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123 Locksmith

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123 Locksmith

123 Locksmith Company can help you once you confront such instances, and you need instant help. We've got a team of accredited and trained service providers that hasn't failed us. Our priority when called will be to aid you once again get access to office, your house or car. We are available once you need our help in solving any crisis that is lockout which you're currently facing. Any problem you face shouldn't let you stop your actions. Only phone our 123 Locksmith Los Angeles team, and we'll be glad to respond to you immediately.


I had an issue with my key, it kept getting jammed in my door so I needed to get this figured out and solved. I took a peek on yelp and hired those professionals to take a look. They came within an hour and I was very impressed with all the job they service. They get the work done quickly and professionally. I always examine the price to find out what my money is getting 21, whenever I'm taking a look at a company. They did an excellent job and it was much cheaper than I expected. Glad to have done business on this Locksmith in Los Angeles!

I am very pleased with precisely the same day service 123 Locksmith supply and have been speaking them to clients of mine own apartment building close to Los Angeles area.
I recently purchased a construction and had the vast majority of my locks replaced by 123 Locksmith in Los Angeles. David did a job, was really helpful with teaching me about kind of locks. We've got a lot of different types of buildings and locks that are are needed by some. One of my builders recommended and they were real professionals.

The ceremony was wonderful! They arrived before we did, and waited to re-key the door locks, As soon as I closed on my new and first home. They were punctual, quick and specialist (which are all very important for me personally ). The cost was very reasonable in which they billed me on the setup itself for the purchase price of the locks and lowly. I would know a price that is fantastic living in Los Angeles and with many choices. I looked at 3 other companies, but had to go here because they had the best price, prior to calling them. We have locks to re-key, so we'll definitely be using 123 Locksmith again!

I locked myself out of my house yesterday. I was a little drunk and it did not help. My buddy called 123 Locksmith for me to get me . As I was going to knock out, they arrived just in time. The dispatcher was quite helpful and he was efficient and fast. The cost was not high for a late night telephone. Let's just say I will not be getting drunk and I am EXTREMLY thankful for 123 Locksmith because of their help. It was much needed

Before I encountered 123 Locksmith, I went into some good locksmith around the area. I tried it after getting a copy of my primary and it got stuck. Not only did I need to obtain a key, but a new door knob too. As soon as I looked about for a new company, I came across 123 Locksmith, located in Los Angeles. You may expect it to be busy, considering it's located in Los Angeles, however 123 Locksmith is a 24 hour service! I was relieved to find out that they could send me somebody. Because I was not away from them they arrived within 5 minutes. The locksmith has been able to take the key that has been stand out and charged me a minimal rate. So you are guaranteed effortless experience speed, and a quick arrival.

I had my purse on a day . In it was the pair of keys for house & my car. I had been stuck with no method to get into my house or to get home. It was quite late at night, but I discovered 123 Locksmith in Los Angeles and immediately gave them a telephone. It was very valuable since they're opened 24 hours to call them and could travel to where they are wanted. I called them that night, after to get me into my vehicle and yet another time to get me. Since there was a dispatcher close me at the time, the locksmith came very quickly. You were the angle in my own time of need.

I got a set of keys out of a locksmith, however they did not do the job. Weirdly enough, I couldn't find the keys and the copies did not do the job. I had no means of getting back inside my home and had to call a locksmith. 123 Locksmith came quickly to unlock my door. They also were able to get me a new copy! I learned my lesson of never going back to this locksmith and only calling 123 Locksmith instead. They conveniently serve the wider Los Angeles area. Can not thank you guys enough!

Me and that I state that there's a difference between locksmiths and the way they work. I have had some expensive and horrific learning adventures where I was tricked. I was hesitant when I discovered 123 Locksmith, but that I couldn't locate any other 24 hour locksmith in Los Angeles that managed to get to me. The problem was that I broke off my key in the lock at midnight. I was quite satisfied with the lock that has been replaced. I got a very low quote of $100 and that I ended up with a quality lock that will do the job correctly. I am able to get into and out of my house. Thanks to 123 locksmith, I finally have a locksmith and in the best rate possible.

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