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The Maintenance Shop locks installation

The Maintenance Shop

4 stars rating
2018 N Glennfield Pl
Meridian, ID Service Area
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Opening Hours:
Monday: 08:00-18:00
Tuesday: 08:00-18:00
Wednesday: 08:00-18:00
Thursday: 08:00-18:00
Friday: 08:00-18:00
Saturday: 10:00-14:00
Sunday: Closed

The Maintenance Shop

Handyman Services. Plumbing, electric, locksmithing, doors, windows, painting, roof repair, appliance repair, garbage disposals, water heaters, water softeners, furnace repair, etc..
We have been in the home repair industry since 1985, and have serviced thousands of customers in the Treasure Valley over the previous 20+ years.We have an extremely large retention rate with our customers, as they return to us when they have a fix demand as well as refer us to others.The Maintenance Shop has a lot of favorable reviews about the Better Business Bureau as well as an A+ rating.


The team offered a fair price for the services and came out. They have been Courteous and professional.

Company and Steve is truly something else. I'd tried multiple ways of contacting this service to turn on my sprinklers (because my lawn was perishing ) and had no reply whatsoever. Texts, A number of mails , service requests and phone calls were made. I received confirmation or communication back via email. I ended up having to hire a enterprise. One Saturday afternoon someone helps them self into the backyard and shows up in my driveway. As soon as I asked them to identify themselves said he was Steve in the maintenance shop. I explained I hadn't ever received communication so I hired the following service and didn't need his services. Also when the other ceremony came to turn in my sprinklers there was a sprinkler head damaged and they stated it was due to the blowout the maintenance shop had completed before the winter. He threatened me on my home and having his lawyer contact me when I mentioned all this to Steve. He charged me a service fee for his inadequate communication. I paid the little fee to get him off my back but may not do business with location .... They have been unresponsive, rude and almost hostile . Beware.
This is just one of those messages that I received straight from Steve:
You can definitely see he is defensive, hard to work together and borderline hostile. He has a convoluted system that is not user friendly. I reported my customer experience that was fair and even consider his system may be flawed or he won't believe. I am not the only customer with this criticism yet Steve won't recognize his responses and behavior are out of line. Steve received no services paid my bill and threatened me many times. Interesting how responsive he is when he's mad with a customer criticism he was unable to speak together when I initially attempted to procure his services.
"Nothing was damaged when it was dismissed. You would have said something already, if there was, and we've never had harm to a system earlier. A statement will not stop or lean, although you're welcome to leave a review. You better be able to demonstrate it, if you leave a review regarding damage to a security system because of a blowout. My lawyer likes to send demand letters to those who make false accusations. The only bad reviews we ever get are. They're overlooked quickly, my people looking for service because of the common denominator. I wasted time. I've got a lot of work to perform. I am behind because I needed to stop in a home that I didn't need to stop at. Thank you. Have a nice day.
Obviously I didn't wish to pay his bill because he provided no services for me. It is not my fault he was non judgmental and unresponsive and rude .

Fantastic handyman services. Professional and capable. When necessary, will use again.

Steve was effective fast, accommodating and knowledgeable on my sprinkler blowouts. AND I will definitely be calling on his services .

They have been used by me for a couple of decades now. No problems and good communication. You need to read his blog daily to know when he is coming, in case you will need to unlock your own gate just like I do. However, I love reading the blog! I like I can cover online.

These guys blew my sprinklers . Simple scheduling online, easy online where they will be, when. Totally reliable and priced competitively. Sprinkler blowouts could be stressful in the fall, but this was easy. I will use again!!!

Steve blew my sprinklers. Two vendors failed prior to this in the 24 hours. Steve is smart, has years of experience and most importantly, patience to determine a less than straightforward issue. And he was no more expensive than anyone else. AND I paid someone who showed up and failed just an hour prior that I had wasted his time and who told me it was not doable. Steve is adored by me. I'll call him . Here is his website
His website is setup so he can be in touch very fast. Contemporary automation, how refreshing.
I strongly recommend this vendor.

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The Maintenance Shop
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