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The Key Depot

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San Antonio, TX 78213
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The Key Depot

We offer 24-hour locksmith services in the San Antonio metro, phone us to find assistance in under 20 minutes. We are guaranteed, certified and committed to create you satisfied!Since we've established our business
We made our first step for a locksmith company.We written a little team of experience locksmiths from other cities, one dispatcher and a few vans. Our founders thought that experience could only be acquired by serious instruction and dedication to excellence.Getting used to the warmth, the widespread terrain and complex highway system was not easy at first.We developed a distinctive training program along with an entire locksmith lab so we can overcome even the toughest lock challengesOver years we've developed in business and now have a complete team of trained locksmiths, a warm hearted and powerful dispatching team along with a little fleet of cars.The same principle that led us from the beginning still applies; service and speed above all.Today, employing the cover of the line technologies and having a highly experience team we are probably the best locksmith service you can find in S.A


I experienced my car key breaking yesterday. I'm a college student so the car is in my parents' names and they don't live here. The name holder has to be current to get a car key created and programmed at a dealership.
I am really pleased with the support I received from The Key Depot.
Among those"neighborhood" locksmiths that I called quoted me with $165. I had been determined to store around.
They were able schedule it to cut a secret to me, evaluation, and cut me a free key that could unlock my doors! It just took them 15 minutes to do a professional job that was just $108.
I will definitely keep referring both businesses to friends.
I wound up phoning Rick's here in San Marcos, simply to learn that they wouldn't have the ability to program my key.

Prompt. Me directions on the phone! How nice to have these guys call me back within a couple of minutes, on a Saturday, no less!

After calling another firm who sent a shady guy out (who proceeded to attempt to inflate the price on me after he came ) I called this company and they sent out a way more professional guy who charged half what the shady guy was trying to tell me. So glad I called for a second opinion!
Thanks guys!
I got locked out of my house as a result of my puppies locking the sliding glass door behind me... what are the odds!!??

These people are thieves and liars. The most disturbing thing about Key Depot is that these dishonest workers understand how to pick locks. Utilize any source for your home or automobile needs since there's no telling what you could get billed.

Really friendly and helpful staff. We have used them to make copies of our home and automobile keys and all worked great. Highly suggest using them.

I would suggest this small business. I had been on the path to work in no time!
I locked myself outside of my home as I left for work and known as the Key Depot. I reside on the North side of Canyon Lake and the guy said he'd be out was there in 45 minutes! Jim was professional and not just got me back but rekeyed my door knob lock to match the bolt that is dead so I don't need to keep two keys.

Calle back the owner and she was unhelpful and rude. Will never go back and never advocate.
I had previously avoided depot that I lived in New Braunfels for being costly and not customer friendly, due to the reputation they have. Recently I needed to use them and was in a jam. Before anyone return to me despite me walking into the store and asking for support, it took. ( they told me a technician would call me when they returned from the area ). They pulled a bait and switch, scamming me from a 50.

Eddy came to receive after I left my keys at Schlitterbahn yesterday in it my car unlocked. We parked and had just gotten there and wanted to just get the keys now instead of waiting until after we were done in the park. The tool he used was a metal rod with white plastic or rubberized coating on it except for the last 6 inches of it, that part was subjected metal using a threaded and purpose. My husband commented after he abandoned the way the rod was sort of weird and the way the end was just exposed threading. He also used the inflatable bag to start the corner of the door just a tiny bit. We are young and have had a locksmith open our door before and no damage was done, therefore we didn't even think to look at the door right then. Thinking about it now, it would have been good service for him to suggest we check it out before we signed the reception, we were in a rush to enter the park and just didn't even think to check for damages, a error on our part. Poor client service and the damages is On them however. We discovered about 4 distinct damages, later that day. See attached pictures. The corner of my door was permanently bent outward on account of the inflatable bag, the trimming of the door frame is roughly scratched and the black coat is peeled off, there are heavy scratches above the door handle, deep scratches around the lock button, the rubberized coat around the door has a rip in it and also the plastic framework the coat is attached to has deep scratches directly next to the torn rubber spot. So I decided to telephone the next 16, after their company had shut, we noticed these. Which frustrated me since she only implied that they can damage your vehicle but definitely won't help if you didn't notice so that you went ahead and signed his or her receipt. I told her it should not have damaged my car in all those areas and that water could actually get in my car now because of the damages they made, and she explained, a tote won't rip rubber weather strip the metallic tool he uses has a rubber tip on the end (that it didn't) and we signed the paper and were fine with it yesterday and are only now calling them about it(suggesting we left it up or are complaining about formerly created damages). I told her that she just stated their tools are metal suggesting that harms are possible and now she's suggesting that we're lying. It had been $60, I am not chuffed about paying that and that I wouldn't waste my or her time trying to lie to get reimbursed but since there are several damages it's frustrating that I must cover shotty work and assistance. She kept repeating that I signed a record that was govt and there is nothing she could do. She apologized that they screwed up my door, she suggested that I had been lying and refused to assist or apologize since I signed the receipt. If she was fine and only apologized I'd have felt much better about still having to cover this.

I needed a locksmith arrive after making the call less than an hour and locked my door. They shipped out Jim. In less than 30 minutes that the door was unlocked. Jim was extremely professional and did a great job. The total cost was $75. I'd highly recommend this locksmith business.

It disturbs me to write this. They are very nice people. They have made a business decision which lacks a client centric strategy.
I'm all for making money, but insisting I pay $250 to get them order a blank I own is unacceptable. I write this to those customers that need a support that is similar. This saves you the time that it takes to earn a trip to Key Depot.
They insist that they order one although I already have you although they don't possess the key blank in stock. This is entirely in order that they can earn money. They have an opportunity to earn $40-75 to cut and program my own clean. Rather, they say that they don't want the risk of my clean not working (I'm ready to take that risk).

I've used the Key Depot for many years for commercial lock solutions but needed help turning into the ignition. The trader said the ignition may be replaced but would take two weeks to find the part in plus labor. I called Vinny at the Key Depot and he suggested I bring the Crucial by and he can tell whether it was ignition or a Crucial. I did and he went to work. He worked and took the time to get it right but I am back rolling weeks. It's nice to see pride in workmanship and outstanding customer service. Thank you thanks Key Depot and Vinny.

This is after being scammed by another company an honest business that came. They're upfront and very honest. Kristie and jim were helpful. I strongly suggest them.

All around Good Experience. I would Recommend this company.
Lost my truck crucial, morning called their office and they offered to emerge involving 1-2p. Thank you for the Exact Same Day Service!!
Super friendly folks came out to make us a key that was new and gather billing info. Very reasonable price too! $125 to get a 2001 Ford Ranger

Vinny went above and beyond to assist us. It became even more complicated than expected and Vinny was able to resolve. He saved a lot of money!

In addition, he accepts.
We lost our secrets tubing the river and I struck gold. The serviceman was polite on the phone. He said he'd come in 30 or 45 minutes but came to our aid, in 20 minutes. He unlocked our car for only 175 than other locations and was professional and immediately made us a new key. The Honda automobile went to charge us 130 just for the key! Very highly suggested.

I went afternoon. Desired knobs and deadbolts re-keyed. I know it was close and overdue to closing time. Sat is closed. Monday said can do. After working all night, took off all locks again I drove from Houston Mon morn. They say can't guarantee done 8, today. Said 2 jobs ahead of me. Really! Went to Lowe's and bought all new for a couple dollars more AND they re-keyed to all match. . Seems they are okay for a key to be cut. But I will not be back.

Job helping me get a key for the freight box I have in my truck bed. Good price for multiple keys! Also gave me good suggestions on preserving spares. Quite helpful.

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