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Independent Hardware


I was pleasantly surprised with the selection locks and door knobs they have, although I've been in hardware supply stores in my day. Their selection of crystal knobs was remarkable, although Perhaps it's their city location. If your from the renovation company this really the place for you.

"I need to get keys made. I called in a little while ago. You do make keys?"
I say "hello? ..."After walking back into the room where im standing he says"what do you need?"
"Well thats what it is." The guy from earlier said.
*Before arriving , take charge cards and I called to ask if they make keys. *
No response. At this time a woman walks in who I have to have spoken to on the telephone. He gives her a look, turns to her and tells her to take care of it.
At this point I ask"is this a problem? Can it be an imposition to make the keys?" She nods her head and laughs. I missed the joke.
What an enjoyable excursion to buy secrets.
Dammmmnnn Daniel. Back at it again with the rudeness.
After walking up to where to employees were standing as I looked for the door,"Buddy! Wrong entrance. That doorway!" Dirty looks. Okay cool. No problem. I walk in at the other entrance and wait patiently. Ring the bell. Wait. I can hear someone shuffling around. Wait.
"No one said ."
Morale of the narrative. . .screw these guys.
"No one said when I called in, once I judt requested for the price and gave her my card. Along with their isnt sign either."
But this place takes rudeness to a completely different level.
Look folks. . .ive dwelt in Philadelphia all my life. Im no stranger to the"Philly way" of client support (a little gruff but still useful in a unique manner )
I want, Once I request for the number of keys. She makes them. She gets her boss and he explains that there's a 25$ minimum for card purchases?

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