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Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup

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Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup

Homeowners have depended on Roto-Rooter for honest information on all kinds of plumbing and drain cleaning services because 1935. Financing Available - Roto-Rooter has partnered with Synchrony Bank to provide financing options to create your plumbing repair expenses as convenient as well as as possible. Go to our Frequently Asked Questions section to discover answers to our plumbing questions.


I called on Saturday morning and had been advised that afternoon I could have support. The support tech, Dennis, has been prompt, pleasant, quite efficient.... After he left, I noticed a different problem - unrelated to that which was fixed, and I called Dennis directly and that he came back in a hour and fixed that problem!! Dennis got a professional to come to appraise the floor under the sink cabinet for water damage, also made intelligent tips regarding fixing this part of the problem. No pressure, no hard sell... This really is a really professional business, and the support tech and water specialist were quite professional too!! Thank you Roto-Rooter, and invite LEE!!! and you DENNIS

That's as far as it goes, although I must give two stars fixing the leak in our lawn and showing up. When it had been decided that the leak was under the sidewalk, the price dropped (from $1500 to over $3300). We all needed it fixed and since our lawn was flooded, we agreed to move forward. After submitting the claim - they decided because that was the typical fee for this type of job in our region, that they would only pay $1800. Obviously , it left a taste in our mouth for this organization and we'll be going elsewhere the next time we have plumbing needs.
And after reading previous reviews, it looks like this intense over charging for services is a common practice.

Oh boy, it's hard to know where to even begin with this review. We noticed a leak in our front yard on the afternoon before July 4th. Our irrigation lever turned off and observed for a few of hours in it but the water kept coming so we knew that it was out of the house and our front yard became increasingly more flooded. We called a few areas that were recommended to us but everyone was gone for the holiday. With two kids in the home, we needed functioning water once Roto-Rooter said they could come the following morning so we were relieved. That's where everything seemed to go wrong. They arrived promptly the next morning and lent us $1,700 as a foundation for our escape which seemed acceptable due to the complexity of the work although we had never had a main water line break so we did not understand. They did disclose it could be up to twice that if a few complications appeared (which they did). We moved forward with this repair turned into due to the leak being located under the concrete walkway over $4000 of work and the work. This was over that 2x estimate we obtained in the beginning but it had been hours of work on a holiday so we decided to proceed and paid it. In our quote we were made aware a portion would have to be transferred and could be placed back that if the escape was under the concrete then but we needed to sign a waiver that repairs wouldn't be made to the bud. Fine. Except that the concrete was not put back. It had been left to eight inches over the remainder of the walkway with warning tape around it and marked as"customer being responsible for concrete" Do not merely was the estimate as a result of the work not being performed as promised but that is a massive expense to us. Things kept getting worse - we had another escape show up. The city said it had been a result of the pressure created by the repair and came out to look at it. We'd Roto Rooter return to look at it and of course they didn't concur with this (that he said/she said basically) but said a person would return to put the concrete back the correct way. They said they gave us 50% off since we had just had a major repair and quoted us $850/875 to repair the leak that was new. We chose to get exactly what we paid for our repair and a couple estimates this time along with other plumbers actually laughed out loud at that estimate. Our estimates for the next repair from other well-reviewed technicians ranged from $450-575 and most said if we had had the work done with 35, the first repair should happen to be between 2300-3100. The icing on the cake was that our irrigation key was taken by the technician that our sprinkler system can't even turn back so now all our grass is expiring. I have called three times about this and'm told about returning it, I will get a call back but I have yet to really get you. Oh, and nobody has showed up to fix the concrete. I hired Roto-Rooter based in their favorable Yelp testimonials so I hope this saves someone the headache. When it's a big job - it will likely cost you be done decent and sub-satisfactorily luck if you're still experiencing problems 36, getting in type of customer service.
Will probably end up needing to report them to BBB to get the issues taken care of. Just dreadful.

I predicted rotorrooter on a Sunday afternoon about 12:45 and a technician came within 45 minutes and replaced my dripping 30 yr. Garbage disposal.
Jeff left my kitchen clean and was quite efficient.

We called them and had a sewage backup. They couldn't work out the problem and minimized the problem... but the NEXT DAY their recovery guy explained it was a hazmat situation and packed up all our items (but left others which were obviously contaminated). So started our nightmare. They stated they would not do anything more until our insurance paid them... and then once they were paidthey would not do ANY work. We compensated them and discovered another company to fix the backup. We had to employ contractors, pay ourselves to out of our money to fix our home - floors, walls. mouldings, furniture, cabinets, etc.. For 6 MONTHS our entire downstairs was unlivable. They stated they didn't have, After we asked them to put the toilet back. They're ROTOR ROOTER!!! THAT IS WHAT THEY DO!!! From the time we paid for it all ourselves had ceased fighting them, it was too late to get the depreciation. They're a SCAM! RUN FROM THEM!! We paid for everything and the insurance money was got by them!

This is a trusted name & business since I was 11 years of age. I love that they do weekend calls & weekend work. From the instant that you call in for a service call to the moment the job is finish the staff stays professional polite & attentive to excursion demands. (ps. . .don't forget to check in for a $60 coupon.)

The window to the pipe came and moved so we called to ask as to when the pipe guy might arrive. He's driving what looks he's using Roto-Rooter except for his jacket. He proceeds to ask me what the issue is and he likely can not help us. I motivate him to give it a try because this was paid for by us.
He pulls this pipe camera thing out (it looks like a massive garden hose connected to a television monitor) and shoves it down the cleanout closest to the house. I inquired if he had been able to see where the pipe cleanout could be so I could dig it up and resolve the difficulties. The feed left a lot and following unrolling about 35' of cable, he declared he'd found the problem but it was likely 14' down and could cost us approximately $14,000 to fix. I politely asked him to leave and chuckled.
So, while Adolfo was 5-star amazing, Wes was 1 celebrity.
We had a clean out pipe in your lawn near the house and the next. He removed the obstruction and stuck his pipe snake into the cleanout, allowing our drains to stream. He handled us and we were in a level that is 10-stress and was awesome. When a plumbing company ran, I'd hire a hundred Adolfo's.
So you might be asking yourself why two stars? Adolfo relayed he didn't have a pipe on his truck and one would be sent by Roto-Rooter the next day in a window in the morning. No problem - we stayed home so we can satisfy the camera guy and see whether there were additional difficulties.
Add to the calls from their ancillary services (water cleanup and recovery ) in which the caller didn't leave a message but kept calling (also a 1 star proceed ). Our experience makes me cautious of the company, while I may call in the hopes of having a plumber like Adolfo.
Determined not to cover $14,000 unless absolutely necessary, I started digging in our front lawn (following utility lines indicated ). After about an hour, I uncovered the cleanout and the sewer line - the one which Wes couldn't find. After digging up everything, I proceeded to measure and found that the sewer line wasn't 14' down but 2' down and 35' from our cleanout put the camera in the sewer.
We were in distress Sunday. Our bathrooms started backing up and the repairs were not relieved by any quantity of diving. My GF named Roto-Rooter has she had hired them previously and had a decent experience. Later that day, Adolfo T. came and HE WAS FANTASTIC!!! It was getting dark, it was drizzly out and he went to work to try and solve the issue.

I told him I would do it and to not do anything. He looked shocked that I could do it myself and started asking questions about why I phoned him if I could do that. In a way that was rude, he looked shocked.
Ithought I liked them nevertheless and've used this company a couple of time over the last couple of years, this most recent time left me aggravated. I can handle plumbing problems myself but was outside of town and needed help sooner so that I predict Roto-Rooter than that I could get there. As scheduled was great to work with, the tech came out. The tech stated the bathroom required to be replaced and called me, it had been broken, the basket drain in the sink was broken and needed to be replaced. I could do these things but I had been out of town. I asked how much it would be for him to get it done and he said"oh it will be costly." I can't make up this...
I had one bolt on the bathroom that needed to be substituted and basket drain in the sink needed a new gasket. I paid complete to fix . I understand doing it yourself is obviously more economical, if you do it correctly, but I really do think what I had been quoted work .

Little did I know, I never got an email confirmation nor anybody showing up at my door till midnight. Someone said the tech is 45min off and called at 10, but nobody showed up till 1130. When I phoned in Roto rooter to check, they kept laughing, clearly having a fantastic talk among themselves according to the background noise and advised me to hold for 2 times, every time returning saying hold . The call ended during my wait and nobody called back. I called to get a third time asking them to cancel since it's way after midnight. When I asked what happened why they can not make time they promised, they just said"nobody was assigned to you home, what time do you want to reschedule to tomorrow?" After I said I do not have to reschedule and just needed a cancellation, they just hung up. Perhaps it's too much to ask for an apology once we sat doing nothing. Particularly when someone called me to state tech was on the road, we waited and pretty much just sat around watching television. Whole evening wasted sitting there like idiots waiting for nobody... I might have used this opportunity to phone another reputable plumber, but now I must devote my Sunday for this again. Totally ruined my weekend (the weekend before I'm going on a long business trip not visiting my family for the next two months ). Thank you Roto! DO NOT PROMISE 24-7 SERVICE ON WEBSITE In the event you do have enough manpower to offer appropriate cancellation notice. I know the $40 coupon on your site.
The whole experience is just so confusing and frustrating. Wo try them . I go with Morris Jenkins knowing they'll charge me about 40 percent more.
Update: they called back the next day provided a sincere apology and provide and did follow up.
Called at 9pm since my kitchen sink was clogged. Because we've got a cat, I was not going to wait following the night and she could play with the standing water and create a mess. The broker said I'll get a confirmation email and a text 30 minute till they get here, also explained that the tech will be there no later than 11pm.

The drain cleared and cleaned up after. Definitely will use them if I have an problem.
I managed to schedule support of calling within 2 hours, although not only same evening. They sent Derrick and Adolfo, who were both great. Friendly, professional, and knew what they do.

We could acquire a service man within an hour to our house. Service was efficient and prompt and we were grateful.
The company that was able to come out on a Sunday!
My only criticism was that the work cost about $400 with taxes and fees. It took approximately 45 minutes to fix and seemed expensive. However, it's fixed and done with and it was on a Sunday.

Sergei did a fantastic job installing my new water heater, also Eric Fields, the GM did an amazing job of making me feel like a valued client. Highly recommended!

Called due. Tech did the job, explained the MAX price and what he'd do, arrived quickly, and was gone for under the max and over 20 minutes.

Needless to say the work was completed the technician was proficient and considerate. I'd definitely recommend !
Thank goodness for quick service! We were having difficulties with our bathrooms backing up, such as while we were in the shower (talk about strange ). Given I have any expertise in this region or neither my boyfriend, we went directly to the internet for a recommendation. We decided to go with Roto-Rooter, after combing through ratings and testimonials.
The agent offered to deliver a technician, after calling the overall number to examine our problem. This was 10PM! Instead we opted for second day services. The technician provided pricing for the low end and higher end of troubleshooting/repair, walked during our choices and came the following morning.
He went on to focus on our problem for approximately an hour. While wrap up he provided us to minimize his personal contact information in case of emergency, as well as potential issues.

Recommended by a different plumber who could not make my repairs. It took two days to get an appointment when he showed up he stated that he couldn't fix it charged a $50 service call. He couldn't have a credit card and did not have change so he ended up with a tip. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME or MONEY! Unprofessional idle and not qualified.

Refer them or I will not hesitate to call them .
Our property needed a in the sewer line along with Nealleigh, our tech, was professional, prompt, super efficient, and informative. She knocked our difficulty (that was far more complicated than I'd expected) and got all flowing for our renter.

They mended a knob on my shower which took less than one hr. Labor $340!!! Update....Roto-Rooter reached out to me now and we successfully reached an agreement that we both find is reasonable. Thank you for following up.

Very efficient and nice service. I will be doing business in the future together. And I was also given advice on preventing frozen pipes by the support technician!

This morning, I am in NC, Charlotte & my washer overflowed. . .thank goodness it was not my toilet... I phoned Roto Rooter & obtained Linda on the telephone. She had been so pleasant, professional and efficient! It's somewhat sad that her amazing customer support suprised me on the telephone.
I will definitely use them again!
Stan was here in less than an hour & got everything snaked and apparent. He was polite, clear & helpful.

Ibuying a house and asked Roto Rooter to come out and inspect the sewer line. I left in advance and had been told that the technician would come out between 8am-10am. I called early in the morning at 7:30 to affirm, and was advised it would be between 8am and 10am. I scheduled the appointment with my realtor (since you can't enter assumption without a realtor being there since I am just under contract) and we waited, and waited, and waited. I called back and was told no one was scheduled for the ceremony and it'd be nearer to 10am.
I wish this business was more respectful of the time and customer service. I understand things happen but 3 out of 3 people didn't offer to cosign, to give an time, make the matter pressing or apologize for the inconvenience.
10am went and arrived. I called and I had been scolded by the person on the telephone that most technicians give a 4 hour window. I had been told 3 times that it would be a two hour window and told him so. They told me it'd be more likely they'd come around within the four hour window. I am disappointed since I tried to give more info than not, explaining I had a window and could simply be in the house a time. They couldn't give a time frame and were sympathetic but didn't provide a settlement. After waiting 3 hours disappointed, we left the house.
I phoned again to cancel, and they told me the technician would be there about 1pm...5 hours after the said 2 hour window could start.

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