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OKC Locksmith JB Tulsa commercial security

OKC Locksmith JB Tulsa

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OKC Locksmith JB Tulsa

Flat tire Inflate, cardoor Unlocks Roadside Assistance, Battery Jumpstart, Fuel delivery, Tire changes
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Totally would recommend but GET A QUOTE OVER THE PHONE! My only criticism is that I overpaid way! They charged a $20 service fee and $80 for free of $100. I get the the $20 service fee but the maximum I should have paid for a typical call like this was $30- $50 NOT $80 buck but we were desperate and in our haste, I did not get a quote first so it is on me.
She was visiting and was about to push home to OKC. It was a weekend night and she needed to return home. We were desperate. They were instantaneous becoming to us. They were quite professional and nice. Had the doorway opened in three minutes of getting there.
They're quick, friendly and professional I'd use them again but just get a quote so you don't overpay like I did.

After I knew the serviceman was not likely to or could do anything, I called the company. My advice was taken by the man and I was not contacted.
I called them to have my own car opened. The serviceman came quickly but instantly ignored my requests to take extra care to defend the brand-new paint job on my vehicle and to utilize tools that had worked previously. While using the incorrect instrument a thick metal rod) straight against the paint, the employee completely scraped the paint on edge of the door frame, eliminating a significant quantity. I watched as he kept going and kept looking at and touching the damage he was causing. When it was completed he didn't say a word and when I brought it to his attention, he made me feel like it was my fault for his brute force attack with this because I needed him to start the auto and this kind of damage was expected. To be able to use he wedged in and enlarged the spacers so far that my driver door leaks water in the specific place of the spacer.
I am just disappointed my request to speak with someone about the damage went ignored and that the technician didn't hear me whatsoever. I would think about using another company when I need locksmith services later on since I won't use this provider again.
Additionally, the quote I received on the telephone didn't cover I was billed for. I was told it was it'd be 19 for the telephone plus labour beginning at $49 for the occupation, which extends up from there based on the time. I was billed $19 + $49 (the flat fee for opening an automobile ) then another $50 for labour. Quite misleading on the prices and I spent more than I would have with other businesses I got quotes from and called.
I understand that things happen but to be blown off by the same business in a brief time makes me glad I could examine this company on a vehicle before using them in my home and company remodels.

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