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Express Locksmith

3.5 stars rating
8380 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA Service Area
Opening Hours:
Monday: 10:00-18:00
Tuesday: 10:00-18:00
Wednesday: 10:00-18:00
Thursday: 10:00-18:00
Friday: 10:00-18:00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Express Locksmith

Express Locksmith is a full service security firm with 24 hour emergency service. We specialize including Medeco, Assa and Multilock. Our firm was for more than 30 decades at the West Hollywood/Los Angeles area. We also sell safes and any other security hardware you might need.


I feel protected every time I lock my door and consider
Knowledgeable and an individual!
Fundamentally fantastic!
When I bought my condo, I hired Express 27 decades ago. They were educated
Express Locksmith and Ezra to be professional,
Forward 27 decades later, after moving to a somewhat spotty hood and selling my location I called Express once again and Ezra came and evaluated terrace doors and my front. He installed the latest locks using" Do Not Copy" keys (if you don't have evidence of leasing or owning that land ).
I strongly recommend this business to anybody moving into a new residence or needing to update safety where they reside. Now, that seems to be everybody!
Ezra understands about safety devices should this be of concern.
They know what they're doing - a rarity. No lies - just good service and fantastic locks.

Raising I didn't understand price isn't a problem and he could have only say, yeah the price is increased. What a Operator. Just don't expect customer service there.
The owner is rude. I had been advised to get a key, so he still doesn't have the key, when I get there so I informed him I'll be back in 10 mins and I forgot my wallet. After 15mins, I got back, he sat there and still havn't prepare the key for me... he gradually turned on the computer, look it up... why did not he do this while I was getting my wallet? So for him checking info & make the key I have to wait additional time. . That is fine
But when he charged me, '' he said $25. However, the key supposed to be 20, so I questioned him was not it was said by the email in my hand? His answer was, I'll charge you $20, If it's $20, it is 25, so that I charged un $25 alright?! With an attitude. I'm like"Wow! Is only a question, why do u talk to me like that?"

SUPER RUDE They have been recorded as one of the resellers/dealers on Mul-T-Lock site. I gave them the number that was particular. He said they have that secret but, and yes it cuts. I drove 45 minutes outside to him and waited. At first he had been flirting with another woman, I asked him to make the copy of my own key when I received his attention, and he told me no they do not have this key. I said to him that I drove 45 minutes in traffic and they said they did, and I asked him clearly within the phone. His reply was"Well, you're going to have to drive some more."
I wasted a lot of the afternoon simply because of him and that was his reply?

This place doesn't deserve your business and is horrible.

Now, went in to get a key made, and Ezra was so kind, and personable. I love doing business with people who want to bring my company back, create conversation, and treat me like a person! He was super fast, which was great for the hectic day. Certainly go here to get your keys made! And request Ezra! He is the best!

Great locksmith! I was getting some garage remotes and Joseph was friendly, careful, and went the excess mile to remain behind and make sure that they worked after I ran to go test them. It was a complete pleasure to work with him. Surely recommend going here for some of your lock & key demands!

Quick and seamless trustworthy and friendly staff, procedure! My boyfriend and I's visit spot to replicate. We all have experienced a few done for old car keys and flat sets.

Just Arrived at Express Locksmith for the first time! Great expertise and highly recommend. Ezra was there to assist me and that he was fantastic. Service was 120%. Thank you!

I have a safety key for my condominium that I needed a copy of and this is the only shop that can make them. I had been told by the person on the phone before the key can be made by them my HOA institution had to email they an approval. (Never had to do that before)
The entire telephone was ridiculous. Today I have to go to a shop in the Valley for it made. Thanks, Express Locksmith. You are worthless!!!
This shop has never been used by me before.
I ask the easy question:"what's your email address?" . I said"that is not an email address, it is a site address". He tells me he will email me a card with the info. Email me a card? Really? Then he says that he will text me a photo. I wait. . .and wait. . .and wait. Nothing. I call backagain. He states"it takes several moments to ship". Really? Several moments to send a text? Is this 1998?

The man was super rude. There's a lot in town, do not waste your time here if you do not have to.

Very guy. My vehicle was blatantly blocked by him. Just be careful when you talk to him!

So quickly and so helpful! Go here. I had to make keys in a hurry and they were super helpful and friendly.

Great place! Super quick service. 10 keys were had by me and they had them all cut in under 5 minutes. They cute personal ones and have tons of important options for businesses. Super. Hassle free.

Ezra is the best in the biz. Don't go anywhere cause you won't obtain this type of 5 star treatment. He went over and beyond. I won't ever go anywhere else.

Ezra has keyed and re-keyed constructing and my home . His knowledge of ability and security systems to solve virtually every problem makes him a standout. This really is the only locksmith I recommend to friends and fellow home owners. Our HOA thanks Ezra well!

Professional and gets the job done efficiently and quickly. Not to mention that Ezra always answers the telephone when I call (which is essential if there's an emergency that needs immediate attention).

Fantastic experience! My HOA yesterday day that is emailed authorizing them to make me copies of my brand new building essential , then I stopped on my way to work this afternoon as well as also the keys were made quickly and properly. This was an process, although Obtaining copies of building keys could be hard and strenuous to copy. Thanks, Express!

Ask for Hugo or Ezra. They're both great!
I recommend this firm for any locksmith requirements. I've used them in several events. Professionalism, prompt service and customer service skills were the main elements that represent this little business.
They are accountable and do their job purely by the books that's immensely important to me personally.

I would like to take a moment and express .
Any request...

As a Property Manager, it is very important to know that I have a vendor that I can rely on!!!
We know that we can rely on his staff and Ezra. If I need locksmith services for any of my properties, the only name that comes to mind is Express Locksmith...
How joyful AllState HOA Management is using the level of service provided by Express Locksmith!!
Ezra takes pride and ownership in the level of service offered to our staff and is a leader in the industry...

Through the morning they were supposed to swap the tenants keys in our lobby, they got into a struggle with all our homeowners board. It began with not wanting to sit in a table where everybody could see themescalated when they began to hand out keys without even checking for ID, and finally ended with them storming from our construction when they informed the board they were planning to shoot each the present keys and never replace the locks until 5pm that day - basically leaving the entire resident populace without access. Because they left if a huff, the lock replacement never occurred and a small number of tenants were left without their keys.
If you want to patronize a lot of bumbling idiots that are rude, classless, and bewilderingly incompetent, this is the locksmith to get you.
Throughout the second effort at swapping the keys out they posted signs saying on two occasions they would come to the building to provide the new keys. On the two occasions, they either failed to reveal or postponed using a sticky note left on the notice. I was not able to make it into the time that is postponed so I do not know if they showed for this time.
I attempted to go pick up the new keys in their store and has been met with more dreadful customer service. I called the office before I left work to affirm they would be in and have the keys. The guy who answered was insultingly rude and cut me off before I could finish asking when the store would be open during lunch hours. All I got was,"Just come in the store and I'll help you." He hung up on me. Figuring I'd be able to look after it in person, I went into the store. I asked about the new keys for my building and he said"Sorry, we ran out. You may return later and I'll make more." Considering the locksmith has been provided I am not certain how he managed not to make enough.
I urge anyone in need of a locksmith to avert this business. These guys have been terrible to work with. Theybeen incredibly rude to me, and've had an ongoing feud with our property management while trying to get our construction locks replaced.

Was in LA a week and got locked out of the car. These guys saved the day. Thank you!!

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