joe and cleanly and Zach went courteously, professionally, quickly, doing excellent work. Joe over this, assured me the installation would be such he would not run through any joist.
Having that contract is a bonus since they provide their contract customers priority over the others. They were able top schedule an appointment for me in just fourteen days, which was substantially better than a foundation company I contacted, who stated they and we couldn't see until October. That did not work for us.
Today, so, Field Supervisor Joe Young Zach, and an assistant arrived at our home. While they were here, we also had them replace several shut off valves.
We had our spring service for heat pump our furnace and humidifier. Kevin W was quite professional, knowledgeable and courteous and did up the tune. He carefully clarified a furnace add-on we was able to put in in the same trip in very little time and had.
We had to have a sump pump set up as the torrential rains a week led in water coming through every crack and seam in the floor, something that never occurred in our 22 years of ownership of the home.
Joe & Zach were at our house daily, but they weren't intrusive. In fact, they were quite pleasant to have around. Joe provided great customer service, needing to do anything we asked of him, pointing providing information and estimates, and prompting questions. Both he and Zach brought a Great Deal of credibility.

This KC company includes a guarantee contract which they've added restrictions making it almost impossible for unit service as promised or preventing. You may schedule four months from the year. I haven't found that in my own contract. However, as stated by the company that's if they"have techs out there." This translates as though they don't have enough techs to service the guarantee agreements they offer. This may be the origin of their scheduling difficulties. If they can't get someone out until July 2019they know it's impossible to get another 6 month service in the entire year of 2019 (how is that bi-annual which is exactly what I paid for). For 795 in 2018 we also only received one service because of"rain" Rain triggered a cancellation along with a no show for the reschedule. And in 2017, for one ceremony, we were cancelled 3 occasions (because of their scheduling issues). Yes three. 1) last job conducted over 2) oh. . .we forgot you have two units, so we need to reschedule for four hours) we can't do the external unit because of rain. Darn rain! These practices are not okay, but seems to have been put in place to deceive the client.

A B May installed at 50 gal water heater. The price was quite reasonable, since we have a contract together with and the setup has been finished very quickly. The repair men left the region as they discovered it, covered the carpet with tarps and were effective.

Richard T. responded to my request to get a quotation on a reverse osmosis water filtration system. He fully answered all my questions and is quite knowledgeable. I am excited about having him install this system for me!

Had our plumbing scrutinized by Joe S. He was awesome! Not only was he very personable and knowledgeable, but our trip was quite educational! I like to tag along during inspections so I will find out more about how things work in my house and Joe encourages that. I learned more than any inspection during this inspection I had before! Good job Joe!

Techs are paid and get more money if they sell you a _______ as opposed to fixing what you have.
Not very"Christian-Like" to prey on the elderly.

I called A.B. May & they had a guy out the next morning.
Matt Sanchez with A.B.May came out & installed my NEST thermostat . He cleaned corrected my setting to spare me the most money in my bill & my HVAC.
If you've got a nest & a safety company it up call these people instantly. They know what they are doing.
Amazing service. My Nest Thermostat was set up by my safety company. The security company had no clue what they do when my heating wouldn't stop blowing though my ac was around, was up at 1:30 in the afternoon. It was 83 degrees in 32 degrees my house & outside.
When my AC turn on only cold air comes out. Thank goodness!! Have you got any idea it was to sweat when it was 32 degrees outside. Lol
Going to phone next month to receive a humidifier added on to my system that's much needed up here in the winter time. I had no idea till I was informed by Matt how a humidifier may be.

Fantastic service and always on time.i would use them , their home warranty has saved me bundles.

Having a cancer patient in the home having the water shut off for a very long time period would have been debatable, Stephen and Ryan understood the situation and got us back to normal at record they were both very nice men and women!!
Kudos to A.B. May for using these sort of folks. I'd suggest The Gold Strategy to anyone!
I'm new to A B Mays home warranty program. What I didn't understand was that trying the repair myself would cost me more than the deductible...I learned my lesson there (btw AB May management should likely make that clear at that time if purchase)
But regardless of all that the Plumbers (technicians?) Who responded, Ryan and Stephen were rock celebrities that are complete. In diagnosing the issue they were quick. They done the work flawlessly and rapidly, made recommendations and explained my options.

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