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Midwest Heating Cooling & Plumbing

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Midwest Heating Cooling & Plumbing

You want the very best heating professionals who look at the entire picture, when designing an HVAC system. We look at the design of the house hits wind direction, your home, not just size. Our expertise lies in design, installation and maintenance of total heating and cooling systems in the KC metro. We support and maintain all makes and models of air conditioners and furnaces in the homes of our customer. We select only the most reliable systems to our customers from Lennox or Trane If you will need a new system. We just work with the very best products and companies from the furnace and air conditioner production market. That is why we are select to set up furnaces by Trane and Lennox and choosy.


They will be here on Tuesday to install my brand new Gerber toilet.
Midwest was my call. It was downhill from that point. I called the man on the radio, spoke to him. Nearly twice as much for the same toilet others were 35 - 60% greater. There were those who quotation and insisted on purchase that is coming to look. FAIL! No consideration as I can't clear two days for 2 appointments.
That was my request which was. They exchanged my furnace and air conditioner eight years back. They have been my go to business.
Presently, I have been in the center of a weekend job (2008). A Bathroom remodel that's now in its fifth or fourth year. I've made every mistake possible, at least twice. But it is looking so fantastic now I just can't keep the yellow/brown colored pre-1980 toilet. I hate to give this up for these 1.6 gallon dual flush clog-a-lots. But, it's one ugly, ugly toilet. As it's the basement toilet, and my weekend job is currently looking so good, it just will not work.
Lately I hired a individual who worked for a well known competitor here in KC for over ten years. After hearing a couple of stories about the industry I began to question my faith.

I was bummed out, having to buy a new furnace.
So I called Midwest, told them the story and I wanted them. They came out and were not here long and said it's probably an issue with the exchangers and I should find a brand new furnace and they gave me the exact same estimate of $3500.
I called a third place (Priced Right) for the following estimate. He checked it (just because he had been there) and said he sees no indication of exchanger issues. He observed that the exhaust port blew into the valve and goes out. I mended the exhaust direction and he re-tested the CO levels and lo and behold, the CO levels were back to normal.
Now, I really don't understand what the deal was it seems Midwest (and KB) should have caught that.
My furnace is fine, but I wanted to be more preventative and get it checked for peace of mind. I called another company (KB) to check it out.
Long story short, the CO levels on the exhaust were way high (500 as it ought to be under 100). Now, the CO within the home was fine, it was the exhaust port. However, an issue. They said it's probably the heat exchanger (although the flame test was nice ) but to clean it and diagnose itwould cost so much I might also buy a new furnace ($3500).

Avoid this area they do not care enough about their consumer. Being a client for ten decades but no longer.
Made an appointment 2 months out to have my system serviced. The tech was assumed to be here between 9 am and 8 am. He called me at 9:45am to inform me he had been on his way and would be there in 20 minutes max because he had been"double booked". No apologies for my time wasted or time off work, just an offer to"reach out into the technician to inform him that the appointment he showed up to 3 hours and 5 minutes later I had to eventually leave- is cancelled".

Horrible support. We were given 4 hour windows times and were booked. Nobody showed up. Would get calls that they went to be there in an hour and no display! Twice! Our furnace is covered under warranty, since we have a new home. Only reason we haven't seen someone else.

Wow, I hired this company due to prior reviews. She's a bit off, since you may have to be off to proceed with these individuals, which characters. Warning, they're soooo soooo wonderful setting you up to your installation!!! But then.... It's ALL DOWNHILL THEREAFTER! I am with AndrewJ. Who said it all in a previous review in that they will overbill, give you rude servicemen incompetent installment, and poor customer service, leading to many many follow up calls and visits!!!! If you have TIME for kind of BS go for it!!!! All we got was a large installment bill, service repair debts installation, and support repair bills!!! THANKS MIDWEST!!! Why don't you move to someplace like Iowa???

Follow-up: Just out of curiosity I looked up Lisa B. of Fort Lauderdale. 7 Yelp reviews have been written by her on companies in Albuquerque, Kansas City, Smithville, and Tampa. Six out of the seven were one star, and in all six she claimed that the business was rude, impolite, or racist.
I did read the other reviews, and have one question: Why is Lisa B. from Florida reviewing Midwest Heating? Perhaps she was calling someone else?
We have had great experiences over the past several years with Midwest. The latest was during an extreme cold spell at the end of 2017. After coming out two to get our old furnace functioning properly (for only one service call charge) they advocated a new furnace. So we thought it may be time the old one was 23 years old. They sent a planner/estimator instantly who informed us there was no reason to substitute all the A/C equipment the fundamental furnace. He quoted us a price on a Lennox. As fortune would have it, there was an installation team accessible the afternoon. They came prepared with the sheet metal and accessories had the furnace and the crap, and required. Everyone who works for these is friendly and looks extremely capable.

Terrible costumer service
Amanda is pretty rude answering the phone

Our 20 year-old AC unit stopped working lately, so we knew we needed to get a new device. We called around and priced out several options, but Midwest Heating Cooling and Plumbing were the most honest and up front about of the costs involved. They came out to provide us a quote and they had been here on Thursday morning installing everything. JT and Drew were who we worked with and they were professional and helpful. We would recommend using MHC&P for any of your needs. We appreciate and will be clients for life!

I'd trust Midwest Heating and Cooling for any of my heating/cooling requirements. I called another company to look at my furnace. An outrageous amount charged for the service call and then gave me an estimate for $750 extra to fix my furnace. I decided to call Midwest for another opinion. They fixed the issue and came out right away. They're professional, honest and knowledgable. Learn from my mistake and call Midwest.

With a busted air conditioner and warmth advisories I really appreciate you getting a service technician out here quickly. Tim H.-service tech was quite thorough with the repairs. In addition, he showed me how to change the air distribution when it is hot and chilly out to cool off the upstairs. He was very knowledgable and client service oriented. Tim represents your business well. Thank you for a job well done!

I knew it was time to replace my 25 year old AC unit. I got three quotes. Straight-shooting company came in with a bid $1200 less than a bigger company had for the same Lennox unit while other big names in this city have elaborate salesmen with complicated optionds, this school. Great install and follow up communication. Highly suggested.

(3) Poor quality. Scott told me there's nothing I could have done that things simply fail. I paid extra due to this Lennox brand (there were less-costly options), knowing that they have a fantastic reputation to maintain. I inspect my heat pump, replace the filters, and also keep moderate temperatures within my house to decrease the load. Three years into the service life of the unit, I'm out $300 plus several hours of frustration, and an extra $400 total on my past three electric bills. Will this occur in 3 years? Will the issue be worse, the invoice greater, and not covered ?
If you don't do exactly what you say you are going to do I should not have to make follow-up calls. I put in a service request with another company that I had to cancel at the last moment, although because I didn't expect Midwest to come through. Honesty, follow-through, and common courtesy are exactly what I expect, and that which I experience 99.9percent of the time.
I make a follow-up call a WEEK after (since I never heard back from Scott) and their support man (additionally Scott) tells me that all the people at Lennox who make guarantee decisions are in a conference and that all of Midwest's people who might speak with all the Lennox people about repair/replacement are in the exact same conference. He's not sure when they'll be able to tell me if it is covered under warranty. Six inches of snow is forecast for the week, mind you.
Midwest and lennox have dropped my future business.
I request a confirmation of when they'll be able to reunite with me - ! Scott says he is not sure. I said the convention is the week and asked how long the conference was Scott hemmed and hawed, but he'd never say when or if they would call back. I then asked if they would know anything, if I predicted back Monday. He said that Midwest would be the only calling me back, and they should.
I'm disappointed with the two Lennox and Midwest. They do not appear to stand behind their equipment, and customer service after the purchase is poor.

Nope. Three years after, my (3-year old) heat pump has purged its refrigerant. I pay $100 to get a technician (Scott) to stop by and tell me there's a problem (I knew that) and he sounds suspicious that Lennox will also cover the repairs. Scott tells me that they'll call Lennox and get back in a few days with me and stopped by on a Tuesday.
(2) Over-billed. The control over the phone was $100 with the technician that serviced my heat pump the very first time, with the knowledge that Lennox would foot the rest of the bill. After he wrote the bill, it had jumped another $100. He charged me another $100 diagnostic fee. The issue has not changed in 3 weeks. He understood when he came, exactly what the issue was. Why ANOTHER $100 when we agreed over the phone what it would cost?
I've yet to find a go-to HVAC business here in KC. Before replacing my old heat pump I researched several companies and shopped around. Midwest was fairly priced and marketed name brand equipment (I purchased a Lennox XP14 for my modest home), so I figured they had to be good at what they did and responsive with their customer services. BBB testimonials checked out, also.
Lennox does not stand behind their product enough to foot the bill for a problem which shouldn't have occurred in the first place, and Midwest does not stand behind their merchandise or workmanship.
By the time I'll have heard back in Midwest, it will have been nearly two weeks. My furnace will still be non-functional.
UPDATE the heat pump is repaired. I can revise my rating up, but below are 3 reasons

Fantastic family owned firm, they stand behind their own work. Great customer services. Have used them for years.

On 8-14-2008, I bought a Lennox Heat Pump from Midwest Heating and Cooling System for $7998. The salesman was Mike Hoit, and I had been impressed with him. The thermostat has been set on the wall After the system was set up. I received a level and put it on the thermostat and pointed out it . He got his very own degree and moved out into the truck. This is a hostile act. The following day there was water on the floor from the air conditioner drain. On 5-10-2010, the air conditioner wasn't working. I called Midwest and they sent a tech who did not seem to understand much. He stated that I had a new compressor and was on the telephone. The service call was $89. The compressor was arranged, and as soon as the new tech (who knew what he was doing) came to put in it he discovered that another part was required. This needed to be arranged which took and it had been fixed on 5-18-2010. The cost was $756 for labour. Also they charged a $10 fuel surcharge. I picked this company because it had been shut, and when their truck just got 10 miles they should have the ability to create 5 round trips. The air not worked on the very first time attempting it. I called for service, as well as a capacitor the cost was the $89 service charge plus $10 Fuel surcharge, plus $30 to set up was replaced by the tech. This seems excessive. In December 2013 if the temperature was around zero, the water onto the side of my house wasn't working. I found that the opening where the house is entered by the Air conditioner lines hadn't been sealed, and I could see light coming through. This caused the water line which runs along the wall from the opening to freeze.

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