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Adam O'Neill Locksmith

5 stars rating
Opening Hours:
Monday: Open 24 Hours
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Adam O'Neill Locksmith

Get Supreme peace of mind with lock Setup and Fix from Adam O'Neill Locksmith in San Francisco. As a residential and commercial locksmith, we ensure the utmost security for your home and business. Let us give you complete control with master keying. Automotive lockout services are also provided by us. 24 Hour Emergency Service Available.


(In contrast, I'd called someone else 1.5 hrs earlier, left a voicemail and nobody called me back)
Thank you Adam!!
Sometimes you need people to do what's expected: answer the phone and provide what they promise. Adam was fantastic! He answered the phone, came 30 mins and over five secs unlocked my door. Then he went above and beyond, he checked to be sure the secret I had (that was locked within the area previously) fit properly. Which it didn't, surprisingly! He replaced lock and the knob using a one and had me double check the keys worked and we were done in less than 30 mins!
I recommend him!

I wish everyone could experience friendliness, knowledge and Adams professionalism! He is super responsive, over text and phone message, punctual, and the work is exceptional! He explained that our options, and pricing clearly. Our gate was fixed promptly - quality work. If I could, I'd give 10 stars. Of course he's countless celebrities - of the testimonials are true!!!

Adam is the man. I phoned him and 30 mins after my problem was repaired. If I could, I would give him more stars.

After a home safety evaluation from SAFE (SFSAFE.ORG), I needed an updated attack plate and a brand new dead bolt mounted. Adam was entirely familiar with what I needed called to get a quotation within 10 minutes of my request, and gave me a reasonable and quick quote on the telephone. He was able to generate an appointment for the following day, showed up right on time, and finished the work as quoted within one hour. He's a totally pleasant, knowledgeable and straightforward guy to work with! Highly recommended!!

I secured my business keys in my vechial at 4 in the afternoon. He came he conquered. The door opened so quickly I was amazed. That and payed the man was it. Thank you a lot for rescuing my career. I owe you I gave. Thank you for waking up in the wee hours of the morning when you didn't have too.

Go to these men!! I locked myself also called around to find an estimate of how much that would cost gave me a quote of $65 STARTING price but beware, they stated depends what sort of lock. I phoned one more guy and he said, yeah you spoke to one of my friends, I thought that was weird. . .how did he understand? When I called Adam he clarified that those people were all together in a call centre! I got 3 calls that were different from 3 numbers asking me if I needed no!!, the locksmith When I called Adam he was really upfront with his price quoting me $99 with no hidden fees and what would you know when my credit card was charged by him it was 99 exactly!!! His employee who came was super powerful and friendly, in and out! And I was worried about it costing additional, when he noticed the lock needed to be drilled but it was $99! Trust your gut in these types of circumstances. Thank you!!

Adam is a lifesaver. Incredibly skillful, professional, and sort. I highly recommend him.

Adam is fantastic, super prompt, and very affordable prices (I think) when my entrance doors had an experience with San Francisco's greatest. When the need arises, Surely would call!

Thank you! We'll soon be giving you a call 15, if we ever need anything lock related!
Adam was terrific. He was a realtor -- we just purchased a new place and we had no clue just how many keys floated around. Not only did he rekey four of our doorways, he indicating we receive a bad builder lock replaced with something which has been aesthetically pleasing and discussed security. it would hang 14, without being requested, he fixed a door.

We had a roomie who'd locked himself out of his room and we couldn't find the keys. My husband was able to get in once, but the roomie locked out himself AGAIN we needed the help of a toolset.
If the need arises I would call him again.
Prompt understood his trade.
For work on 3 doors, it has been 100 , and took approximately an hour - along with the yelp deal I'd purchased, which got me 75 - of his time 40 -.
I called him the night before to determine if yelp deals could be used and they could not, plus he let me know day could be cheaper. He answered a great deal of questions , before I wrapped up to discuss it with my husband called back to program for the following day at 2pm.
We needed some help installing new deadbolts, because the old ones were around and those are elongated, and needed a few wood taken out of the door.

Adam is pretty much the best locksmith on planet earth. I say this only because he's helped me back into my flat more times than I could count, is always incredibly nice, and usually happens very fast (typically within 30 minutes).
... And I'll probably need to. Ugh.
5/5 stars. Would call again.
I guess it's kind of embarrassing that I have locked myself so many occasions I want to have Adam on speed dialup, but hey -- at least I know that the dude's reliable and reliable!

Adam is the very best. He knows what he is doing but he is also only a guy that is good you will be glad you called. We hired him to update our locks, replacing a few dead bolts together with the heavy duty Primus ones. He even repaired our door so that it closes properly and swings and also added a new one. I highly recommend him!

Yay!He is a super sweetheart and it's safe to say we'll keep on calling him if we need a locksmith (hopefully not too often)!

I live in a home of three women, and we are all a little absent minded. I think weall've locked ourselves from our rooms and home at least once every. We've used three times today to Adam's solutions, and every time he had been friendly prompt, and considerate.

Day, adam Helped me get in my flat. Adam was, although my landlords are never truly available to help! He came in under 30 mins and had me back to my unit at under 10. I had my keys , however, the lock was giving the trouble. He offered to fix it but I dropped. As much as I would like my lock to work, my landord refuses to reimburse me to get the unlock. I will not risk repairing on my own, also. Given my landord is so useless amongst other things, I had another copy of my quote. Adam was available by phone immediately and I received the copy in the mail a few days after! As frustrating as this situation was, I'm glad I got lucky in my choice of locksmiths. Prompt. Nice. Knows what he's doing, and will go over and beyond to help, even after his job is finish.

Adam spared the day when my son locked our dog. He was professional and quick, that was greatly valued on a day like that. His services were reasonably priced, every day which is valued.

Excellent and quick service. Adam is very skilled at what he can and we would call him . For the gate problem at front, the backyard shed, and keys for both was reasonable. I'll recommend him. Truly 5 star services.

In addition, I understand he's a keyboard player that is great - that's just an extra bonus.
Maintenance was conducted by him on our locks as well as re-keying the tanks.
We'll definitely use him for almost any lock needs that we have in the future (personal or professional - small or large ).
Adam was extremely professional and responsive. He re-keyed our entire building. He also gave us a price in addition to working our schedule around well. He then proceeded to perform more than he said he'd for no extra cost.

Gave a quote on time of 20 - 30 minutes. Turned out to be more like 45 to an hour. Otherwise, fantastic support. Picked up the telephone on Sunday night, mother's day, also came out. Nice, polite, and quick.

My door lock is moody and outdated but Adam popped it right open and replaced it fast and for a excellent price. Adam is friendly, personable, and professional.
Home, set all down my stuff, went to take the garbage out and locked myself. Most frustrating feeling. Fortunately had Yelped locksmiths and my phone in my region. Called up Adam, he came over right away.
I don't plan on ever locking myself out again but I'll call Adam if I happen to find myself in that situation .

He was in and out within 30-45 minutes and went over and beyond of my expectations. Very professional and efficient. For each locksmith need I have later on I would definitely use him.
So about 3pm I chose after a long time of procrastinating that I needed it done RIGHT THEN. I decided on a locksmith and phoned around and Mr O'Neill was able and neighborhood to be there in half an hour.
I had to have a door knob. I rent the room and the owner thought that doors are bad for the"air" of the home. I feel that is crazy talk.

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